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Halima Bashir Was Born Into The Remote Western Deserts Of Sudan She Grew Up In A Wonderfully Rich Environment And Later Went On To Study Medicine At The Age Of Twenty Four She Returned To Her Tribe And Began Practising As Their First Ever Qualified Doctor But Then A Dark Cloud Descended Upon Her People Janjaweed Arab Militias Began Savagely Assaulting Her People At First, Halima Tried Not To Get Involved But In January They Attacked People In Her Village Halima Treated The Traumatised Victims And Was Sickened By What She Saw She Decided To Speak Out In A Sudanese Newspaper And To The UN Charities Then The Secret Police Came For Her For Days Halima Was Interrogated And Subjected To Unspeakable Torture She Finally Escaped But The Nightmare Just Seemed To Follow Her This Inspiring Story Tells Of One Woman S Determination To Survive And Her Passion To Defend Her People For The First Time, We Can Truly Understand The Personal Horrors Of Darfur From Someone Who Lived Through It

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    I was deeply moved by this book and thought it was beautifully written I found it a very open, honest and rich portrayal of Zaghawa life I was particularly impressed by the rich descriptions and the honesty of the author Dr Bashir comes across as being herself with very human emotions and this makes the book and the descriptions seem real I did not think anything in the book portrayed her in a negative light but I think it s very good that Dr Bashir included a lot of detail about her education and her school days, including details of the problems she encountered at school and university These make her seem very human I found her courage to speak out and treat victims of the awful violence in Darfur to be very inspirational In sum I think Dr Bashir is a credit to humanity, and to the medical profession.I am very shocked to read negative reviews of this book by other reviewers On the basis of what Dr Bashir wrote, I believe these to be unfair I doubt very much I could live through the events Dr Bashir describes and remain human and I am very impressed that she can One reviewer wrote that she has not practised medicine in Britain She has a young baby and has had some horrific experiences and held onto her humanity Quite apart from the fact that asylum seekers are not allowed to work, I doubt I could just start practising medicine or anything else in Britain under those circumstances I cannot see any justification for labelling her ungrateful at all.I am very impressed by Dr Bashir s courage and how she continues to speak out on the situation in Darfur One reviewer wrote that Dr Bashir is unfairly critical of the UK Having read the book, I think Dr Bashir s criticisms to be valid I m British, but her reaction to finding out that her neighbour had had a baby via a much younger lover is not so dissimilar to my own Moreover, she was treated badly by the asylum system Why on earth was the Home Office attempting to return anyone to such danger, especially someone with such genuine reasons for asylum In that I think she has every right to be critical at the way she and her family were treated I note that one reviewer says that Dr Bashir does not criticise the Sudanese government but does criticise the British one I find this statement very hard to understand Dr Bashir writes extensive criticisms of the Sudanese government that s what the book is about Finally, I think Dr Bashir s comments about the situation in Darfur being what it is may well make people feel uncomfortable, but I would say that s because what she says is right The people of Darfur have a right to be angry at the way they have been treated by both the Sudanese government and the international community I think Dr Bashir s book is essential for pointing this out and adding a personal voice to this If that makes people feel uncomfortable then so it should The people who know about what happened the better, because that is exactly what the Sudanese government did not want to happen If people know, this might prevent this happening again I think Dr Bashir s continuing concern for her homeland is to her credit I am pleased the UK government finally made the right decision and I am thrilled that she and her family are now British citizens.

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    what an amazing brave and caring woman heart breaking to read in places we are so lucky here in the uk.in our reasonable safe country, how we take it for granted we can not take away the hurt and anguish that has happened to her but hope she has a secure and happy life now.

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    I was at the Edinburgh Book Festival when Halima and Damien, who helped her with her English, commented on the book, The book is detailed and and every page fascinating Unfortunately, her story is typical of the millions who suffered and are still sufferering eleven years later from President Bashir s military coup in Sudan and now wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide I later discovered that she now lives in London under another name and campaigns with others for women s rights in Darfur.

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    Had a job to put this book down and certainly needed lots of tissues I makes one feel glad to live in a safe country.

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    I found this book very had to read as the subject matter is so difficult but it is very well written and hard to put down What a wonderful woman Halima Bashir is I have so much respect for her.

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    A very moving and well written book I didnt really understand the suffering in Darfur, and this womans story is so moving, you just cannot imagine the horrors innocent people have been made to endure Why does this happen

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    Fantastic well written informative, moving, harrowing, sublime I cant find any words to describe this book.Please read this.

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    I ordered this for my sister in law as a Christmas gift but unfortunately it did not arrive However, I have read this book before and I found it hard to put it down It really opens your eyes and explains a lot about the how s and the why s of the downfall of a particular group of people I will definitely share this with others and re order it.