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The Horror Of Guerrilla Warfare In Africa Fireforce Is The Compelling, Brutal But True Account Of Chris Cockss Service In Commando, The Rhodesian Light Infantry, During Zimbabwes Bitter Civil War Of The Sa War That Came To Be Known Almost Innocuously As The Bush War Fireforce, A Tactic Of Total Airborne Envelopment, Was Developed And Perfected By The RLI, Together With The Selous Scouts And The Rhodesian Air Force Fireforce Became The Principal Strike Weapon Of The Beleaguered Rhodesian Forces In Their Struggle Against The Overwhelming Tide Of The Communist Trained And Equipped ZANLA And ZIPRA Guerrillas The Combat Strain On A Fighting Soldier Was Almost Unbelievable, For The Rhodesians, Who Were Always Desperately Short Of Ground Troops, Were Sometimes Obliged To Parachute The Same Men Into Action Into As Many As Three Enemy Contacts A Day While Estimates Of Enemy Casualties Vary, There Seems Little Doubt That The RLI Accounted For At Least , ZANLA And ZIPRA Guerrillasbut Not Without Cost Fireforce Is Not For The Squeamish Although It Has Been Written With Unforgettable Pathos And Humour, It Tells Of Face To Face Combat In The Bush And Death At Point Blank Range It Is A Book Which Does Nothing To Glorify Or Glamorize War, For As Chris Cocks Found At Such A Young Age, War Is Merely A Catalogue Of Suffering, Destruction And Death Fireforce Has Been Described By Critics As Being To The Rhodesian War What All Quiet On The Western Front Was To World War I And Dispatches Was To Vietnam Read It It Will Be An Experience You Never Forget Chris Cocks Lives In Johannesburg This Is The Fourth Edition Of Fireforce He Is A Partner In The South African Publishing House, South Publishers Cocks Is Also The Author Of Out Of Action And Co Author Of The SaintsThe Rhodesian Light Infantry

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    A fascinating book, it is raw and comes across as a very honest account of one man s experience of the Rhodesian war It is graphic and takes the reader through a journey of how a person becomes transformed into a killing machine and the impact it has on that person s life When you think you have reached the part of in the book where it appears the depth of humanity can reached, the reader is taken into further depths, where there are no winners or losers, it is a fight just to survive It does leave the reader wondering whether the soldiers are just as caught in a ruthless war wondering what it was all for and also explains how civilians were caught in the middle Resources were short, the soldiers had to keep going with limited R people died but you just moved on without looking back It is clear the enemy had just a bad a time or even worse such a waste of life The banter reminded me so much of the harsh sarcastic sense of humour people had at the time and the rough friendships As someone who was around in the country at the time, I can relate to the content, though my partner who had never been there, or had never lived in a war found it very difficult to comprehend just how tough it was this was daily face to face combat with limited resources The sense of humor was always lurking around the corner, though very dark and perhaps it s only one who understood the way of life at the time can pick up on it, whereas my partner was not so able to.Once sentence really stood out This was my father s war these 5 words stood out and certainly made me think about it and I completely agree with it The author was a teenager and probably had never voted, thus never had any input or say to progress a solution, yet his, like many others of his age, life was on the line.It s a tough book to read.

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    Chris Cocks is brutally honest I write this in 2017 as the sentence of a British marine, Alexander Blackman, has just been changed from murder to manslaughter for the war crime of executing an enemy soldier in Afghanistan Similar things happened during the Rhodesian bush war and Cocks pulls no punches in describing such events and putting them into the context of his own personal feelings and experiences as a soldier on the ground Zimbabwe in 2017 is a country ruined by a dictator This is the story of some of the brave people who tried to stop the advance of people like Mugabe and his communist inspired freedom fighters History will determine whether the fight was worthwhile, but even now that history is still being written A luta continua, is how the saying goes Indeed, war against Mugabe s tyranny continues.

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    A very detailed and honest account of a tough conflict fought by so few against so many NB the OCR process to make the book digital has quite a few fails, especially on South African names, words and Rhodesian slang I read this as a paperback in the original published version many years ago This revised version is even better, revealing of the social climate and of the lives of the soldiers Also the effects the war had on them and their families All the action is still in the book and the description of the scenery amidst the conflict is breathtaking RIP Rhodesia.

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    Having developed an interest in the Bush War I soon found that this book was a must read.It gripped me from the start, from the harsh training regime through to the even harsher realities of bush warfare.The author manages to convey a sense of what it must have been like to have been there, from black humour to war crimes, nothing is spared from the reader.If you have any interest in Rhodesia and the Bush War, this is highly recommended, the only down side is numerous grammar and spelling errors, a common theme with Kindle books in my experience.

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    A great read, and a good insight into a little understood and unfortunately mostly forgotten period of history The author gives a true an authoritative account of the life of a junior rank in this all or nothing bitter counter insurgency war From the challenges of initial training to the mundane routines and discipline of life while not in the bush, to the adrenaline filled close contacts and the effects of the stress of daily combat on young men at war really strikes a chord, especially if you have served on operations yourself.Highly recommended to anyone with even a passing interest in this period of history, or modern warfare.

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    An excellent account of be in the front line and fire force action A squaddies life is hard and only those that were there understand kit However, the author does a great job of taking you along to watch.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book and with typical military humour against a traumatic backdrop I would fully recommend this book to everyone

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    Excellent book and well worth a read.It may offend some people in places along with comments but the author pulls no punches and says is as it wasThe was a war situation and sad fact of any war things happen that would not occur in peace time situations.I think Chris gives a very good insight as to what actually went on with no additional padding to make it sound like a cowboy and Indian affair