Prime The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth CenturyAuthor Edward William Bovill –

I loved and enjoyed this book immensely I had no idea of medieval Africa, but after reading Segu of Maryse Conde, I wanted to learn I could not have picked a better book One of the best journeys through the pages I ever had. Ivan Sertima is a better book. Fantastic book for those interested in the north african trade route maps and historical information. GREAT BOOK AND QUICK DELIVERY. An Account Of The Golden Trade Of The Moors, And A Source Book On Saharan Trade Routes, Caravan Organization And Sudanese History The Author Covers Anthropology And Economic Geography As Well As History, As He Examines And Explores The Hot Little Towns, Sharp Traders And The Brutal Rulers He Seeks To Encourage And Inspire A Generation Of Scholars To Discover About Parts Of Africa Still Surprisingly Little Known To The Outside World I m reading this over the holidays. Very informative with accurate events. Another book from my African CIV class tht was looking to be boring and ended up being enthralled by it it is not common that you get a textbook you loose yourself in. the book was in a good state, as described by the seller