[ Audible ] Kordofan Invaded: Peripheral Incorporation and Social Transformation in Islamic Africa (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East & Asia Series)Author Endre Stiansen – Publitags.co

This Volume Addresses Economic Change, Regional Politics And Islamisation In Kordofan, A Large Province In The Sudan Kordofan S History Is Characterised By Resistance And Adaptation To Expanding States And Market Forces Causing Both Sectoral Transformation And Stagnation The Contributions In Different Ways Examine The Interplay Between Local And Invading Institutions, And Include Studies Of Kordofan As A Terra Media Between Darfur And Sinnar, International Trade In The Nineteenth Century, The Mahdist Revolt, The Anglo Egyptian Condominium With Particular Reference To Land Tenure And Tribal Identity , Kordofan In Sudanese Nationalist Poetry, Local Politics In The Nuba Mountains And The Conflict Between Religious Orthodoxy And Local Practice The Book Will Be Of Interest To Scholars Of Africa And Islam Because Of Its Novel Focus On Regional Institutions And Their Relation To The State Structures This Edited Volume Explores The History, Social Structure And Economy Of Kordofan In The Sudan Representing Several Academic Disciplines, Each Chapter Is Concerned With The Long Term Incorporation Through Invasions Of The Region Into Wider Socio Political And Economic Structures