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A Ruthless Killer A Bloody And Bitter ConflictDeep In The Arid Heart Of Zimbabwe Rhodesia S Terrorist Infested Bushveld, Chitangwe Base Camp Lay Dust Choked And Desolate In The Blinding White Glare Of The African Midday Sun An Exhausted Silence Hung Over Everything Chalmers Suddenly Felt Very Alone And Ill Prepared For What He Feared Might Lie AheadLittle Could He Imagine Then Just What Horrors Were About To Unfold In The Weeks That Followed As The Chilling Cat And Mouse Conflict Escalated With The Coming Of The RainsWhat Happens When Chalmers And His Mutinous Band Of Unseasoned Soldiers Finally Come Face To Face With Their Ruthless Enemy Can They Take On The Impossible And Still Hope To Survive Their Gut Wrenching Struggle To The Death Forms The Nail Biting And Dramatic Climax To This Extraordinarily Brutal Yet Ultimately Heart Warming Real Life Drama The Rhodesian Bush War And The Triumph Of EvilSet In The Late S During The Long Drawn Out Years Of The Bush War, A Place Called Charlie Tango Paints An Unforgettable Picture Of The Unrelenting Horror And Constant Danger That All Those Who Lived Here Faced Each And Every Day While Defending What The Rest Of The World Had Abandoned Yet Through All The Bloodshed, Fear And Intrigue, The Elemental And Starkly Beautiful Backdrop Of The Vast African Landscape Itself Shines Vividly Throughout This Compelling Autobiographical Novel By Charles BeaumontA Wonderful And Well Written BookFull Of Human Touches, I Found It Hard To Put Down And Finished With A Sigh Of Regret An Excellent Description Of What It Was Really Like A Great Historical Novel Successfully Captures The Beauty, The Brutality And The Paradoxes Of That Time And PlaceFurther Book Details On A Place Called Charlie Tango Are Currently Featured On The Publisher S Website Publishingdirect