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What Happened After Africa S Biggest Country Split In Two When South Sudan Ran Up Its Flag In July , Two New Nations Came Into Being In South Sudan A Former Rebel Movement Faces Colossal Challenges In Building A New Country At Independence It Was One Of The Least Developed Places On Earth, After Decades Of Conflict And Neglect The Rump State , Sudan, Has Been Debilitated By Devastating Civil Wars, Including In Darfur, And Lost A Significant Part Of Its Territory, And Most Of Its Oil Wealth, After The Divorce From The South In The Years After Separation, The Two Sudans Dealt With Crippling Economic Challenges, Struggled With New And Old Rebellions, And Fought Each Other Along Their Disputed BorderBenefiting From Unsurpassed Access To The Politicians, Rebels, Thinkers And Events That Are Shaping The Sudans, Copnall Draws A Compelling Portrait Of Two Misunderstood Countries A Poisonous Thorn In Our Hearts Argues That Sudan And South Sudan Remain Deeply Interdependent, Despite Their Separation It Also Diagnoses The Political Failings That Threaten The Future Of Both Countries The Author Puts The Turmoil Of The Years After Separation Into A Broader Context, Reflecting The Voices, Hopes And Experiences Of Sudanese And South Sudanese From All Walks Of Life

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    Excellent book by James Copnall that covers the Sudan conflict in excellent form highly recommended asgood background to the situation.

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    i grabbed this on the run and found a great read.an in depth view from various tribal affiliations,to its various forms of muslim or christian faiths all affected by local society.the influence of the british who promoted christianity as a bulwark.noted the massive power wielded by khartoum or the khartoum centred state..a weak if not failed central state furthur exasperated by the separation of the south,though the border is ignored by local cattle grazers..a fine book well written full of info

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    Very informative and well thought out work Copnall does an excellent job presenting all sides of a very complicated issue.

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    An excellent book with updated information contained in it.

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    a very detailed insight into the two closely dependant countries

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    James Copnalls book is a veery relevant and up to date description of the complex issues facing Sudan and South Sudan As some one with significant insight to South Sudan and the current issues I can highly recommend this book as a good introduction to better understand Sudan and South Sudan.

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    Very good book.Great work James