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The Boer War Of Was An Epic Of Heroism And Bungling,cunning And Barbarism With An Extraordinary Cast Of Characters Including Churchill,Rhodes, Conan Doyle,Smuts,Kipling,Gandhi, Kruger And KitchenerThe War Revealed The Ineptitude Of The British Military And Unexpectedly Exposed The Corrupt Underside Of Imperialism In The Establishment Of The First Concentration Camps,the Shooting Of Boer Prisoners Of War And The Embezzlement Of Military Supplies By British Officers This Acclaimed Book Provides A Complete History Of The Boer War From The First Signs Of Unrest To The Eventual PeaceIn The Process,it Debunks Several Of The Myths Which Have Grown Up Around The Conflict And Explores The Deadly Legacy It Left For Southern Africa

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    When I decided to read about the Boer War, I would like to buy a book which was less than 500 pages, having maps and explaining the war from the beginning I am sure this book is the best for these It guides me with a good narrative, describing the background of the Empire, the combatants and the campaigns I recommend it to everyone.

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    An extremely well researched book which is very well written It explains the war from several very distinct angles foreigners, blacks, Afrikaner and uitlander etc , which adds tremendously to the overall understanding of the impact of the war It constantly surprised me e.g I never knew that many countries of the Commonwealth answered the call to fight on Britain s side The descriptions of the main battles and sieges are authoritative Well recommended.

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    I have read many books on the Boer War from may different aspects I found this book well written and informative However like all history there is a tendency to try and interpret 19th and very early 20th Century thinking with a 21st Century mind set and cultural bias For this and one or two minor issues I rate it 4 5 stars.

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    A good history, easy to read and fascinating I recommend it to anyone wanting to know about the operations of Britain in Southern Africa, and the impact upon the resident peoples.

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    It is an interesting book with a lot of facts

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    Really good buy

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    A comprehensive history reasonably easy to read.

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    value for money and goodpostal service