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Truly a riveting read The author has fictionalised where he could not possibly know the dreams and last moments of soldiers being slaughtered and disembowelled A few reels of barbed wire and a couple of machine guns could have resulted in victory for the defenders It took the first world way and Haig believing that a frontal assault would triumph to prove the futility of attack against barbed war and machine guns.That said it is an exciting read and difficult t put down Now I want to watch Zulu Dawn which is the film of the battle.johnep i have just got round to reading this after downloading it when it first came out, and it is a outstanding five star read, the reasearch james has done is first class this is the second of james maces books i have read the first being a FOLORN HOPE and i am now going to download the other two titles in that series.the next book in this series deals with rorkes drift and i will be downloading it as soon as it becomes available highly recommended. As an avid reader of all things Zulu War I was very excited to buy this The history is well known but the author does give life to various personalities which does make for an interesting read However for me it was quite a frustrating read There are various swearwords which don t mean what the author believes them to mean and there are numerous examples of spell check being used rather than a proof reader The paperback book is a very cheap production I like to look after my books and for circa 13 I was surprised that the covers curled in half before I had even started reading the book I would recommend this book if you are interested in the Zulu War but would suggest waiting for the price to drop to a realistic level. I ve recently read this, and I thought that it was very good.I was interested to see how it would end, as without looking at the lists of soldiers who were there, I wasn t sure whether the main character was real or not In particular, knowing that the book is part one of a trilogy, would the author kill off the main character You ll have to read it to find out what happens In this sense, I found the characterisation of the major people especially what they said quite interesting.There are two very small points to make, though The railway anorak in me tells me that it s not possible, even now, to get from London Kings Cross to Portsmouth in three hours It s possible via the underground, but this wasn t possible in 1879 Secondly, it s a bit jarring when James uses the American term gotten instead of got a small thing, but not, I feel, right.So, it s on to Rorke s Drift for part two it s on my list of to buy books Too much background to the story,Bernard Cornwall in one of his talks on writing booke always said never start with background first I have given up This is a true history book Immaculately researched, with the added interest of dialogue added Although Mr Mace has done his best, there are still some Americanisms in there, but they do not spoil the overall enjoyment of the read A very good book No hesitation in giving it 5 stars. Excellent imagining of the interaction between participants of this Great Battle, Backed up by the author s detailed historical knowledge of the campaign, I couldn t put it down. It Is December , And War Looms On The Horizon In South Africa British High Commissioner Sir Henry Bartle Frere Seeks To Dismantle The Powerful Neighboring Kingdom Of The Zulus And Uses An Incursion Along The Disputed Border As His Justification For War He Issues An Impossible Ultimatum To The Zulu King, Cetshwayo, Demanding He Disband His Armies And Pay Massive Reparations With A Heavy Heart, The King Prepares His Nation For War Against Their Former Allies Leading The Invasion Is Lieutenant General Sir Frederic Thesiger, Baron Chelmsford, A Highly Experienced Officer Fresh Off A Decisive Triumph Over The Neighboring Xhosa Tribes He And Frere Are Convinced That A Quick Victory Over The Zulus Will Negate Any Repercussions From The Home Government For Launching What Is, In Essence, An Illegal War Recently Arrived To South Africa Are Newly Recruited Privates Arthur Wilkinson And Richard Lowe, Members Of C Company, Th Regiment Of Foot Under The Venerable Captain Reginald Younghusband Eager For Adventure, They Are Prepared To Do Their Duty Both For The Empire And For Their Friends As Frere S Ultimatum Expires, The Army Of British Redcoats And Allied African Auxiliaries Crosses The UMzinyathi River At Rorke S Drift Into Zululand Ten Days Later The British And Zulus Will Meet Their Destiny At The Base Of A Mountain Called Isandlwana