[download Best] War on the Nile: Britain, Egypt and the Sudan, 1882-98Author Michael Barthorp – Publitags.co

Plenty of intresting photos and maps to use as you follow the progression of the war I love to look at maps when place are being discussed to get a picture of how the war unfolded Not a lot of detail on the actual battles but enough to wet your appetite to research the individual battles through othe books A great introduction in Barthops style. Many years ago I looked at this book and really wanted to half it but that was not in my power A year ago I noticed the book at a War Game show and I wanted it I found it here and I was pleased This book looks at British involvement in England and how that involvement helped to shape Egypt in the 20th Century Barthorp briefly touches on Napoleon s brief conquest of Egypt, followed by British and Ottoman forces It was the construction of the Suez Canal and the strategic implications it had for the British Empire which led to aggressive involvement in Egyptian affairs, ultimately leading to Dual Control of Egypt by France and England following the insolvency of the Egyptian government Active British campaigns in Egypt and the Sudan became just one chapter in the history of British colonialism.The quality of writing is good, but descriptions of some of the battles and campaigns would have been better served by maps The photos used to illustrate the book are excellent, as are many of the contemporary artistic renditions included in the work Although no longer in print it is worth looking for. Traces The History Of Britain S Involvement In North Africa, Explains The Reasons For The Sudan S Rebellion Against Egypt, And Recounts Britain S Campaign To Reclaim The Sudan