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This is the greatest book ever written on the Boer War It is extremely well researched and gives great insight from a balanced and unbiased viewpoint After reading this book, you will be able to give balanced arguments from a military and political perspective and will understand the war from both a British or Boer viewpoint he also covers the black population, the gold bugs , the concentration camps and the generals, amongst many other topics As a WW1 enthusiast it was good to be introduced to the inadequacies of Gough, Haig, Kitchener, Rawlinson, French etc very interesting to see that they had already experienced trench warfare prior to WW1 artillery bombardment, failed cavalry charges and creeping barrages and yet they failed to adapt to them in WW1 The political decisions, publicity, spin , old boy networks and lobbying resonate deeply with the modern day reader, especially concerning casus belli and the resultant modern wars One of the best history books that I have read the amount of effort and research is an inspiration. As far as I m aware there is no better or thorough account of the Boer War than this volume It reads beautifully, almost like a novel and is easy to follow and understand throughout, even for a non historian like myself I would fully recommend. I wanted to learn about the Boer War and all research pointed to this book It is well illustrated with maps and photographs which helps set the context Unfortunately, as the author states, to create the large book three quarters of the text have been left out The author says the cuts have been made seamlessly and this may be true, but I felt that too often the reader is moved along the story too swiftly and important parts seem to be missing.I shall keep this book but buy the fuller, paperback version to get the full text. Pakenham here explains the build up and the course of the war like nobody else The machinations of Milner s evil mind, a career civil servant getting the better of Parliament and the Army Ireland certainly and England unloaded its manhood on to African soil for no other apparent reason than to thin the ranks of the military Or perhaps Milner was a voyeur and wanted Britain to wake up to the war that was coming for which the Boers assured the British Army how grossly unprepared they were for a modern war against capable foes It certainly gave the Army Medical Corps room to rethink their ideas Fantastically well researched to show a military and historic writer how on top of his game he then was, An excellent, well referenced, well balanced and superbly written historical appraisel of the Boer War giving a good insight to both sides of the conflict and from both the political and military aspects too The Authors engaging style is extemely readable which made the book very difficult for me to put down I already had a copy of the Authors origonal book The Boer War but this had very little supportive photographic imagary The Illustrated version adds an even greater human dimension to the work.to be able to see not merely posed photo studies of the Generals and the politicians, but also the ordinary soldiers in field conditions with their equipment, the hardships they suffered but also the humour and the common humanity shines through in these early action photographs Quite spell binding particular shots of a massed foot inspection..British troops lying on their backsides waving their feet in the air, and marching across the Veldt a real action shot of British soldiers yomping across flat scrubland in line abreast formation, will remain in my minds eye for a long time You can tell that I really did like this book Everyone interested in the Boer war should read this, well referenced history but reads like a Novel Excellent This was an area of history that I had never considered and shamefully new little about The author has written an excellent and very readable account which was thoroughly enjoyed In fact it became something of a page turner even though the end was already known.Mr Pakenham has produced a balanced account and given both sides of the war a very even handed treatment.I suppose we need to ask why we and importantly our Generals should adopt the same approach as Wellington even though military technology had so improved and the consequences of this were already known after the Crimean War, the American Civil War, the war of 1864 between Denmark and Prussia, and the Franco Prussian War, and yet the same tactics which were to lead so many losses in South Africa were used again And, of course they would be used again at greater cost of lives post 1914 Perhaps it is to no little surprise that some of the Generals who were in position in 1914 had also fought a difficult and bloody campaign in South Africa. More Than Two Hundred Illustrations, Photographs, And Maps Combine With An Abridged Edition Of The Author S Critically Acclaimed The Boer War To Chronicle The Events, Personalities, Causes, And Consequences Of The War History Bk Club