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This is a beautifully written honest account of life as a white settler in Rhodesia from early childhood to becoming a adult during the ravages of UDI and the war of independence.I recommend the book to anyone wanting a clear picture of farm life in Rhodesia and post colonial life in Zimbabwe with an unbiased view of the horrors of war and good and bad on both sides. Growing Up In Rhodesia In The S, Peter Godwin Inhabited A Magical And Frightening World Of Leopard Hunting, Lepers, Witch Doctors, Snakes And Forest Fires As An Adolescent, A Conscript Caught In The Middle Of A Vicious Civil War, And Then As An Adult Who Returned To Zimbabwe As A Journalist To Cover The Bloody Transition To Majority Rule, He Discovered A Land Stalked By Death And Danger A very gripping read of a life of a white man growing up in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe.Reading about such an amazing child hood in an almost surreal upbringing, the reader has to remind themselves that this is not a work of fiction.The adult years follow on and the story flows nicely allowing you to get quite wrapped up in the story As you know the character quite well at this point, the reader can almost be his shadow Quite an intense and exciting life in such a turbulent country. A very readable true story from a man who lived through the transition from the country known as Southern Rhodesia to the African governed Zimbabwe A happy childhood ,being reared in idyllic cicumstances with a black nannie, a black cook, a black garden boy with busy parents , his mother a doctor, his father in the management of mines, changed when UDI was declared in the early 1960s. Superb A well written account of when South Rhodesia became Zimbabwe Of course it is subjcective, and since I have not visited the country before or after independence, I can only judge the whole situation according to information such as this and the press in general But this book is highly recommendable to anyone interested in the suject. Bought as a used copy Interested in the subject matter because of connection to South Africa A good read. Peter Godwin s Mukiwa gives the reader a real insight into what is was like to grow up and live in Rhodesia in the 1960 s and the 1970 s Poignant, insightful, humorous and tragic at times the book transports you along as childhood fears and doubts about living in the country prove to be correct and hurtle the author into a bitter and savage war that he knows deep down can only end one way The way Godwin can so beautifully portray the physical beauty and wonder of growing up in the Eastern Highlands whilst skilfully alluding to the growing threats,fears and tensions stalking white Rhodesian society makes it impossible to put the book down No other memoir of life in Rhodesia can touch Mukiwa. Beautiful book if you have an interest in Africa It depicts the formative years of Peter Godwin in Rhodesia Zimbabwe, and gives sense of what life was like for him and his family.