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received book was in a very good condition The Story Of The Nile, From The Mountains Of The Moon To The Mediterranean The Tale Starts With Richard Burton And John Hanning Speke Setting Out To Find The Sources Of The Nile It Continues With Baker Of The Nile And His Wife Struggling With Malaria, And Of The Famous Greeting Between Stanley And Livingstone The Book Examines The Results Of Their Discoveries The Building Of The Suez Canal The Khedive Ismail S Appointment Of Gordon As Governor General Of Sudan And The Story Of The Last Days Of Khartoum The Book Concludes With Kitchener S Military Success At Omdurman Which Made Queen Victoria The Ruler Of The Huge Area From Alexandria To The Highlands Of Uganda And Which Resulted In The Nile Being, For The First Tiem, An Open Highway From Central Africa To The Sea I needed the book as a part of the history of the Nile it is really informative and a fairly true reflection of that period arrived within expected time with very good packaging. excellent, a very good edition with lots of illustrations and maps Alan Moorehead is great, he has a way with words I was curious to learn about British colonial history in the Arab and African worlds and found this book by accident.What a pleasure it has proven to read The author marries incredible research scholarship with a fluent style which tells the story of several explorers while also evenhandedly assessing the impact of their exploits I am impressed Presumably the journalistic training of the author taught him how to write for comprehension AND interest, something that few pure historians seem to be able to accomplish I am ready to re read The White Nile with an atlas by my side, and then it s on to The Blue Nile Pity the author is no longer with us to write of these great historical masterpieces.My only wish is that the publisher had been generous with maps for each chapter in order to facilitate understanding of the immense distances which, as the author points out at the close, these tireless explorers actually WALKED. Very interesting After finishing it I ordered the prequel The Blue Nile Also very good It may be an old book but it was great to read.