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Relive All The Thrills And Adventure Of Alan Moorehead S Classic Bestseller The White Nile The Daring Exploration Of The Nile River In The Second Half Of The Nineteenth Century, Which Was At That Time The Most Mysterious And Impenetrable Region On Earth Capturing In Breathtaking Prose The Larger Than Life Personalities Of Such Notable Figures As Stanley, Livingstone, Burton And Many Others, The White Nile Remains A Seminal Work In Tales Of Discovery And Escapade, Filled With Incredible Historical Detail And Compelling Stories Of Heroism And Drama

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    Wide ranging book, covering all there is to say about the White Nile in the latter 1800s, from the heroics of the discoverers of the White Nile s origins, about mid century, to the epic defeat of the Sudanese fuzzy wuzzys at the hands of the British under Kitchener just before 1900 The book rightly expands on the important slave trade from Africa to the Middle East, which it took moralistic Europeans to put an end to.Enjoyed the great writing and the epic story tremendously, to the point that I am seriously considering a vacation in southern Sudan s Sudd area, a 130,000 km2 maze of swampland in the White Nile.Despite all the good qualities of White Nile , the companion Blue Nile is actually a few notches better still I should probably read of Alan Moorehead and so should you.

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    Very interesting After finishing it I ordered the prequel The Blue Nile Also very good

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    It may be an old book but it was great to read.

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    I needed the book as a part of the history of the Nile it is really informative and a fairly true reflection of that period arrived within expected time with very good packaging.

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    received book was in a very good condition

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    Alan Moorehead is great, he has a way with words

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    excellent, a very good edition with lots of illustrations and maps

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    I was curious to learn about British colonial history in the Arab and African worlds and found this book by accident.What a pleasure it has proven to read The author marries incredible research scholarship with a fluent style which tells the story of several explorers while also evenhandedly assessing the impact of their exploits I am impressed Presumably the journalistic training of the author taught him how to write for comprehension AND interest, something that few pure historians seem to be able to accomplish I am ready to re read The White Nile with an atlas by my side, and then it s on to The Blue Nile Pity the author is no longer with us to write of these great historical masterpieces.My only wish is that the publisher had been generous with maps for each chapter in order to facilitate understanding of the immense distances which, as the author points out at the close, these tireless explorers actually WALKED.