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a moving record from a personal perspective of a critical time in the history of South Africa Written with skill, tenderness and clarity Peter Harris highlights the contradictions and dilemmas faced by many in the quest for a just society Painful decisions in challenging times.Every South African should read this book. Incredible Although I found the book slow at times, remained fascinated by the insight provided into the goings on of the South African security forces the human aspect of those engaged in the struggle. A fascinating book,beautifully written, which opens a window on to a sinister world,the existence of which many of us knew little or nothing about. I ordered this book for a elderly gentleman who used to live in South Africa.He has told me that the book is very interesting and takes him back many years. A Just Defiance Peter Harris I come up from a heavy sleep, grope clumsily for the instrument on the bedside table Is that Peter Harris says someone I don t recognise I m afraid so I reply This call is from Lusaka Please visit Jabu Masina, Ting Ting Masango, Neo Potsane and Joseph Makhura in Pretoria Central Maximum Security, they need to see you urgently Please see what you can do to assist them This is how Peter Harris, a human rights lawyer living in Johannesburg with his journalist wife Caroline is woken at five in the morning in April 1987 and this call is the start of his involvement in the trial of the four members of MK who have been caught and are going to be tried for murder and high treason.Alongside the story of the court case, where the Delmas four refuse to bow to the courts under the apartheid regime and Peter Harris and his team have to defend them via the back door.It s the story of Vlakplaas and the horrendous deeds that this break away group of violent police did in the name of justice on South African enemies and the story of Dirk Coetzee coming clean with his story and part in the massacre of people not only in South Africa but the surrounding countries that harboured enemies of the State.I raced through this book Not a comfortable book to read and I kept saying to myself Why can t I remember any of this Why was I so ignorant How could people have been so barbaric I can t answer any of these questions and that makes me sad All I can say is that we must be grateful that there were lawyers willing to fight for the truth and for Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk who made the opening up for negotiations possible I m just so grateful that Peter Harris has written the story and made me aware of what was going on while I lived my sheltered and safe life. From my perspective as a non South African, memories of the death throes of the apartheid regime have been somewhat blurred by the passing years The major events remain in the memory the states of emergency and civil unrest, Mandela s release, the 1994 elections but many of the smaller episodes and dramas seem to have been either under reported or never really achieved a lasting memory in international consciousness.Such is the true story told here, and it is told with a novelist s style by one of the main protagonists uniquely placed to observe the unfolding events and the political twists and turns as they happened We get a lot of fascinating and at times disturbing detail from both sides of the struggle as the personal histories of the ANC soldiers and the author are woven into the narrative, but as the timeline advances the wider story of the transition from minority rule becomes the main thread as political momentum gathers.Suspense and pace is maintained to the end despite some outcomes being fairly predictable with the hindsight of history However, the book makes it clear just how much uncertainty and apprehension pervaded the country in those years, which I had forgotten The trial of the Delmas Four was a precursor to a important one in the dock next time was the will of the South African people to reconcile and arrive at a working democracy.The author s clear prose and warm personality makes the reading a pleasure, despite the sometimes uncompromising subject matter A great example of a Big Story focused through the lens of individuals experiences Highly recommended. , Pretoria Four Young Black Men Have Just Been Arrested For A Horrific String Of Political Murders There S No Doubt That They Re Guilty Of Everything They Re Accused Of And But In A Society Riven By Brutal Repression And Racial Tensions, Are They Assassins Or Freedom Fighters Peter Harris Is The Lawyer Called Upon To Defend Them And, As He Constructs His Case To Save Them From The Death Penalty, He Comes To Understand The Violence They Encountered Growing Up In The Townships And The Chain Of Events That Led Them To Join The ANC, Undergo Training At Zuma S Camps In Angola, And Return To Their Homeland To Execute Some Of The Apartheid Regime S Most Notorious Figures Harris Intercuts The Story Of Their Trial With Flashbacks To The Squad S Operations And A Deadly Counterplot To Reveal A Campaign Carried Out With Ruthless Efficiency