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In July , Zimbabwe S Worsening Economy Saw Inflation Skyrocket To , Per Cent, Deepening The Already Chronic Food Shortages In A Country Where Only One In Five Of The Adult Population Is In EmploymentMonths Later, On November , Ian Smith, The Former Prime Minister Of Rhodesia Died, Leaving Behind Him A Lifetime Of Resistance To Black Majority Rule And The Dangers That He Believed It Would Bring To His CountryIan Smith Was A Man With The Ability To Excite Powerful Emotions In All Who Heard His Name To Those Who Still Revere His Memory He Was A Hero, A Mighty Leader, A Man Whose Formidable Integrity Led Him Into Head To Head Confrontation With The Labour Government Of Britain In The S To Others, He Was, And Remains, A Demon, A Reactionary Whose Intransigence Long Delayed Majority Rule In An Important Corner Of AfricaThe Last Decades Of The Twentieth Century And The First Years Of The New Millennium Have Seen Zimbabwe Spiral Into A Chaos Of Violence And Towards The Brink Of Economic Collapse, Prompting Many To Reappraise Smith S Role And The Prescience Of His ActionsIn This Revealing And Important Historical Document, Ian Smith Charts The Rise And Fall Of A Once Great Nation He Tells The Remarkable Story Behind The Signing Of The Unilateral Declaration Of Independence, As Well As The Excesses Of Power That Mugabe Has Used To Create The Virtual Dictatorship Which Exists In Zimbabwe Today

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Ian Smith s book, but was left with a feeling of utter sadness at the tragedy of it all The book is well written and an exciting and absorbing story I really don t understand the sentiments of the reviewer who gave it only a one star If you buy the memoirs of a politician, then expect the story to be of his political meetings I found it very interesting to see the story through Ian Smith s eyes I was a child in Rhodesia at the time of UDI, and I remember Ian Smith on the television, although I was too young at the time to understand what was going on The book shows that Ian Smith was a truely decent and honest man fighting against over whelming odds Good old Smithy I salute him The book also shows the utter falsehood of the claim that the Rhodesian Front was trying to entrench white rule as I myself believed until I read this book This of course, is the political spin that has been sold to us all these years, and what everybody wants us to believe The book shows that Ian Smith and the Rhodesian Front had accepted the principal of black majority rule, and they were attempting to lay plans for it to come about in an orderly and controlled manner rather than through a communist revolution, if only the interfering Westerners would leave them alone The dishonesty of the British and South African politicians, especially Harold Wilson, and John Vorster, was uttery sickening The book gives a very good insight into what politicians get up to when they are out of the public gaze It also shows that what the normal people are told through the media is often a complete fabrication and distortion of the truth I accept that the book probably portrays Ian Smith in a very good light, but then all auto biographies will do this is only to be expected in an auto biography No one is going to admit to weaknesses or mistakes in their memoirs I have read several other autobiographies, and they all do exactly the same thing.Having read the book, it does leave a few questions unanswered one cannot help feeling that Ian Smith should have been aware of the weaknesses of the chief of his army, General Peter Walls, and should have known that he would fail at the crucial moment when resolute action was required during the 1980 elections Even then, at the 11th hour, it could have been saved, but the two men who were in a position to take action Peter Walls and Abel Muzerewa, failed at the crucial moment Ian Smith even says in his book that Peter Walls had a personal dislike for him, and he did nothing about it Ian Smith should have known his army chief and replaced him years ago It also begs the question that if, as Ian Smith claims, they were well on top of the war in 1979, why they decided to go for the Lancaster House Conference at all Why could they not have held out until sympathetic governments had been installed in the UK and USA Had they waited just 3 years, Lord Carrington would have been off the scene, and Ronald Reagan would have been US president The book gives very little explanation as to why they decided to give in to demands for an all party conference in 1980, since this book seems to indicate that there was no need to I feel broken hearted for all the people of my former home land both black and white Why does the world have to be like this Is it not possible for black and white people to live together in peace and mutual co operation I would just add a warning to prospective buyers this is exactly the same book as The Great Betrayal , so don t be fooled into buying both as I was Finally I thoroughly recommend this book It is highly illuminating and a thoroughly good read enjoy it

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    A fascinating history of Rhodesia and its transition to Zimbabwe, even if it is somewhat heavy going at times I spent a month in Zimbabwe in 1991, not too many years after independence, and it was very evident that everything was going downhill rapidly, since when things have dropped off the bottom of just about every chart My wife and I were not normal tourists but visiting Rhodesian friends who took us on a tour of the country, in many cases away from the usual places visited by tourists That s where it was very evident just how far things had deteriorated The story of an unfolding and entirely predictable tragedy.

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    Ian Smith was a Legend,let down by the UK, USA andSA, it was a great read and would recommend it As it stand today,looks like Mugabe is on his way out,at long last I am not a Rhodesian,but lived in SA for 50years and did not visit it.

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    Book purchased for my husband According to history enthusiast book was very to interesting factual.

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    Very interesting read Gives a dfferent view to the popular one.

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    Fantail Book.Very pleased with the book ,and the quality service from the seller Would recommend to friends.

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    This provided me some fabulous insights into a period of history in which I was actively involved, as I lived in Rhodesia from 1956 1980 I was especially interested in the years leading up to the declaration of independence in 1965 I had no knowledge of this period, and this book provided an remarkable view into this period, as recounted by one of the main participants.