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This is a very readable book which wears its scholarship lightly Abounding with historical insights and providing astute critical assessment of other travel writers, To the Fairest Cape offers a wealth of biographical and anecdotal detail as well as perceptive cultural analysis Malcolm Jack has first hand knowledge not only of South Africa but also of the Far East and of Portugal This equips him unusually well to write of the cosmopolitan mix and confusion of identity in the Cape while his expertise in the history of the Enlightenment enables him to place European attitudes to slavery within the context of natural rights, the myth of the noble savage , scientific discovery and missionary work The book itself is well illustrated and beautifully produced All in all it is a pleasure to read By David Holloway DIVCrossing The Remote, Southern Tip Of Africa Has Fired The Imagination Of European Travellers From The Time Bartholomew Dias Opened Up The Passage To The East By Rounding The Cape Of Good Hope In Dutch, British, French, Danes, And Swedes Formed An Endless Stream Of Seafarers Who Made The Long Journey Southwards In Pursuit Of Wealth, Adventure, Science, And Missionary, As Well As Outright National, Interest Beginning By Considering The Early Hunter Gatherer Inhabitants Of The Cape And Their Culture, Malcolm Jack Focuses In His Account On The Encounter That The European Visitors Had With The Khoisan Peoples, Sometimes Sympathetic But Often Exploitative From The Time Of The Portuguese To The Abolition Of Slavery In The British Empire In This Commercial And Colonial Background Is Key To Understanding The Development Of The Vibrant City That Is Modern Cape Town, As Well As The Rich Diversity Of The Cape Hinterland DIV Malcolm Jack s book is a highly readable narrative setting out the encounter of different races and cultures in the Cape of Good Hope The book describes the way in which travellers, from the Portuguese explorers to the British colonists up to the 1830 s, saw the indigenous peoples and how the locals saw the curious new arrivals.Carefully researched it is nevertheless addressed to the general reader and has been produced to the highest standards of quality by Bucknell University Press with fine illustrations Excellent Read. To the FAIREST CAPE European Encounters in the Cape of Good Hope Malcolm Jack KCB FSA Don t Judge A Book By It s Cover and old English adage.However with Malcom Jack s beautifully presented book published by Bucknell University Press, you can Francoise Le Vaillant s 18th century Frontispiece captures the mood of Jack s writings and is an excellent choice for the jacket illustration beautifully designed by Adrienne Beaver.This book is a must for traveller s to the Continent of South Africa and gives a wonderful indepth insight to the colourful , exciting and sometimes sad and brutal historical aspects of the development around the Cape from the15th century upwards With Jack s enlightening facts and detail about the visiting Portugese, Dutch, British French and Scandinavian seafarers and the early hunting inhabitants of the Cape and the experiences and adventure with the Khoisan people there is without doubt a wealth of fact and information for the modern scholar David Hay Gibson, The Netherlands, 10th January 2019 In To the Fairest Cape European Encounters in the Cape of Good Hope Malcolm Jack tells the fascinating story of a number of European travellers to the Cape over a period of almost 350 years Skilfully weaving together biography, literature and travel tales he uses their accounts as a way into providing a broad ranging cultural history, addressing not only the visitors response to the landscape, the flora and the fauna of this once very remote and unfamiliar area but also the principal focus of the book their attitudes to the indigenous people they encountered there, the San and the Khoikhoi Malcolm Jack combines deep familiarity with the area and wide ranging research with an eminently readable style The publishers too are to be congratulated the book is handsomely designed and printed and the reproduction of the illustrations is of high quality.