Free Prime The Washing of the Spears: A History of the Rise of the Zulu Nation under Shaka and Its Fall in the Zulu War of 1879 : Rise and Fall of the Great Zulu NationAuthor Donald R Morris –

Unputdownable I love this book I haven t finished it, yet, but it is so well written and researched Some of the characters involved in this history were just extraordinary people And the description of the land, battles, skirmishes and how and why decisions were made are brilliant Highly recommended. mr Morris brought the whole Zulu era alive as if you where living it Ireccomend this book to anyone vwho likes history.. Wonderful read One of the best history books I have read and I read a lot of history books Very informative on related subjects as well A real page turner and you feel really involved with the characters It deals with the story of South Africa from the first European settlers and follows their story and that of the indigenous population of Africa who came down from North Africa and became the Zulu nation. Fascinating, in depth study of the rise of the Zulu nation. In , Armed Only With Their Spears, Their Rawhide Shields, And Their Incredible Courage, The Zulus Challenged The Might Of Victorian England And, Initially, Inflicted On The British The Worst Defeat A Modern Army Has Ever Suffered At The Hands Of Men Without Guns This Definitive Account Of The Rise Of The Zulu Nation Under The Great Ruler Shaka And Its Fall Under Cetshwayo Has Been Acclaimed For Its Scholarship, Its Monumental Range, And Its Spellbinding Readability The Story Is Studded With Tales Of Drama And Heroism The Battle Of Isandhlwana, Where The Zulu Army Wiped Out The Major British Column And Rorke S Drift, Where A Handful Of British Troops Beat Off Thousands Of Zulu Warriors And Won Eleven Victoria Crosses Condition of this secondhand book was as described.A great book giving a well written account of the Zulu nation good read Compelling reading The best account of the Anglo Zulu Wars Well written, thoroughly researched, unbiased and an excellent historical work that reads like a novel.