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An interesting perspective on an aspect of history that has always fascinated me In great condition and great value Many thanks. Bought this in advance of visit to battlefield sites in South Africa Found it immensely interesting enough detail to be a serious work but not too anorak Brings out characters of key participants and the political intrigue behind the campaign Good read. This is the best book I ve read from this period.Highly recommended the History lovers will delight in this comprehensive and detailed account of the Zulu wars It certainly clarified the details of lord chelmsford s attempts to cover his responsibility for the losses at islandwahla. Having seen the film on many occasions, I also wanted to read the book I am pleased I have done so, as this appears to set out in great detail and accuracy the actual story of true events, before and after Rorke s Drift In fact I enjoyed it so much, I have read it twice already It has also added to the enjoyment of the classic film of the same name. Well written. Well written and intriguing, David s insights into the motivations of the key players is fascinating Durnford s reputation and the blame he posthumously took for Isanslwana wasn t fully proven until the 1960s.Questions are asked about the heroism of Melville and Coghill at Fugitives Drift were they just running away Chard and Bromhead are dealt with sympathetically but with honesty and Dalton finally gets the credit he deserves Those who love the film Zulu may be disappointed to discover that Rourke s Drift was largely inconsequential and the eleven VC s awarded a massive over reaction but the Zulu Wars were actually far interesting and indicative of the attitudes of the Victorians than has previously been told. The Zulu War Of Was The Most Brutal And Controversial British Imperial Conflict Of The Th Century Saul David Is Presenting A Programme On The Subject Which Will Be Aired In October He Is Using Research From That To Compile This Book The Programme Will Hopefully Raise Awareness Of This Young Historian S Name And Of The Subject Matter