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This Classic Book Offers A Fascinating Insight Into The Life Of Women And Children In The Boer War, As Witnessed First Hand By The Well Known British Welfare Campaigner Emily Hobhouse Many Of The Earliest Books, Particularly Those Dating Back To The S And Before, Are Now Extremely Scarce And Increasingly Expensive We Are Republishing These Classic Works In Affordable, High Quality, Modern Editions, Using The Original Text And Artwork

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    The magic of this book lies in the fact that it is written in the moment by someone who was actually there and witnessed first hand the senseless extermination of innocent women and children black and white by the British Army in the world s first concentration camps, with impunity and no accountability These were and still are war crimes that were committed by the British in the their relentless theft of land in Africa through illegal colonisation Emily Hobhouse, despite her British heritage, and to her eternal credit, exposes the British Army and the British Government for what they were and no doubt still are corrupt, incompetent, bombastic and deceitful If you want to understand the roots of apartheid that brought so much misery to South Africa for so long, you simply need to read this book.