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The Battle Took Place At Kerreri, Km North Of Omdurman In The Sudan Kitchener Commanded A Force Of , British Regulars And A Mixed Force Of , Sudanese And Egyptian Soldiers He Arrayed His Force In An Arc Around The Village Of Egeiga Close To The Bank Of The Nile, Where A Gunboat Flotilla Waited In Support, Facing A Wide, Flat Plain With Hills Rising To The Left And Right The British And Egyptian Cavalry Were Placed On Either Flank Al Taashi S Followers, Known As Ansar And Sometimes Referred To As Dervishes, Numbered Around ,, Including Some , Cavalry In A Few Hours And At A Loss Of Less Than Officers And Men Killed And Wounded, The Anglo Egyptian Army Defeated The , Brave Tribesmen Who Charged Their Enemy, Regardless Of The Hail Of Maxim Bullets, Many Of Them Armed Only With Spears, Swords And Ancient Chainmail ArmourIn Concise Detail, With Orders Of Battle, Maps And Over Fifty Images, The Author Shows How Omdurman Was A Superb Example Of Tactics In Warfare First Hand Accounts From Both Sides Help The Reader To Understand All The Horrors And Glory Of That Day Including The Famous Charge Of The St Lancers, Often Called The Last Great Cavalry Charge Of The British Army This Was Arguably The Height Of British Empire Military Dominance

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    Good factual account great book

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    well written and interesting my old regiment was there

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    Without mass weapons of destruction man can overcome issues without war now the wars forced upon peoples is horrendous.Worth reading and learning from these experiences Other purchases that I have made reflect different viewpoints of this battle.

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    Ureadable poor print in parts hard to read which was very annoying had I known i would not have bought it

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    I know nothing about the battle, other than it took place, but this appears to be a reasonable, easy to read account of the advance and final confrontation How the two other reviews relate to this book escapes me.

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    A well layed out peice of history, I found easy to follow with the main players cataloged in the most orderly fashion I did find it difficult to read the maps, probably because the kindle s pages are so small, but that s not the books fault.