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If Deena Sharpe Had Known She Would Soon Be Investigating Another Death, She Might Have Skipped Christmas Altogether Buoyed By A New Job And A Spirit For The Holidays, She Carries On, Blind To What The Next Few Weeks Will Hold A Christmas Party For The Upper Crust Of The Small Texas Town Of Maycroft Turns Tragic When The Hostess Ends Up Dead Everyone Assumes Her Death Is An Accident Everyone Except Her Daughter, Estelle She Turns To Deena To Help Solve The Mystery A Jealous Friend And A Mysterious Heir Are Just Two Of The Likely Suspects As A School Teacher Turned Newspaper Reporter, Deena Must Get Crafty To Dig Out The Truth Before Anyone Else Gets Hurt, Including Her Own Brother A Little Romance, Some Snarky Suburban Competition, And A Lot Of Mystery Will Keep Listeners Guessing In This Cozy Whodunit Another terrific read but the error about how much money was left to her uncle really let this down Yes we could all guess the way this would end but nevertheless the interlink between the characters and the plot made it a terrific read Pure unadulterated greed and unselfishness.The christmas party to be held at the house of the most prominent person in town ends in in the death of the hostess Everyone, apart, from her daughter, thinks it was an accident but she is adamant that it was murder As she is the girlfriend of her brother s and a friend, she reluctantly agrees to look into it Add in thefts, a stolen chef s knife, the return of a former fiance and breaks lead to a terrifying ending Will they find out who ad why Will they all survive Which man will her fried choose her brother or the former fiance The prologue is an absolute masterpiece in this book it is written with sensitivity, with elegance, poignant, sad, I couldn t wait to get into the book Did it disappoint Not at all It was a page turner throughout The main characters were believable, likable and the suspense was in there also The fact that the main cast were mature added to it for me as I would regard myself as mature, though my better half might not agree with my opinion of myself It s a light read in the min with no great detail in the science of murder, but everything leads back to a superb prologue for me I found it very moving and was motivated to read the book by it Ok so why 4 stars I hear you ask.I thoroughly enjoyed the book but I felt it was overshadowed somewhat by the prologue For me the main story was written in a different style to the prologue and was nonetheless very enjoyable Hence the 4 stars.I know that this is regarded as a review but I wouldn t call it such It is just an opinion formedby me from my experience reading this very enjoyable way above your normal cozy mystery novel My opinions do not go into details of the novels as this can lead to spoilers which might detract from the experience of other readers Those who read books do so on the recommendation description that comes with the book we choose to read it or not But if my opinion counted for anything and you like a good mystery book with a first class prologue then I would recommend you read this book. Sorry to only give it two stars but I really didn t enjoy the read I found the number of characters confusing as they were all the same, no difference in voice or anything else So I kept getting them confused The writing was kind of ok I ve read worse but very clunky in places with a lot of details and scenes that were contrived and clearly only there to make some point Same with the dialogue that sounded like transcript in places rather than a character dialogue.I got bored very quickly because there was nothing to move me through the story About a third through the book I found myself skipping over whole chapters by only reading a few lines here and there and I didn t miss anything when I got to the reveal of the murderer It wasn t a real showdown either but that might be because it is a cozy mystery.