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Born Karoline King In In Johannesburg South Africa, Sara Jayne As She Will Later Be Called By Her Adoptive Parents Is The Result Of An Affair, Illegal Under Apartheid S Immorality Act, Between A White British Woman And A Black South African Man Her Story Reveals The Shocking Lie Created To Cover Up The Forbidden Relationship And The Hurried Overseas Adoption Of The Illegitimate Baby, Born During One Of History S Most Inhumane And Destructive Regimes Killing Karoline Follows The Journey Of The Baby Girl Who Is Raised In A Leafy, Middle Class Corner Of The South Of England By A White Couple Plagued By Questions Surrounding Her Own Identity And Unable To Fit In Sara Jayne Begins To Turn On Herself She Eventually Returns To South Africa, After Years, To Face Her Demons There She Is Forced To Face Issues Of Identity, Race, Rejection And Belonging Beyond That Which She Could Ever Have Imagined She Must Also Face Her Birth Family, Who In Turn Must Confront What Happens When The Baby You Kill Off At A Mere Six Weeks Old Returns From The Dead

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    Tragic story of betrayal at its worst written through pain with courage and resilience.A cry against the beloved country how many babies were spurned in this way This comes as a huge shock and has really affected me I knew baby Karoline and cradled her in my arms at 3 weeks Hoped for a miracle treatment in the UK and mourned her passing for her devestated parents Her mother never seemed to get over it Now I understand why It is easy for us all to judge a young insecure, unhappy and isolated mother in a strange uncomfortable land with inhumane laws and whose own parents in the UK did not seem to support her either I met them And Ken he did really love her He was born in Britain and they could have moved back He was betrayed as well and maybe adoption seemed a better option for his feelings I wish Sarah Jayne happiness, wholeness, a comfortable identiry and peace I salute her She has shown the strength and courage of a true woman of Africa.

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    There was nothing thought provoking than reading this memoir, I had deep feeling of visualizing the authors soul I journeyed through the book with a great sense of sadness and victory I arrived at the end feeling curious and mortified Why Because I realised the author was stronger than her situations and complete than she realised, as she cascaded and bumped through life, on her journey from self to self.This memoir is for everyone Especially those working with traumatized children and children adopted by different races cultures Identity is a birth right and a deep sense of belonging is all we need as human beings to thrive However, this rose still grew through concrete, often without water.I can honestly say This book is beyond captivating It s epic on many levels and would make a great true life story movie.

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    Heard abut this book in a magazine, so after finding it on very pleased I thought I would treat myself , I received the book a week ago so not had a chance to start it.As it was being delivered from South Africa I expected a charge for p p but 18 Still, at least I got the book I wanted

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    This beautifully written book had me in both fits of giggles and floods of tears at different points Once I started reading I just couldn t put it down The challenging and thought provoking insight offered on adoption, identity, mental health, race and finding ones true path has left me forever changed Thank you Sara Jayne for having the courage to share your story.

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    Such a well written book, emotional, honest and simply really moving I d advise everyone to read this book, I haven t been able to put it down Gutted now it s finished could ve kept turning the pages Brilliant

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    This Was for my daughter in law s birthday and she loved it

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    Incredible read I could not put this book down Now I feel empty that it is over.

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    I loved this memoir and think it is a must read for all South Africans in particular In fact, it s a story for anyone who is interested in the choices human beings make along their journeys All choices have consequences, but some people simply live in denial and never take responsibility for the wounds they inflict on others.Sara Jayne King writes beautifully and she leads us through her story with skill and restraint I raged and cried not only for Karoline but also for our beloved country South Africa and the unbearable pain we carry inside all of us King resolves her heart wrenching story with great courage and insight This multi layered account of her life is powerful on every level.I couldn t put the book down and read through the night Weeks have gone by since I finished it and I am still furious and incredibly sad that this tragedy actually happened Any compassion I may have had for Karoline s biological mother was quickly swept away by the raw truth of her unbelievably selfish decision Thank goodness for the Earth Angels, who step up and spread their wings King s adoptive mum certainly falls into that category Killing Karoline is going to my book club this month, with a note about having tissues ready I needed a whole box GigiBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.