Free Prime Slave: The True Story of a Girl's Lost Childhood and Her FIght for Survival By Mende Nazer –

I came across Mende s story by chance and read it straight through in one day.Mende s story starts with the harsh and brutal realities of being born female in a Sudanese mountain tribe, however it was a loving and laughter rich childhood One night the Mujahidin raided her village and abducted many children, including 12 year old Mende Soon sold into Slavery to a Muslim Arab family in Khartoum, her story is horrific and her resilience astounding.Treated as a source of livestock for slavery the Southern Sudanese tribes including the Nuba, the Mujahidin hacked to death and burnt homes in their raids to steal children.Slavery still goes on today throughout the world. Mende Nazer S Happy Childhood Was Cruelly Cut Short At The Age Of Twelve When The Mujahidin Rode Into Her Village In The Remote Nuba Mountains Of Sudan They Hacked Down Terrified Villagers, Raped The Women And Abducted The Children Mende Was Them She Was Taken And Sold To An Arab Woman In Khartoum She Was Stripped Of Her Name And Her Freedom For Seven Long Years She Was Kept As A Domestic Slave, An Abid , Without Any Pay Or A Single Day Off Her Food Was The Leftover Scraps And Her Bed Was The Floor Of The Locked Up Garden Shed She Endured This Harsh And Lonely Existence Without Knowing Whether Her Family Was Alive Or Dead, For Seven Long Years Passed On By Her Master, Like A Parcel, To A Relative In London, Mende Eventually Managed To Escape To Freedom Slave Is A Shocking First Person Insight Into The Modern Day Slave Trade It Is Also A Fascinating Memoir Of An African Childhood And A Moving Testimony To A Young Girl S Indomitable Spirit In The Face Of Adversity This book was totally fascinating from start to finish What Mende went through and what she has achieved is amazing It wasn t what I was expecting, and it wasn t anything like I ve read before I was completely hooked and couldn t believe what the tribal people are put through, it s really sad All the people in the book that have something to do with slavery should be brought to justice That is terrible that slavery still goes on in this modern age.The way they acquired those people for slavery is barbaric.The way she was treated by the first sister is unbearably cruel,then the second sister turning almost as bad.I m so glad she is free,Heart breaking not seeing her family.Good luck Mende This was a great read It was very disturbing in places and very challenging but I think it is important to make ourselves aware of other people s suffering It was great to see how she has started to turn her life around now It s very sad that things don t seem to have moved on much during the centuries, that slavery is still part of our so called modern day society All the reason to read this book and make ourselves aware. This is a truly powerful story The courage that Mende showed through her life is amazing the strength she needed to survive from such a young age seem so unreal to us We take our lives for granted and if things don t go out way we feel hard done by but when I read this and look at the12 yr old girls I know I cannot think how they would adapt to a life like this good luck to Mendez and best wishes for her future Slave is the first hand account of the life of a young Sudanese girl who was kidnapped by the Mujahidin when they raided her village hacking down the men, raping the women and abducting the children before raping them and selling them on into slavery in Khartoum She was used as a domestic slave without pay, days off or even food as she had to live off what the family she was working for left uneaten on their plates After seven years of hell for a young girl when she was frequently beaten and forced to sleep on the floor of the garden shed she was passed on by her master and brought to London I could not believe that girls were kept in these harsh conditions in UK in the 21st century This is a different insight into modern day slavery than the human trafficking that is so prevalent at this time You cannot fail but be moved by this moving testimony to a young girl s indomitable spirit. Here Mende Nazer tells her story and tells it well.This book serves as a reminder that slavery still exists and opened my eyes to the nuba people and the war in Sudan.Mende s memoire documents her own traumatic and the de humanising experiences of being taken from her family and sold off into the slave trade and sends a clear message that mende nazar s voice will be heard She will no longer be dehumanized or silenced.This is a very personal story, told with much warmth, humour and compassion by a woman of great strengh and spirit which will hopefully raise awarness on the wider issues of people trafficking, slavery, the difficulties of war and the inequality in the world today.I highly recommend you read this book and encourage your friends and family to do the same.