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When Katarina Bishop was three her parents took her on a trip to the Louvreto case it For her seventh birthday Katarina and her Uncle Eddie traveled to Austriato steal the crown jewels When Kat turned fifteen she planned a con of her own—scamming her way into the best boarding school in the country determined to leave the family business behind But now her dad's life is on the line and Kat must go back to the world she tried so hard to escape

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    My husband once told me a story about a neighbour he had before his family moved to our city His very friendly community conscious neighbour had a mower stollen one night by a couple of drunken goons His parents gave him their sympathy and inuired as to why he didn't call the police He replied that he didn't need toWhoever this man really was and whatever he really did I won't expound on It's enough to say that two days later his mower was returned to his yard Cleaned With a free case of beerSee I only wish I was THAT kind of badass The kind of badass where if someone steals from me they uickly realize their mistakes shit themselves and set about to rectifying the situation Ah Life would be sweetThis is the kind of bad guy that Ally Carter TRIES to create in Heist Society and her failure to really do so is the only let down to what is otherwise a very fun enjoyable novel to readSo Katarina Bishop is a fifteen year old who comes from a family of theivesI suppose for about fifteen seconds I found the premise of this novel ridiculous before I recalled that The Fox sisters started when they were 10 and 12 and that Frank Abagnale had collected 40000 from various New York banks around the same time my little brother learned he could tap his head AND rub his tummy in unison However for the majority of the novel I STILL felt that it really should have been people in their early tweenties as opposed to Teens Hale just doesn't SEEM 16 Nobody is mysertious and sexy and intriguing at 16 it's just impossible I refuse People don't have suave and debonair one liners at sixteen I don't care how fucking rich they are Money doesn't buy you the ability to lean in and gaze intensely into a chic's eyes while letting loose some perfect panty dropping line and finishing it off with a wicked grinYou know what people have at sixteen? Pimples Pimples and body odour and dirty magazines They do not have class than all the Ivy League schools in America put togetherThe writing is okay and I think you have to take this book for what it is a short fun escape into fantasy It's not brilliant It's not going to blow your world The whole con within the con was very sketchy and if this book were real then Kat would have ended it at the fishing docks with a knife in her gut This is where I come back to the part where the villain just didn't cut itIt's not really Carter's fault though This is a young adult novel and whilst in reality the villain would have had Kat roughed up a little on several occasions that's really not appropriate for teen lit Okay maybe paranoraml teen lit but this is differentSo he always just kind of came off as this idiot who was SUPPOSED to be intimidating but I wasn't really feeling it Maybe I don't intimidate easy Maybe I found his logic linking Kat's Dad to the crime to be so piss poor weak that if I'd been Kat I would have given him a baleful glare flipped him off and told him to find a new pacifier before letting him throw his itty tantrums over his lost art The moral to the story is that if you want an easy read and you're at the target audience age because nothing is suicky than realizing you're a 24 year old wife and mother who just had innapropriate thoughts about a bloody 16 year old then give it a go

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    My heart is begging me to give this book a four star ratingBut my brain is insisting I reconsiderAnd since I value my brain’s opinion slightly a winner has been declared Here’s the thing I adore Ally Carter Her The Gallagher Girls series is everything and I read it and reread and think about it whenever I’m bored and in need of creating some impossible scenarios in my mind that involve spies and spying in addition to little ol’ meThis heist story promises excitement For whom dare I ask For the author perhaps I can imagine her having a lot of fun writing this But for us it’s as dry as the desert and feels like a building up book than a real storyYou know what I’m talking about The types of books that were written to introduce than to develop Like a sort of preuel Almost every new chapter is an introduction to a character or element in the heroine’s life and while that is interesting it’s not action packed or suspenseful and isn’t that what we’re all here for?It’s surprising at times The characters do the unexpected and that to give credit where it’s due is absolutely fantastic I know Ally Carter truly wrote this book because only she can use sass in such a smart way I enjoyed reading about Kat Bishop because of thatSo it’s good but it’s also disappointing Then again isn’t that what three star ratings are all about? You liked it but you also struggle to recommend it Ironically a ton of people recommended this one to me when they witnessed my love for The Gallagher Girls – and I understand it but I also kind of wish they hadn’t hyped me so much about this series causing me to buy all three books on the spotI will read the seuel but I will manage my expectations Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    Also posted on STRANGEMORECOM Who is in the Heist Society? One of them is a mini Sydney Bristow in training whose family has been falsely accused and she's armed with a big attitude and huge problems Then there is the handsome and debonair millionaire thief who compares dancing to navigating through a laser grid There is also the beauty who is literally electrifying in high heels and a skirt At least when she gets too close to priceless works of art Two of them are the ones who've been blacklisted for stealing from a nun Because whoever you are that's just wrong Another is a pickpocket and a newbie with a British accent and mysterious eyes These are the people who make jokes about the time so and so ransomed The ueen's prized pooch They are the teeny bopper versions of Ocean's Eleven but with less crew members and an even bigger jobThey are also the ones who take on the biggest heist job in the world Their story isn't heart wrenching or gut churning but it's fast fun and full of intrigueI feel like I should tell you but the first rule of Heist Society is that you don't Well if you don't already know then I probably shouldn't tell you

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    I love it when you get excited when seeing a book you never heard of before and then while reading it turns out to be fantastic instead of the opposite I am now a huge fan of Ally Carter's I have her other series the Gallagher Girls but I just haven't had the time to read them yetwhat with so many other books to read but not now I wont wait to read themI can see this series becoming my new YA favorite I loved the characters and the twist and turns in the plot line It wasn't predictable which actually the ending took me by surprise in a number of ways I'm even beginning to be okay with partial third person narration who would have thought HA I really enjoyed the writing because Carter used enough details to high light certain things and relationships without losing the focus of the whole story but giving enough to keep the reader intrigued and wondering It wasn't bogged down with too much nonessential filling which I appreciated It was a fast read because I just had to know how this was all going to turn out For me I loved everything about this book Maybe it was because of the other books I've been reading lately what ever the case this book was a refreshing change from my normal interest I can't wait for what comes next

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    Listen to my Heist Society fanmix in 8tracks and see the tracklist hereActual Rating 45 starsThis book is everything I wanted and Heist Society has the same international thrill as The Conspiracy of Us which is one of my favorite reads this year And it went delightfully well I might be crying tears of blood Please give me twenty Mini review to come 

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    Never live anyplace you can't walk away from Never own anything you can't leave behind These were the laws of Kat's life of Kat's world The book is about 15 yr old Katherine and her family business is Burglary The book promises a fun read with a bit of action and a little bit of mystery The book does deliver on it's promise I wanted to read something light after some of the intense reads and this book did refresh my mind Kat has 2 weeks to perform a job to get her dad out of trouble In 2 weeks Kat needs to form a crew and come up with a foolproof plan All I can say is I really enjoyed reading about the plan and it's final execution The book has a very Oceans 11 feel to it but with a teenage crewRecommended to all who want a light fun read with a little bit of mystery and action

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    Okay the only reason I wanted to read this book was because I took a course called “Art in Popular Literature” and it was an awesome class that really sparked my interest in art Perhaps that wasn’t the right perspective to view this book from because the complete absence and respect paid to the true real works of art in this book left me absolutely pissedFirst of all for the majority of the book I was so confused All the amounts of names for characters we had to keep track of and backstory events that were dropped on me made my head bleed Is this supposed to be part of a larger world or series because that’s the only reason I can offer for the clunky and forced method of bringing about information to the readerAnd then when actual mentions of the art came up it was nothing than vague offhand descriptions that brought nothing to the table as to explaining why these works were so important and why these bad guys wanted them so bad There is a lot of economic cultural and societal issues that surround major pieces of art painting sculptures or otherwise and to not even have them briefly touched upon doesn’t develop a sense of understanding or connection with the readerI was very upset but that was nothing until I found out that the artworks described were all fake and made up Excuse me? Why were these Grand Masters made up? There are artists that are considered the Grand Masters of art and I'm sorry but Renoir and Impressionism is not part of that select group It’s not like it's lacking for inspiration there They have dozens of missing or stolen paintings worth millions of dollars that are without a clue as to where their current whereabouts are This would have given this story a lot credibility and brought a whole ‘nother layer to the book in generalYou know when the character decided to diss some of the grandest museums dedicated to art in the world I was really pissed Your only reasoning is that it’s too hot too pretentious too crowded? What the fuck is wrong with you It’s a museum Therefore it’s meant as a place of enjoyment for everyone while attempting to educate the public about the significance of the pieces Give me a break And when they tried to make out how the museum that’s set up by one of the villain’s ancestor’s wife or some convoluted crap like that and how she wanted to buy the world’s best art work that money could buy so she could have the best museum in the world I was about to scream There was an attempt to make a parallel to Isabella Stewart Gardner but sorry her persona was entirely failed to be capturedHeist Society makes it out to seem that stealing paintings or artworks from museums is done all the time because of how lucrative it is Yeah it is a lucrative business because of how much money they are worth and could possibly make in the black market but after the heist of the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum security and precautions have been stepped way up so it’s not as easy as it was beforeThe only real reason I did not cut up this book because of the relationship between Kat and Hale This was one of the big positives because their romance is gradually built up from a friendship filled with banter to blossoming feelings and finally realization of both It was sweet and Hale was a great friend He never pushed her around was very dependable and would always be there for her when she needed him I’m sure the whole idea of a teenager working undercover as a spy and gallivanting off to glamorous countries spending hecka amounts of money and undergoing daring missions is a dream fantasy for many people And I can see the attraction but I am unhappy about how horribly art was portrayed in this book If there was disclaimer stating from the start that the artworks referenced were not real than I would not have had as much of a problem with this book than I didIf this is how all popular ya books treat art I should best stay away from them in the future

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    This was a meh read When it got to a certain point I kept glancing at the percentage at the bottom of my kindle screen to see if I was almost doneIt's not a bad book and the idea was interesting but I didn't really feel it First off it was rather vague I couldn't really connect to any of the characters because I hardly got to know them Also there were times where this book confusingly jumped between different POV's and lost me in the process It was hardly a change of paragraph before we were in someone else's head And then it took a few sentences to figure out who it was because I didn't feel a difference between the voices of the characters I had to wait for names to be droppedI also don't understand how these people are jumping all over the world One day they're in Vegas the next in Paris then England then ItalyetcLiterally At the beginning of each chapter there would be the countdown to the number of days left to their deadline and the location the characters were at This happened daily So for the most part each day they were in a different countryAnd they end up at the next destination to continue their mission within the same day or the next day I hate to break the news but it takes at least twelve hours to fly from Vegas to Paris and do you know how exhausting travel is not to mention daily travel?? How are they still awake? It doesn't make any senseAnd I know I keep saying they but I'm not specifying because I only somewhat know the names of this group of maximum 16 year olds Katarina Hale Gabrielle Simon Nick and a couple othersThe villain is Arturo Taccone He had in his possession several incredibly expensive painting that were stolen by Visily Romani Visily Romani is a pseudonym for a dangerous thief But it isn't one person The title ispassed down I guess you could sayAnyway this Romani stole the paintings from Arturo and brought them to the Henley MuseumSo lemme get this straight a thief stole billions of dollars worth of paintings from a man to whom they never belonged in the first place and did the good deed of bringing them to an extremely reputable museum instead of keeping them for himherself and this museum never really wondered where these paintings came from?? Wut?And Arturo is the bad guy because he thinks Katarina's dad is the one that stole them and gave her two weeks to return the paintings to him or bad things would happen to her father He barely gave this 16 year old and her friends time to steal than two highly guarded paintingsThat's not allDespite Katarina explaining to Arturo how she absolutely couldn't succeed in such a short time period She and her friends succeed They succeed last minute And I don't even know how Deus ex machina much?The romance was completely unnecessary and forced Why does Hale like Katarina? He only starts to show any interest once Nick joins the gang and flirts with Katarina I don't care for Hale as a love interest in any way There was no chemistry either It just started at one point when Katarina went into his garden by herself and he followed her to talk in the romantic moonlight Please The book would have been soooooo much better without itThe only character I liked was Katarina's cousin Gabrielle because she was pretty awesomeI know that a lot of people enjoyed this one and I did as well to a certain extent Give it a shot

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    Definitely 5 stars Put it this way I got this on audiobook from the library finished it today in the car on the way to work and stopped at the book store on the way home from work to buy a copy to keep What a great premise A bunch of preteens pulling off an Ocean's 11 worthy heist all in the name of saving family Katerina Bishop such a fantastic name is the daughter of Bobby Bishop one of the world's greatest thief's and she is well on her way to being the same She pulled her first job at the age of 5 granted she only did it for the ice cream her father promised her if she would scream until the authorities came Her father is accused of stealing 5 paintings from a very bad man who now wants his possessions back or her father will pay a very deadly price The thing is he didn't do it but no one knows who did Her crew a ragtag team of opposites from the the hot girl to the billionaire boy to the super geek come together to help her pull off a heist to steal back the paintings from a place that is supposedly impossible to steal from The book is fast paced and travels the world hitting Las Vegas Italy England and a few You are constantly wondering who the mystery thief is their connection to Kat if their is one and just how the hell they are pulling off their heists This is definitely going onto my re readable shelf and I can only cross my fingers and hope that there will be a seuel as I still have some unanswered uestions and totally want to read about Kat Hale and their adventures Wow right after I finish reading this book 5 pieces of artwork are stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art So sadIt's been optioned as a movie YAY

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    35 starsI seriously needed this in my life This was so fun cute and perfect to relax myself after a tough week of non stopping exams I love Ally's writing style and her characters she makes a great atmosphere and makes you laugh so much This reminded me a lot of Secret Society Girl series which I love but in a YA world Also hello there Hale The characters are are extremely cute and interesting and it was so fun to go on this adventure with them