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The Euphoric Birth Of South Sudan Was Celebrated Around The World A Triumph For Global Justice And A Sign That One Of The World S Most Devastating Wars Was Finally Over But The Party Would Not Last The Republic S Freedom Fighters Soon Plunged Their New Nation Back Into Chaos, Shattering The Promise Of Liberation And Exposing The Hubris Of Their Western Backers An Epic Tale Of Paradise Won And Lost, A Rope From The Sky Is An Extraordinary Journey Into The Rise And Fall Of The World S Newest State Weaving Together Narratives Local And Global, This Is A Story Of Hope, Power, Greed, Compassion, And Conscience Shocking Violence From The World S Most Neglected Patch Of Territory But It Is Also The Story Of An Audacious Attempt To Forge A State From Scratch, An Intervention That Reflects Both The Best Of The West And Its Uncomfortable Reckoning With The Limits Of Western Power Amid A World In Disarray The Author S First Hand Accounts, From Deadly War Zones To Washington S Halls Of Power, Bring Readers Inside This Unique Episode In Global History An Unprecedented Experiment And A Cautionary TaleFrom Moonlit Battlefields And Glitzy Hotel Ballrooms To The Emerald Marshes Of The Nile, South Sudan S Story Is A Richly Painted Canvas Present Before, During, And After Independence, The Author Has Taken Tea With Everyone Guerrilla Fighters And Corrupt Ministers, Teenage Cattle Rustlers And Shadowy Intelligence Agents Coupling His Years On The Ground With A Role In The Obama Administration, Zach Vertin Is Uniquely Positioned To Give The Insider Account Of This Modern Day Greek Tragedy

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    I read it to try to understand yet another African failed state The tale is a familiar one of greedy careerist politicians building a revolution and cashing in on it for personal gain once the Imperialists in this case North Sudan had been pushed out Their indifference to the welfare of the mass of the people of South Sudan is evident The subsequent civil war in South Sudan was about who in the elite was to benefit from the spoils mainly oil money and who was to lose out U.S involvement was as so often based on ignorance, simplification, and misunderstanding The strength of the book is in its descriptions of conversations with, knowledge of, and judgements about many of the key actors in the Civil war I found it irritating as a history in that it is not sequential It is of a memoir and a reflection upon past events and experiences than a history but is very well worth reading.

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    I read this while undertaking a trip to South Sudan, and found the author s imagery and turn of phrase perfect to describe the country and its people I d often look up from the book while on the road, or even at Juba s inimitable airport, to see a situation that the author was just that moment describing in his pages So it s not just an informative read, it is an evocative and emotional one I left my copy with a security guard who was keen to have any written material I d brought with me He has his own theories on South Sudan s crisis, which the author can hopefully supplement with his own unique insight into what was happening at the elite level.

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    In A Rope from the Sky, Vertin provides an extraordinary account of the rise and fall of South Sudan.This story is not a simple one to tell, in that there are a host of individuals, organizations, nation states, and dynamics that have something to say about the country both before and after its independence Against this backdrop, Vertin s account stands out for its ability to be both comprehensible to the layperson who has no foreknowledge about the country and compelling to the foreign policy aficionado who is looking to learn about contemporary geopolitics.This is also not an easy story to tell, in that South Sudan s history is pockmarked by tragedy Vertin addresses the tragic aspects of this history deftly, managing to be clear eyed about the human toll of conflict while remaining hopeful about the country s long term prospects.Throughout, Vertin writes with empathy, profundity, incisiveness, and candor, combining a reporter s eye for detail with a scholar s critical thinking As policymakers and the public writ large grapple with the future of South Sudan, it is fortunate that what is, for the time being, the decisive account of the country has been authored by a writing of Vertin s caliber.Highly recommended.

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    Part historical narrative, part chronicle of recent events, and part professional memoir of his time spent in South Sudan during the birth of the new state, Mr Vertin provides a detailed, first hand account of the chaotic and complex efforts to bring South Sudan into existence Readers familiar with other accounts of revolution, civil war, and nation building will recognize the principal players, their self serving actions often disguised by nationalism, and the violence in the name of patriotism associated similar episodes.It is a story, on one hand, of how cruel and barbaric humans can behave toward one another, while on the other, the power kindness and compassion can have on forging an uplifting and unifying spirit for a new nation The writing is clear, explicit, and free of bias The chronology is ordered in such a way as to provide the reader with sufficient context necessary to understand the complex web of alliances created and dissolved, promises made and broken, and agreements brokered and sabotaged as South Sudan tries to wrestle itself free from Sudan.Through a mutual friend, I had the great fortune to have dinner with the author shortly after I finished the book As he did with the final chapter of the book recounting his friendship with Rambeng Koang, Mr Vertin, expressed a hopeful optimism regarding the future of South Sudan and the South Sudanese people reflective of the experiences he witnessed during his time in South Sudan and the emotional energy invested in writing this book It is an important contribution and recommended reading if one is to understand post colonial Africa.

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    This is a must read book if you want to understand contemporary South Sudan Zach Vertin has a keen eye for the nuance of the politics, social dynamics, and characters that make up the story of South Sudan s road to independence and its eventual unraveling His descriptions of back room scenes and detailed sketches of the characters involved makes for a page turning read that leaves you not only deeply knowledgeable about the specific events that transpired, but bestowed with transferable understanding of broader issues that have faced other countries on the continent.

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    A beautifully written book detailing South Sudan s heartbreaking collapse into conflict following its independence from Sudan Vertin skillfully weaves back and forth between powerful vignettes of the South Sudanese people most adversely affected by violence, the elites most responsible for it, and an inside perspective of the efforts to bring the warring factions to the negotiating table The storytelling will captivate both casual and seasoned observers of Sudan South Sudan and Vertin s account of negotiations provide unique insight into the peace process as well as lessons for mediators and negotiators operating in other conflict contexts.

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    I just began reading this book and have been pulled in from the beginning It is an engrossing narrative about both the real and fabricated divides that exist between groups of people Though set in the Sudan it is a universal tale that suggests parallels to so many conflicts around the globe, and gives a reason for caution and optimism rectifying these conflicts Definitely a great read for anyone with an interest in international affairs