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The things that made the character, Marianne, shocking in the 1800s, make her seem somewhat provincial today She is an unmarried twenty five year old with land unheard of She is unafraid to ride her horse about the countryside alone unheard of She knows what she wants in a husband and refuses to settle for anything less unheard of I think the affect of people being shocked is lost and that probably diminishes the impact that this novel would have had when released It is short, even for a novella, but it makes its point with some beautiful prose stylings I was anxious to read something from George Sand The forward, which consumes almost a half of this edition, made me all the interested in her as a person and author I am now quite anxious to read The Dream Lover, a biographical novel of her life I could have gone 3.5, but not 4, so I have rounded down. A simple novel about simple 19th century French country folk Read this book over coffee and a baguette. A very nice love story in the countryside.OrA very nice love story of the countryside.Through this story of Marianne, a free girl, ignorant but full of finesse, and intelligent, George Sand shows us her countryside as she sees it, as she likes it.There are clever and witty points of view by Marianne about knowledge, art, painting, and peasants Who can pretend to be the one who can see the beauty of nature Read the book and you ll know it, because how could you live without knowing the answer to this important question Another 5 stars Yes, because it s the one and only George Sand Uncertain about this one Part of the oddness is the English translation I m sure it would read better in French, but I don t think my French comprehension is quite that good.I have to say that I don t like Pierre much He s kind of an idiot Too busy thinking to see what s right in front of him Marianne is likable, though she tends to fall into the same trap. Beautiful This is the first of many books I plan to read of hers Her writing is so clever and passionately feminist not in the subtle way many women writers from her time but honest probably due to her freedom under the male pseudonym George Sand This is a very love, the kind that makes my heart beat faster when I read of it. Very enjoyable little novella I think Marianne and Lizzie Bennet and Bathsheba Everdeen would get along quite well I will be looking for works by George Sand. The edition I read included an extensive biography of George Sand and that was a fascinating read The novella itself is a fairly simple, romantic story about two people realizing they are right for each other Oddly enough, having loved Sand since seeing the movie Impromptu ages ago, this is the first of her writing I ve actually read. Sand Takes The Timeless Theme Of A Younger Woman In Love With An Older Man To Create A Romance With A Feminist Twist Her Vivacious Heroine Is Both The Author S Ideal Of Female Emancipation And A Subtle Attack On The Other Marianne, The French Republic S Convention Bound Muse A very pleasant story to read on a snowy day It features many of Sand s typical themes gender, courtship, independence, country life but in a somewhat complex and intriguing way It would be a good choice if one wanted to read teach think about the affinities and contrasts between Sand and George Eliot. I didn t expect to like this book at all, but I did Marianne is a great female character, especially for the time period, and I enjoyed the book s focus on the natural world My one complaint is that I wished the book was longer