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Always Wanted To Get Into The World Of Coin Collecting In This Audiobook, We Will Look Into Coin Collecting From The Beginners Point Of View Coin Collecting Has Always Been One Of The Popular Hobbies That People Can Start And Enjoy For No Upfront Costs At All, And You Will Be Surprised At What You Can Find And Achieve Once You Start Coins Are Becoming And Valuable, And Thousands Of Them Are Being Sold Online Unfortunately, Many Of These Coins Are Not As Genuine As Some People Claim I Will Show You How To Protect Yourself From Fraud And How To Determine A Coin S Value, Ensuring Your Collection Is Of The Highest Quality Inside This Audiobook, You Will Learn How To Start Collecting What Accessories You Will Need How To Spot Fake Coins How To Grade Coins How To Buy Coins When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Coins How To Take Care Of Your Collection Which Coins Are Rare And Why Much So What Are You Waiting For Jump Right In To Learn All About Coin Collecting, And Get Started On Your Personal Coin Collecting Journey Right Away A handy book for just starting out. Disappointed with this book not really a book Gives you a lot of information very good book. It is the smallest little book ever Of course it is my fault, I did not read the fine print, but never expected it to be so little Buyer beware..know what you are getting I disliked this as it wasn t very long as too basic Opinionated writing Important Information good start book but mainly for American This book will cover most there is to know about coin collection as a hobby How to start a coin collection, the do s and don t s of coin collection, where to find rare coins and much Well researched and neatly written