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excactly as described couldn t be happier Good I am still reading this book but so far it has been really revealing of the man and I have even respect of him. Very happy with the contents of this book In some ways it s hard to imagine Winston Churchill as a young man The indelible image of him is wartime Churchill, all bulk and bulldog jowls, cigar in hand, growling his speeches in the House of Commons And yet everyone was young once everyone had their youthful adventures and indiscretions, those moments that determined their path in life, that defined their destiny And Churchill was no exception Churchill always felt himself to be a man of destiny And reading this book it s hard to argue with that.Churchill was a man of war he was forged in war, made for war, lived through war This was a man after all who had fought in four wars on three continents before he was twenty five let alone his service on the Western Front and his position as First Lord of the Admiralty and wartime Prime Minister Yet for Churchill war was not an end in and of itself he lived only for the glory that came from war, seeking the bubble reputation even in the cannon s mouth , and that glory, that reputation he sought only for the advantage it could give him in his pursuit of a political career.Churchill found that glory in the Boer War in South Africa, ironically not as a soldier but as a newspaper correspondent Captured on the front lines during an attack on a armoured train he was travelling on, in which despite technically being a non combatant he marshalled troops, organised a defence and succeeded in freeing some of the soldiers to return to safety, he then pulled off an extraordinary escape He crossed hundreds of miles of enemy territory, hiding from patrols, hopping railcars, with no compass, no food, nothing but the clothes he stood up in It was a celebrated feat and made his name than anything else in his life to that date Prior to the Boer War Churchill had lost the first election he stood in that would not be the case afterwards.So it s an exciting story, a real Boy s Own Adventure, and it is told in suitably rollicking, fast paced style I have read all of Candice Millard s books, and I have given all of them 5 stars this is no exception She has nailed that combination of exhaustive research, narrative skill, literary flair that is often so hard to balance in this kind of history She has a real knack for focusing on elusive or neglected episodes in the history of well known characters Teddy Roosevelt s adventure, for example, or the assassination of President Garfield Churchill is possibly the best known of all British figures and yet this episode in his life, the one event that than any other put him on the road to the destiny he knew awaited him, has been relatively glossed over Candice Millard has than corrected that omission now. In 1899, Winston Churchill was twenty four A young man burning with ambition and a sense of his brilliant future All this despite the fact that he has just failed to be elected as an MP, after standing for Oldham, and the continuation of the difficult relationship with his mother, who was heading towards marriage with a much younger man considered unsuitable by her own sons, his family and the Prince of Wales Always desperate for approval, Winston wrote, asking his mother to campaign with him, but his entreaties fell on deaf ears Still, he had, faith in my star, and believed, that I am intended to do something in the world As Winston himself admitted, he did not need prodding into action and, having failed at his first attempts in politics, he decided he needed to distinguish himself first With whispers of a war in the air a European war on African soil he decided to head for South Africa With his batman and, than a few, luxuries to accompany him, he found a position as a war correspondent As far as you can as quickly as you can , must be the motto of the war correspondent, he wrote and hoped for some action as quickly as possible It is fair to say that many were not enamoured of this headstrong, arrogant young man This included future politician, Leo Amery, who recalled Winston s kicking him into the swimming pool at Harrow However, as the young woman, Pamela Plowden, who he was in love with at the time was later to write, the first time you meet Winston you see all his faults, and the rest of your life you spend in discovering his virtues Certainly, Churchill caused those around him to often rage in frustration, but there was grudging respect for his obvious lack of fear and his obvious desire to succeed.As Winston champed at the bit, held back by the Boers who were underestimated and sneered at by the British , he risked a trip on an armoured train and ended up as a prisoner of war His bravery during the attack meant that the news reported on the reporter and, unknown to him, Winston Churchill was making the headlines he had always hoped for This is the thrilling tale of his capture and escape, hunted through enemy territory I found this a gripping read and really enjoyed the author s writing style This is very much Boy s Own stuff, with fate taking a hand than once It is also, in many ways, the beginning of his political career, his success and his ability to become a fixture in the newspapers but as the subject of the stories, rather than the journalist although he always wrote, and published, throughout his life A wonderful read and an interesting episode in Churchill s fascinating life, often overlooked, as most books tend to concentrate on WWII. Completely Engrossing Andrew RobertsFrom The New York Times Bestselling Author Candice Millard, This Is The Gripping True Story Of One Dramatic And Emblematic Year In The Early Life Of Winston ChurchillAt The Age Of Twenty Four, Winston Churchill Believed That To Achieve His Ambition Of Becoming Prime Minister He Must Do Something Spectacular On The Battlefield Although He Had Put Himself In Real Danger In Colonial Wars In India And Sudan, And As A Journalist Covering The Spanish American War In Cuba, Glory And Fame Had Eluded HimChurchill Arrived In South Africa In To Write About The Brutal Colonial War Against The Boers Just Two Weeks Later, He Was Taken Prisoner Remarkably, He Pulled Off A Daring Escape But Then Had To Traverse Hundreds Of Miles Of Enemy Territory Alone The Story Of His Escape Is Extraordinary Enough, But Then Churchill Enlisted, Returned To South Africa, Fought In Several Battles And Ultimately Liberated The Men With Whom He Had Been ImprisonedChurchill Would Later Remark That This Period, Could I Have Seen My Future, Was To Lay The Foundations Of My Later Life Candice Millard Tells A Magnificent Story Of Bravery, Savagery And Chance Encounters With A Cast Of Historical Characters Including Rudyard Kipling, Lord Kitchener And Gandhi With Whom He Would Later Share The World Stage, And Gives Us An Unexpected Perspective On One Of The Iconic Figures In Our History