[ read online epub ] Cruelty of Fate: The Fight for Khambula (The Anglo-Zulu War)Author James Mace – Publitags.co

In Late January , Following News Of The Terrible Disaster To Befall British Forces At Isandlwana, Colonel Henry Evelyn Wood, Commanding Officer Of The Northern No Column, Withdraws His Forces To Khambula, Near The Natal And Transvaal Borders Adding To Their Woes, The Southern No Column Finds Itself Trapped Under Siege At The Abandoned Mission Station Of Eshowe The General Officer Commanding, Lord Chelmsford, Orders Wood To Continue Harassing The Zulus, Keeping The Pressure Off Their Central And Southern Forces While He Rallies Reinforcements To Relieve Eshowe In Light Of The Disaster At Isandlwana, Wood Knows He Must Temper Aggression With Caution, As He Does Not Have The Numbers Necessary To Face The Entire Zulu AmabuthoFacing The British In The North Are The Semi Autonomous AbaQulusi Tribe And Their Venerable Ally, An Exiled Swazi Prince Named Mbilini A Master Of Guerrilla Warfare, Mbilini Harries The British Invaders Relentlessly While Awaiting Reinforcements From The Zulu King, Cetshwayo Fifty Miles To The East, At The Royal Kraal Of Ulundi, Cetshwayo S Triumphant Albeit Terribly Bloodied Regiments Return Home To Take In The Harvest Following Their Victory At Isandlwana The King S Subsequent Overtures Of Peace Are Soundly Rebuffed By Lord Chelmsford, And He Knows He Must Soon Summon His Regiments Once Again With Shouts Of We Are The Boys Of Isandlwana The Zulus Turn Their Attention North, Seeking To Join With Mbilini And Send Another British Invasion Column To Oblivion This whole series is fantastic I admit to not really knowing much about this era but now feel I have a good knowledge Having read a lot of historical fiction, I do think I can say the GOC was clueless One thing that strikes me is the amount of work that must have gone into research for this series, there has to be so much written about this era in terms of written actual accounts, as opposed to some battle involving Romans, sifting thought it all must have taken a lot of work and it comes out in the books. First class product A very interesting series about a war very few people seem to know about. Another great book from this author in the series found it was hard to put down once started looking forward to reading next book in the series I enjoyed the mix of fact and fiction It bought the war to life and bought out the humanity of both sides in a realistic fashion.I am looking forward to reading the final instalment.