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An incredible journey into the heart of Africa in search of the Bushmen Vividly written with pictures now embedded in my mind I would have loved to have been there too but LVDP s descriptions are the next best thing. This is an account of an expedition to the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa in the late fifties The author was commissioned to make a TV documentary.It deals with its planning and all the difficulties encountered The purpose of the trip was to find Bushmen in their natural state.Eventually these people are found.What makes this a good book is van der Post s power of description It may be that there is embellishment, but he makes something that could have been dull an enthralling read. Written with poignancy and honesty by someone obsessed with his subject, this is the story of the extermination of the bushman as a people and culture As a background it helps you understand some of the issues of South Africa today through the interactions between Afrikaner and various black communities An excellent book. Present before travelling to the Kalahari desert Great read from a bygone era, it s easy to forget such times existed less than a century ago Don t read any reviews, just buy the book and read that instead interesting and excellent account and observation of a compassioate author A wonderful story and full of rich, vivid imagery I was transported into Nambia and beyond and engrossed entirely on the story of the bushmen my ancestors Then ones comes face to face with the stark reality of man s inhumanity to man over the centuries and indeed given the troubles still in our world, we ve leaned nothing at all Lauren Van der Post exudes the passion and there were times I could actually believe I am standing there in the Kalahari how wonderful of a writer able to transport you to a time and place.The photographs are stunning and not contrived This whole book records for all times something so fundamentally important to us all and the realisation that through greed, violence and deviousness we have this innate ability generalisation of our human nature at its core to throw away so much and lose that which is valuable Our lives and future become diminished as a result.So an uplifting book on the one hand and a depressing read in some other aspects. Laurens Van Der Post Was Fascinated And Appalled At The Fate Of This Remarkable People Ostracised By All The Changing Face Of African Cultural Life They Retreated Deep Into The Kalahari Desert His Fascinating Attempt To Capture Their Way Of Life And The Secrets Of Their Ancient Heritage Provide Captivating Reading And A Unique Insight Into A Forgotten Way Of Life