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A totally wild ride Something I likely wouldn t have picked up on my own as I d somehow missed this King novel So glad I did as I enjoyed it muchthan expected As always, SK is a genius at creating characters who are flawed, intriguing, and yet somehow redeeming I now need to hunt down the film version to compare notes on how it varies from the book Buddy Read with Amber and Kelly Woot and double woot. 3.5 Stars What inspires an author to write a storyWithout question, King is a man with tremendous imagination He took inspiration for The Shining when he stayed in a deserted hotel along with his wife, and he wrote Pet Sematary after King and his family stayed a year near an actual Pet Sematary in Orrington.But for The Dark Half, his inspiration was a lot closer to home.King wrote couple of novels under pseudonym Richard Bachman in 70s and 80s But in 1985, a bookstore clerk figured Bachman is King and wrote an article about it with King s blessing In short, The cat was out of the bag.Wait, Mild Spoilers AheaaaaaaadFour years after, in 1989, King wrote The Dark HalfA dark tale where a novelist with pseudonym reveals his secret identity to the public and vows not to write another novel under that particular pen name But the pen name AKA his Dark Half doesn t like that NOT ONE BIT So that high toned son of a bitch takes a human form and starts killing everyone who was involved in exposing his identity andI think the bookstore clerk who exposed Bachman had a heart attack after reading this novel. The Sparrows are flying The Dark half is the next level of Jekyll and HydeThad Beaumont is a novelist who writes novels in his own name as well as a pseudonym The works of his Pseudonym, George Stark is grittier, ruthless andfamous, just like the personality of George Stark envisioned by Thad But Thad knows George Stark is not just a pseudonym or just a fragment of his imagination, he could feel Stark s exertion over him when he writes stark novels Thad can feel a dark person lives inside him, who surfaces only to write Stark s bloody novels The Dark half is a wicked version of Frankenstein and his monsterWhen Thad kills off Stark finally, Stark comes back from the dead like Frankenstein s monster Hyde is no longer imprisoned in Jekyll s body, but he has his own form and control And like Frankenstein s monster, Stark starts his rampage to kill everyone connected to him and his creator The Dark half is Cape fear with crazier Max CadyWhen it comes to planning, torturing and murdering, there is no one as good as Stark He is a killer and he is gonna get you, hoss.The story is divided into three parts Part one is the longest, bloodiest and most enjoyable of them all I literally flew through part one in a matter of hours It s evensurprising for me because I ve always found King s initial chapters slow as he uses these chapters to build his characters But boy oh boy, this book did not dilly dally on those and went straight to action Part two considerably slowed down the pace, only to pick it up as the chapters progressed Dark half is a high octane physiological horror ride An extremely fun, yet flawed ride. The major issue with the story is the plot itself It is something worthy of Goosebumps, not an actual adult novel A man who has never existed coming to life Then he slowly losing his shape because he is not real And the only way to become real is by learning how to write Every time I was at the edge of the seat reading the horror, one of these less savvy plot point shows its face, effectively killing the moodI can t control my hand I even found some lazy writing here At the beginning, King introduces Thad as not a laughing man Guess what he does most of the book Laugh And the whole relationship of Thad and his family with Sheriff Alan felt odd The story is set in the 80s and there are a lot of 80s techs which was unintentionally funny Like waiting for a computer analysis for a whole day, IBM machines and dialogues likeThe babies are insurance Like write protect on a floppy disk, isn t that so, Thad Nevertheless, I bow down in front of a sheer wicked imagination of King Even though the names of characters were different, we all know that the story is about King and Bachman, where Bachman is a homicidal maniac on a rampage I loved the dedication and dust cover of this book.Bachman is still at large Well played, Mr King, Well played.I would recommend this to King fans looking for a different type of high And finally, Shout out to Craig AKA LoneTiger for a fantastic buddy read And to clarify, no sparrows were harmed during our buddy read This REALLY is one hell of a crazy ass read, and it all begins with an eleven year old boy s excruciating headaches that lead to surgery, bizarre results and the freakish sparrow phenomenon afterward.Now this young boy Thad began writing weird stories at an early age, and as he grew up decided to use a pen name for a period of time..sound familiar Anyway, the time came to bury the alias and one George Stark with full honors.grave, headstone and publicity to boot.As the story progresses, a grown up Thad with wife and twinsnow writing under his own namebegins to re experience awful headaches in addition to frightening dreams Injurious things then start to happen.grotesque murders begin, and most ominous of all The sparrows are flying again Overall, I really enjoyed this one albeit thought it a bit drawn out Was actually torn between three and four stars for a good while, but that extra dose of KING weird with the scads of creepy birds late in the story, and the final warning nudged my rating up.some gore and super ickiness in this one folks When someone discovered literary writer Thad Beaumont was also crime writer George Stark and tried to blackmail him, Beaumont and his wife decided to go public and kill off George Stark themselves But when the pseudonym takes on a life of his own and starts killing people connected to Thad, can anything stop him I read this sometime in that hazy dawn of time before Goodreads Since we had a trip to Maine coming up, I decided to read it again.The Dark Half is an underrated book Thad Beaumont had a parasitic twin removed from inside his skull when he was 12 Since then, he s become a critically acclaimed literary writer and a blockbuster crime writer under the pseudonym George Stark, who goes on a murderous rampage when Thad kills him off.This is one of those books where the main character is the least interesting one Alan Pangborn is a great viewpoint character and a lotinteresting than Thad He s a small town sheriff trying to do his job despite some crazy shit happening Basically, The Dark Half is Parker chasing down Donald Westlake Since I ve read all 23 Parker books Richard Stark wrote since the first time I read this, the reread was a much richer experience I noticed some Richard Stark influence in the George Stark chapters Also, I enjoyed the Creepshow reference, although I might have to check the timeline to see which one actually came first Call me Billie, everyone does Aside from the psychopomp business with the sparrows and Stark falling apart, The Dark Half is pretty much a crime book It doesn t feel nearly as long winded as some of King s books and the ending didn t suck for once George Stark was a chilling villain and since I forgot the ending, I had no idea if Thad would live or not Four out of five stars. Thad Beaumont Would Like To Say He Is Innocent He D Like To Say He Has Nothing To Do With The Series Of Monstrous Murders That Keep Coming Closer To His Home But How Can Thad Disown The Ultimate Embodiment Of Evil That Goes By The Name He Gave It And Signs Its Crimes With Thad S Bloody Fingerprints Alternate Cover Editions New English Library, New English Library Early Export Edition, Stephen King once wrote some books under the pen name Richard Bachman, but the gag was blown by a book store clerk in 1985 In The Dark Half, a writer using a pen name is exposed and a murderous rampage occurs as a result with numerous victims getting killed in a variety of gruesome ways, including one guy getting beaten to death with his own prosthetic arm Uh Mr King I can assure you that I have no interest at all in revealing any secret of yours that I may accidently come across someday I promise.Thad Beaumont is a college professor and writer with a wife and baby twins Thad writes very serious literature and was a National Book Award nominee for his first novel Unfortunately, he never really found commercial success and got a fat case of writer s block along the way So Thad comes up with the pen name, George Stark, that he uses to write gory crime novels, and those books all become popular best sellers Part of the Stark mystique is the elaborate history Thad devises for him with George sharing a lot of characteristics with the ruthless killer who is the star of the books.When someone threatens to blow the whistle about who Stark really is, Thad beats them to the punch by going public and declaring that he s tired of George Stark and will no longer write the crime novels However, a lot of people connected with ending the Stark name start getting killed And how can Thad s fingerprints be all over the crime scenes even though he was hundreds of miles away Apparently George Stark is a littlereal than Thad thought And he s very pissed off.If you ever get into discussions about King s books with his fans, The Dark Half doesn t get mentioned a lot, and that s a shame because I think it s one of his most underrated books It s obvious that the idea was inspired by King s own use of a pen name, and it s one of the first books that King really started digging into the idea of what it means to write and create something Those are themes he d come to explore a lotin later years, but when Thad asks himself, Who am I when I write , you can feel King pondering that question himself.This feels a little bit different from some other King books because it s a hybrid of crime and horror As always with King, he starts throwing indetail than he needs to, and it probably would have been a better book if he trimmed a hundred pages I still think it s one of his better efforts and that Stark is one of his scarier villains.I also have a soft spot for this one because it led me to another writer who became one of my favorites During the story, while Thad is giving an interview about how he came up with George Stark, he mentions being inspired by Donald Westlake using Richard Stark as a pen name for his Parker crime novels I d never even heard of Westlake back then in those caveman days before the internet or , but I thought he sounded interesting so I eventually tracked some of his books down and have been a fan since.Not as good as The Stand or Salem s Lot or The Dead Zone, but a helluva lot better than Rose Madder or Desperation, this is one that I think should getattention from King fans. Before and after reading THE DARK HALF, I read some reviews of this bookas usual, some I liked, and some I didn t I don t normally argue with someone about their thoughts on a novel because everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I will say I really dislike when people call Stephen King a hack Fine I get it, you don t like himyou will never read another word he writes, but name calling is really unnecessary, and it not only insults the author, but it insults the people who enjoy his work Some people read for entertainment, and if Stephen King does anythinghe certainly entertains in my humble opinion image error Short read and my first Stephen King book I used to regard King as a pop writer I had a neighbor who couldn t get enough of him about 20 years ago I just rolled my eyes at her Now I m her LOL This book is a great gate way drug to King It was left in my apt laundry room in the giveaway pile I picked it up whilst waiting for my laundry to finish and stayed in the laundry room for the next hour Character development from page 1 I have to admit now I have a bit of a problem Is there a support group for this Goodreads Book Buddy Buddy Read with Goodreads Book Buddies Chelsea and Kelly Thad Beaumont is a writer who wrote under a pen name known as George Stark who wrote terrifying thrillers and was a very bad man Not wanting to write those types of books any, Thad buries George Stark and decides to write his own work What happens when the pseudonym comes to life as its own entity and decides to go on a murder spree to take revenge and take over Thad s life All Thad knows is that The Sparrows are flying again and all hell is about to break loose so he will do whatever it takes to keep his family safe from this madman If you want to read , I recommend checking this book out for yourself.This was a pretty good read that I did as a goodreads book buddy buddy read with two of my goodreads book buddy friends Chelsea and Kelly Though I had seen the film a while back, this was my first time reading this book I am no stranger to the Master of the Macabre Stephen King as I first checked out his books when I discovered Cycle of the Werewolf which one of my favorite horror films Silver Bullet is based on Entranced, I decided to read a few Stephen King books a year and from the few books I have read of his, I have enjoyed them This book was a wild and spine tingling ride King pulls you into his world and doesn t stop until you reach the end If you liked Stephen King s books or if this is your first foray into King s maniacal world, I recommend checking out this book or any of his old work first before venturing on to his newer stuff because you will enjoy it This book is available at your local library to check out as well as onand wherever books are sold.Note to Chelsea and Kelly Thank you for participating with me in my first goodreads book buddy buddy read This was a lot of fun I hope you guys enjoyed this book If you would like to do this again with another book, please let me know by private message Thanks again and happy reading When the story was made into a TV series, Gary Busey, should have played the role of George Stark.