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Hypnotically Readable A Tremendous Feat Of Research This Is Grand Scale History With Heroes And Villains Hot, Impassioned Work, And I Recommend It Wholeheartedly Newsweek Not Only A Magnum Opus, It Is A Conclusive Work Enjoyable As Well As Massively Impressive Financial Times Thomas Pakenham, One Of The Auspiciously Prolific Longfords He Is The Brother Of Antonia Fraser, Above , Has Now Given This Epochal Contest Its First Full Length Treatment In Nearly Years In The Course Of His Long Narrative, He Skillfully Maps Out The Causes, The Course And The Aftereffects Of The War He Examines The Actions Of The Leading Personalities On Both Sides, And Carefully Traces The Transformation Of The Conflict Into A War Of Attrition Among The Book S Many Strengths Are Pakenham S Use Of Unpublished And Even Some Previously Unconsulted Sources Including Some Veterans Whom He Interviewed His Vivid Descriptions Of Military Engagements And His Attention To Ways And Means An Intelligent, Vigorous, Firmly Grounded Presentation And, Self Evidently, The New Standard Work Kirkus ReviewsThomas Pakenham S Classic, Bestselling Book, A Definitive Account Of The Boer War

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