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In The Sudan In An Obscure Son Of A Carpenter Pronounced Himself The Mahdi Or Guided One Of The Prophet , The Long Expected Messiah Of The Islamic Faith His Influence Was So Strong That Egypt Co Ruled By Britain And France Was Plunged Into War Robert Wilkinson Latham Provides An Absorbing Account Of The Sudan Campaigns, Including The Siege Of Khartoum, The Unpredictable General Charles Gordon, And The Nile Expedition The Author Details The Organisation And Fortunes Of All Forces Involved, Painting A Fascinating Picture Of The Place And Its Peoples From

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    Good overview of the Sudan campaign There will be in depth coverage elsewhere, but a useful introduction.

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    Without mass weapons of destruction man can overcome issues without war now the wars forced upon peoples is horrendous.Worth reading and learning from these experiences Other purchases that I have made reflect different viewpoints of this battle.

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    This is not for the Private Jones of Dad s Army.This is another of the books for the person interested in the period.

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    An interesting booklet upon the egyptian sudan campaign showing uniform and equipment used by the british army navy during that campaign Do not expect than an outline of certain events if you are pursuing a certain regiment or navy campaign.

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    A very interesting read Not a period I am familiar with, but a great help in understanding the Campaigns.