[Free eBook] A Handful of Hard Men: The SAS and the Battle for RhodesiaAuthor Hannes Wessels – Publitags.co

What We Saw On The BBC TV News While All This Was Going On Was The Various Meetings Between Harold Wilson, His Ministers And Ian Smith, Who Had Declared Independence For Rhodesia We Were Unaware Of What Was Actually Taking Place In The Country Hannes Wessels Redresses The Balance With An Amazing Tale Of Daring And Courage Books Monthly UK A Handful Of Hard Men Is, First And Foremost, An Account Of The Actions Of Rhodesian SAS Throughout The Brief Life Of That Republic Wessels Has A Talent For Bringing The Lengthy List Of Battles And Skirmishes To Life However, His Account Regularly Connects The Events In Southern Africa To The Larger Context, And The Perceptive Reader Understands That The War Was Not Lost On The Battlefield IIs End Was The Result Of Treachery In Washington, DC And London, As Well As In New York At The United Nations And Even Within The Halls Of Government In Salisbury, Rhodesia, Where It Is Alleged Agents Of Influence Played A Role In Undermining The Nation The Account Of The SAS Ends With A Fading Away Deprived Of The Opportunity To Assassinate Robert Mugabe Before He Could Assume Control Of The Nation And Transform It Into The Horrific Slaughterhouse Called Zimbabwe, The Brave Men Of The SAS Stood Down They Did Their Duty The Loss Of Rhodesia Was A Tragedy Willed By Forces Beyond Their Control Wessels Book Is A Worthy Tribute To Their Sacrifice, And Will Be Of Benefit To All Readers Who Desire A Better Comprehension Of This Aspect Of The Worldwide War Against The Forces Of Marxism Leninism New American Magazine Focusing On The Story Of Captain Darrell Watt Of The Rhodesian SAS, A Handful Of Hard Men Recounts The Trials And Tribulations He And His Team Endured While Resisting The Forces Of Robert Mugabe And Joshua Nkomo Their Story Is Nothing Short Of Mind Blowing Drinking Their Own Urine And Eating Used Teabags To Survive When Resupply Missions Failed It S Impossible Not To Marvel At The Bravery And Determination Of These Soldiers The Term Hard Men Fails To Do Them Justice History Of War Hannes Wessels Was Born In In Salisbury And Grew Up On The Mozambique Border He Left School To Become A Combat Soldier And Saw Lots Of Action His Book Is A Paean To The Greatest Soldier He Got To Know Well, Captain Darrell Watt, Of The Rhodesian SAS And Special Forces Watt Won All His Battles But Eventually, Thanks To Lord Carrington And Gang, Lost The War For Long Years In The Cauldron Of War Captain Watt Never Lost A Battle, Exhibiting Spartan Like Bravery And Better Than Spartan Like Ingenuity In Combating Far, Far Superior Forces The Rhodesian SAS Amounted To Just An Incredible To Believe Men In The Book Wessels Recounts Harrowing Incidents Perpetrated By Zanu And Zapu Mugabe And Nkomo Forces Soldiers On Black And White Civilians, And Even On Their Own Recruits Taki, Spectator UKHannes Wessels Is Part Owner Of A Lodge And Game Ranch In Zambia On The Zambezi And Remains Keenly Interested In All Matters Relating To African Wildlife And Conservation He Has Published Strange Tales From The African Bush, A Collection Of Anecdotes From His Hunting Days He Is Also A Syndicated Writer For Outdoor Life

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