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Over the many past years I had heard about the Boer War and knew it was a major war fought in Southern Africa by the British prior to the First World War but knew nothing I read the book to find out just who the Boers were and why the British were fighting them and where specifically in Southern Africa was the fighting I also wanted to know the political problems leading up to the war and what was the the outcome of it I expected to find the answers in the book but was disappointed when I did not Churchill does a fine job of describing the battles and he names local places and provides battle sketches a map would have helped but otherwise did not provide the answers to my questions If they were buried somewhere in the book, I did not find them. EXCELLENT Highly recommend this book Churchill was a truly remarkable individual and all his books a superb , wish he were still with us A great read, getting Churchill s dispatches from South Africa during the Boer War was super The writing was obviously stilted as done 120 years ago, but getting his view on the conflict and seeing how he was in the action, but still seemingly living the life of the English upper class was very interesting I found it a good read and would have liked , but it consisted of the two packets of dispatches he d made during the few months he was in South Africa and is limited to that, now a full coverage of the conflict I found it fascinating. Here you find the actual letters of Winston as a reporter covering the Boer War You can appreciate the dedication of the Boer s and at the same time the suicidal efforts the British make in victory which has to demoralize any enemy of the Empire Winston makes anumbelievable escape from Boer impris nment and reading this in his own words is fascinating It does show how he was willing to risk his life to be the great leader he would become during WW2 You should also readChurchill, Winston The Story of the Malakand Field Force An Episode of Frontier War Kindle Location 2536 Kindle Edition.As well as Candice Millard s Hero of the Empire on Churchill s Boer War. This is a highly detailed account by Winston Churchill of his participation in the last year of the Boer War from the end of 1899 to mid 1900 His magnificent writing style overcomes the minimal discussion of the political and economic factors of the war Ideal book for those who enjoy reading about the tactics of individual battles and who enjoy learning about the emotions of Churchill during the period Excellent book for researchers and for those who enjoy the perfect turn of phrase. Winston Churchill, in my estimation, is one of premier masters of the English language Yes, his reporting is biased but he takes great pains to let his reading audience know this Many times in the account of his participation in the Boer War he gives credence to the activities and courage of his adversaries An enlightening and rewarding read. This heavy going factuual book reads extremely well. As A Young, Ambitious Soldier, Winston Churchill Managed To Get Himself Posted To The St Lancers In As A War Correspondent For The Morning Post And Joined Them In Fighting The Rebel Boer Settlers In South Africa In This Conflict, Rebel Forces In The Transvaal And Orange Free State Had Proclaimed Their Own Statehood, Calling It The Boer Republic Perhaps The Most Riveting Personal Account Is Found In London To Ladysmith Via Pretoria, Where Churchill Is Captured In Pretoria Not Long After He Arrives To Join The British Forces And Is Frustrated Not By The Conditions In The Prison But By The Fact That He Was Missing The Action Churchill Tells The Story Of How He Escaped And Made A Daring Overland Crossing, Travelling Only At Night To Avoid Detection Over A Year Span, Churchill Published Over Books, Many Multivolume Definitive Accounts Of Historical Events To Which He Was A Witness And Participant All Are Beautifully Written And As Accessible And Relevant Today As When First Published During His Year Political Career, Churchill Served Twice As Prime Minister In Addition To Other Prominent Positions Including President Of The Board Of Trade, First Lord Of The Admiralty, Chancellor Of The Exchequer, And Home Secretary In The S, Churchill Was One Of The First To Recognise The Danger Of The Rising Nazi Power In Germany And To Campaign For Rearmament In Britain His Leadership And Inspired Broadcasts And Speeches During World War II Helped Strengthen British Resistance To Adolf Hitler And Played An Important Part In The Allies Eventual Triumph One Of The Most Inspiring Wartime Leaders Of Modern History, Churchill Was Also An Orator, A Historian, A Journalist, And An Artist All Of These Aspects Of Churchill Are Fully Represented In This Collection Of His Works