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I can t imagine how anyone could have lived through what they lived through and still remain upbeat, but they did A wonderful powerful story of a family who survived losing homes, friends, livelihoods and pretty much everything else too but kept on trying and caring One to read and re read and probably get the coffee table version with pictures too Both uplifting and tremendously sad, in parts I was moved to tears by the latest setback Well worth a place on your Kindle and your bookshelf. A Letter Is Handed To You In Broken English, It Tells You That You Must Now Vacate Your Farm That This Is No Longer Your Home, For It Now Belongs To The Crowd On Your Doorstep Then The Drums Begin To Beat As The Land Invasions Gather Pace, The Retzlaffs Begin An Epic Journey Across Zimbabwe, Facing Eviction After Eviction, Trying To Save The Group Of Animals With Whom They Feel A Deep And Enduring Bond The HorsesWhen Their Neighbours Flee To New Zealand, The Retzlaffs Promise To Look After Their Horses, And Making Similar Promises To Other Farmers Along Their Journey, Not Knowing Whether They Will Be Able To Feed Or Save Them, They Amass An Astonishing Herd Of Over Animals But The Final Journey To Freedom Will Be Arduous, And They Can Take Only HorsesEach With A Different Personality And Story, It Is Not Just The Family Who Rescue The Horses, But The Horses Who Rescue The Family Grey, The Silver Gelding The Leader Brutus, The Untamed Colt Princess, The Temperamental MareOne Hundred And Four Horses Is The Story Of An Idyllic Existence That Falls Apart At The Seams, And A Story Of Incredible Bonds A Love Of The Land, The Strength Of A Family, And Of The Connection Between Man And The Most Majestic Of Animals, The Horse Amazing emotional roller coaster I struggle to put into words how I feel about what Mandy and her husband went through in The Zim You certainly do not have to love horses or Africa to realise that this true story is incredible What special people they are to care so much I have tears in my eyes writing this Wonderful descriptions of Africa, horses, the emotions around the relationship with the horses and of course the terrible turbulent times True saviours This is a wonderful story about some incredible people and some extra special horses Mandy and Pat s positivity and courage in the face of some awful circumstances is inspiring and beautifully retold in this fantastic book I have never actually laughed out loud or cried whilst reading a book, but 104 horses made me do both several times over I am a horsey person and am very interested in Africa but I genuinely believe that anyone can enjoy this book it is very informative but pitched at the right level for all backgrounds It is a very raw, honest account of some brutal events but please read this book, you won t regret it A well written and inspirational account of how people put themselves in incredible danger and live through hardship to keep the animals they love as safe as they can.My partners family are from Zim and after reading the book I shared some of the Retzlaff s experiences with them, they knew only too well of how truthful the tales were, which is shocking to someone who grew up in the safety of the UK.This is a book that will stay with you once you ve read it.I read the kindle version and there were pictures of some of the horses at the end of the book.I rated the book 5 stars as well written and I couldn t put it down, however there are parts of Mandy s account which are sad and upseting so be prepared for some tears. This is a moving narrative of commitment to horses in defiance of personal interests The family had so much to get through and so much to face up to so much was lost and there was much to get over and carry on They did this with love for one another, as well as for the animals, and courage The horses are brave, too, each with his or her personal quirks just like the horses I know and love in my own life.It s an inspirational story and also an educational one I now know so much than before about what became of the country once known as Rhodesia and about the reign of Mugabe. I m sure that this true story of one family s escape from tyrany will soon be made into a movie a gripping one at that In years to come people will be amazed to hear what the Retzlaffs and their friends went through, enduring hardship and heartbreak with fortitude and good humour The wonderful thing for me is that I eventually made it to Vilanculos on the Mozambique coast where I found them living with their horses and bringing laughter to everyone they meet The story has a happy ending This is a book you must buy but if you are over 50, do check the print size It is so small in this Harper Collins copy that I had to find me a large print version I gave away both paperbacks and now have to buy copies to take round to film studios. Mandy had an incredible story to tell here and I m so very glad that she did It is not often that I get lost in a book like this.We witnessed the occupation of commercial farms from a very very safe distance having left Zimbabwe ten years before It reinforces to me the lose lose outcome out of Mugabe s political moves I realise that I am just not made of that kind of hardwood that just gets stronger and stronger the it is abused.In the words of Kenny Rogers.You ve got to know when to hold emKnow when to fold emKnow when to walk awayAnd know when to runI wish you guys much joy in Mozambique, you certainly deserve it You couldn t have made up a story like that.