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I wanted to love this book, because..dragons It s not a bad book and it s well written I just don t think high fantasy may be one of the genre s that I can really get into Too many weird words and names I mean Orma and Okra I tend to be a lazy reader and if I have to work for it by remembering odd words and names I get to where I just want to put the book down and grab another My little requesting finger requested the second book in this series from Netgalley and it sounded so good and the ratings for this one are through the roofso what did I do End up not caring much for the book I m sorry all you Seraphina lovers I m shelving it for now and I may try it again later. I finished Seraphina And I ended up really liking it will discuss in this months wrap up. Librarian S Note There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This Edition Of This Book HereFour Decades Of Peace Have Done Little To Ease The Mistrust Between Humans And Dragons In The Kingdom Of Goredd Folding Themselves Into Human Shape, Dragons Attend Court As Ambassadors, And Lend Their Rational, Mathematical Minds To Universities As Scholars And Teachers As The Treaty S Anniversary Draws Near, However, Tensions Are HighSeraphina Dombegh Has Reason To Fear Both Sides An Unusually Gifted Musician, She Joins The Court Just As A Member Of The Royal Family Is Murdered In Suspiciously Draconian Fashion Seraphina Is Drawn Into The Investigation, Partnering With The Captain Of The Queen S Guard, The Dangerously Perceptive Prince Lucian Kiggs While They Begin To Uncover Hints Of A Sinister Plot To Destroy The Peace, Seraphina Struggles To Protect Her Own Secret, The Secret Behind Her Musical Gift, One So Terrible That Its Discovery Could Mean Her Very LifeIn Her Exquisitely Written Fantasy Debut, Rachel Hartman Creates A Rich, Complex, And Utterly Original World Seraphina S Tortuous Journey To Self Acceptance Is One Readers Will Remember Long After They Ve Turned The Final Page I ll admit it I was incredibly worried about this one I m always a bit wary when an author seems nice and friendly and everybody likes them on here I know, that seems like a stupid thing to say, but it always sits in the back of my mind that maybe people are giving this book five stars because they like the author Rest assured THIS IS NOT THE CASE I mean, sure, people who liked the book probably like Hartman too, but it s not the only reason This book deserves its five stars it deserves ALL the stars This is definitely a meaty book There is talk of philosophy, love, art, religion, the importance of music and dance, what it means to be human and dragon, as well as many other themes especially acceptance being accepted and accepting oneself I was excited to see such a smartly written book intended for young adults that wasn t dumbed down in the least Have your dictionary ready though this is where a Kindle is helpful because the vocabulary used within is not for the faint of heart I ll admit that I was a bit annoyed that some things were never fully described Seraphina s oud only gets a description near the end and that all of these new words were thrown out at lightning speed, but, that s epic fantasy for you You just have to go with it and rely on the story telling to fill in the holes.I m going to completely forgive the beginning it was bumpy and disjointed and chock full of short, declarative sentences I don t care anyI was nit picking and high lighting and tsk ing and then something shifted Hartman hit her stride and things just started to flow magically and nothing could stop me from enjoying the story Oh, and the characters I loved Seraphina from the start I loved how cranky and emotional she could be, how loyal and headstrong and brave and foolhardy and loving and kind she was She s a fantastic character and one I can t wait to readabout.And then there s Prince Lucian and Princess Glisselda I want to separate the two of them and yet I can t bring myself to These two were the best friends and confidants Seraphina could ask for Glisselda was bright and sparkling but never annoying or ditsy Lucian was witty and charming but never controlling or mean Don t get me wrong, the whole book isn t super happy fun times for everyone, but the characters are incredibly multi dimensional They laugh, they cry, they throw temper tantrums, they question and judge, and it s all wholeheartedly believable.The side characters and villains are equally as fantastic as their main counterpart Fruit Bat, Imlann, Orma, The Earl of Apsig, even Basind they all carried their own weight and breathed life into the story It s been a long time since I ve read a tale with such a fleshed out cast.I could easily go on and on here, but I think you can find what you re looking for in other reviews if you haven t already figured out that I loved this book It s an excellent entry into the epic fantasy genre, and the young adult category should feel gracious that Seraphina appears upon its shelves, and if you re a fan of either you owe it to yourself to check this book out An ARC was provided by NetGalley thank you. This is one of the most unique dragon books you ll ever read I read it twice, and it isn t even out yet You see, in Seraphina s world, dragons are able to take human shape and messy, sloppy human emotions Seraphina s father fell in love with a beautiful singer and musician, and married her, and got a surprise Now Seraphina is the assistant to the royal music master, struggling to keep her birth a secret, and caught up in the tensions that surround the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty between the dragons and the humans after a long and bitter war.You see, not all humans want to preserve the treaty They think they can win over huge flying creatures that spout flame And not all dragons want to preserve the treaty This is bad news when they can take human form and go unrecognized as spies and assassins.Seraphina, her musician uncle Orma, Princess Glissanda the heir and Seraphina s music student , and Prince Lucian in charge of security for the capital stumble across multiple plots to destroy the treaty in the wake of a prince s murder Can they stop a new war You ll have to read the book You won t be sorry Think you ve read everything about dragons Think it s a worn out concept Seraphina will make you think again Our heroine of the title lives in a human kingdom that is about to celebrate forty years of a peace treaty with the draconian race, but old prejudice dies hard When the ruler of the dragons comes to the capital to commemorate the treaty, many factions on both sides wish to sabotage the fragile peace Hartman s dragons are fascinating They are part Vulcan from Star Trek logical beings who assiduously suppress their violent emotions and part Benedict Cumberbatch s Sherlock high functioning sociopaths who can do trigonometry in their heads and tell you exactly how many people are standing in a crowd, but who don t understand the concept of music or shaking hands or sometimes even wearing clothes The dragons can take on human form saarantrai which only makes thingscomplicated Needless to say, dragons and humans are forbidden from falling in love, which doesn t mean it never happens .A great YA fantasy with plenty of intrigue and romance and several intertwining mysteries that will keep you reading. 2 7 18 ON SALE for 1.99 by Rabid Reads4.5 starsThe oldest of my three younger sisters loves books as much as I do, but doesn t have nearly as much time to read b c reasons Fortunately, I know her well enough to keep recs to what I know she ll love, so she can make the best use of the time she does have, not begrudging me my surplus of time b c otherwise, who would weed out the mediocre books The most recent book I knew she d love is this one, but I was rereading it before Shadow Scale is released next month, and I couldn t remember if she d already read it b c my memory is crap , so the day after I finished it Me Hey, did you ever read Seraphina Sister Sarah what Me Se ra phin a It came out like 5 ish years ago It s about this girl who s a half dragon Sister OoohhhI wanna be a dragon.Me Half dragon.Sister Or a half dragon.Me Would you really want to be a dragon Sister DependsWould I lay eggs or have normal babies Me Eggs if you were a dragon, babies if you were half dragon.Sister Then I want to be a dragon.Me o.OSister Whatever, being a dragon would be awesome Flying around, breathing fire, hoarding treasure Me Actually, the dragon leader guy outlawed hoarding treasure, so now they hoard knowledge.Sister So I get to hoard books Me Yep.Sister Could it be anyperfect NO No, it could not.As I said previously, Seraphina the MC, not the title is a half dragon As such, she belongs no where and to no one Yes, there has been a tentative peace between the two races for the past fourty years, but humans are notorious for hating that which frightens them, and these dragons are rather Vulcan like in their views on pesky emotions Vulcans don t marry outside of their species unless political reasons squints at Spock, Sr , and they definitely don t marry for love.Neither do dragons.And humans are so horrified by the concept that they have half a dozen Saints encouraging medieval reactions to any cross species dalliances BUT they re not too worried about it, b c like that would happen anyway everyone knows they should be killing the dragons b c dragons.So Seraphina lives a solitary existence, in constant fear of discovery.That sounds rather morose, doesn t it Without undermining the relevant points being made, I will tell you that it absolutely isn t In fact, it s quietly hilarious When Seraphina begins coming into her half dragon ness as a preteen, she begins to have seizures brought on by strange visions of even stranger creatures she s never seen before He uncle, on the dragon or saar side, asks that her father hand over the reins of her educationTo you, sneered my father And what will you do with her She can t go two hours without these infernal visions giving her seizures We could work on that, to start We saar have techniques for taming a rebellious brain Orma tapped his own forehead, and then tapped it again as if the sensation intrigued him.Why had it never struck me how deeply peculiar he wasAnd once he has those reins He answered even my most impudent questions Yes, dragons could smell colors under the right circumstances Yes, it was a terrible idea to transform into a saarantras right after eating an aurochs. AUROCHS Saarantras is a dragon s human form, so you can see why it would be a bad idea to downsize so dramatically after aurochs consumption snorts Stuff like this is also why I believe in dragons, fyi I mean, reallya dragon is basically a winged dinosaur That may or may not have breathed firenot exactly a huge stretchSo the plot is fantastic What about the characters ALSO fantastic.My favorite after Seraphina herself is Lars, a blond giant, a foreigner, and a fellow musician I would love him for his not so vaguely German accent alone Lars glowered defensively, as if he anticipated a scolding or a profession of love Yes, that was it he thought I meant to proposition him He wore a closed expression, as if rehearsing a speech in his head, a way to let me down gently after I stripped off all my clothes Sorry, Seraphina, I dondt likegrausleiner thet can put their voices in my headtOrma, the dragon uncle, is wonderful as well He gradually changes from the typical rude and insensitive dragon, to aless rude and insensitive dragon snickers Both versions are highly entertainingI m attracting small children, Orma muttered, twisting his hat in his hands Shoo it away, will youAnd when he allows himself to feel the things he s so long denied, he is helpless to express themWho will kiss you Who will rock you to sleep His voice was slow, drowsy You never did, I said, trying to tease him You werefather to me than my father, but you never did that Someone should Someone should love you I will bite him if he will notAnd finally, the princess, who is a bizarre yet winsome, combination of oblivious and ridiculousTwo Knights came to the castle today She could barely contain herself her hands fluttered about like two excitable small birdsThey claim to have spotted a rogue dragon, flying around the countryside in its natural shape Isn t that awful Awful enough to have her grinning ear to ear She was a strange little princess. While still somehow managing to be highly intelligent, and on occasion, even wise.Ultimately, Seraphina is one of those books that never really goes away Along with Poison Study , it was one of the first YA fantasies that I read and loved as an adult, so once again, I was worried about whether or not it would live up to my memoriesI should not have been It was every bit as clever and amusing, as pertinent and thought provoking, and as lovely and bittersweet as I remembered Highly recommended. I hate it when I have the impression that I am reading a different book from other readers whose opinion I value Hate it But it happens and unfortunately, it happened with this book I ve read some really glowing reviews but, alas, I can t just partially share the love Objectively, Seraphina meets all the requirements to become the next epic fantasy series it has an original take on a fairly exploited theme dragons , an amazing world building, a well formed, strong main character, a 5 star worthy writing style But let s go in order The story is set in a world where two species exist dragons and humans Dragons, powerful creatures, mathematical minds, able to take human form saarantrai to interact with people, reject all emotions as weakness, to the point of excising them from their brains Humans, constrained in their fragile bodies, fear dragons above all else and despise them, even in their human form, to the point of racial discrimination These two species have been at war with one another for the longest of times, except for the past forty years when a rather unstable truce gave apparent peace to the world Now it s the time to renew the peace So, dragons And humans And then, there s Seraphina She is the unthinkable, a half dragon It is imperative her identity remain a secret, but when the Prince of Goredd is found brutally murdered and all fingers point to the dragons, Seraphina becomes the unwilling protagonist of an investigation to unveil a plot that is threatening to jeopardize an already unstable peace and which will oblige her to face her most dreaded nightmare the truth about herself Sounds awesome, doesn t it Dragons that can take human form, that speak their own language Mootya , that are organized and regulated by an Ardmagar and a council of Censors I found it fascinating In fact, the world building is extremely well developed and detailed To be honest, I haven t read that many books about dragons, and I d say this is probably on the same level as Eon Dragoneye Reborn, as far a world building goes Seraphina is an amazing character Caught in the middle between two worlds, neither here nor there, she has been taught to despise a part of herself, to keep it secreted She lives a lie and will never be accepted by either worlds She is an abomination I loved her passion for music, her witty personality, her intelligence and self deprecating sense of humor I loved how she grows during the story, how she comes to term with her feelings, how lies do not belong to her but have only been inculcated in her, how she is fundamentally honest Even the love story, which could have been a potential love triangle, comes out as believable, growing and sweet Lucian is a bit too much the perfect guy for me, too good through and through, but still very likable I found muchinteresting a whole set of bizarre side characters Madame Okra, Abdo, Viridius, Orma, Basind They had me laughing most of the time and were truly what MADE this book for me.Hartman s writing is what I d define sophisticated and recherchI had to look up a fair amount of words, my favorite probably being houppelande There are no doubts about the quality of her writing and truly, there isn t muchto say about it.But I have to defend my 3 stars I ll sum it up in one word pacing.Despite the fantastic world building, the amazing characters and the luscious writing, I had such a hard time getting through this book, I considered abandoning it onthan one occasion The quantity of information to take in in the first, say, 150 pages of the book is massive and not always explained in a way to make it crystal clear Some things are just thrown there and then explained 50 pages later There s a whole universe of saints to digest that really, were they necessary And there is barely any action up until I marked it page 168.To be honest too slow for me, sometimes it really could not keep my attention.I had a hard time wrapping my head around Seraphina s garden and her grotesques, I felt the need for a bitphysical descriptions of the Quigutl, for example and a MAP I really, really wanted to see a map How is this world Where is the Tanamoot How many other kingdoms are there and where are they in respect to Goredd So three stars I enjoyed it because I was stubborn and kept reading and was finally rewarded in the second part but I m not sure everybody would get through those first 100 and odd pages Or maybe it s just me, other readers seem to adore it.I m looking forward to seeing the cover for it and I will surely pick up the sequel to this adventure with dragons, hoping that, with the infodump out of the way, I will find it a bitfast paced Find this review and andat The Nocturnal Library I wanted to love this but I didn t and it makes me sad Sometimes you read a book, agree with all positive reviews of it, but it just doesn t work for you That s the case with Seraphina and me.Whatever you ve read in 5 star reviews here, on Goodreads, is all true Seraphina is an intelligent fantasy set in a well realized medieval land of Goredd which is celebrating 40 year anniversary of its peace treaty with the nation of dragons The dragons are conceived with a lot of originality They have an ability to fold into human bodies weredragons anyone and are beings of high intelligence and logic I saw someone on GR draw parallels with the Vulcans, and I agree, the dragons internal conflicts about the acceptability of strong emotions are very much in tune with Spock s in the latest incarnation of Star Trek, oops, I stay corrected, EVERY incarnation of Trek The mystery that sets the whole story in motion is clever and wrapped up in an interesting political intrigue As the celebration of the truce is approaching, Goredd s heir is killed and it looks like by a dragon The main character of the novel, Seraphina is the one who is to untangle this mystery, but not without some help from Prince Lucian Kiggs, the captain of the Queen s Guard and the fiancee to Princess of the land Glisselda This task is not easy though, as Seraphina has a secret of her own, she is a half dragon and, by all laws of Goredd, an abomination And, yes, as every fan of this novel says, Seraphina is a resolute, resourceful, brave heroine.If I am to point at any flaws, on the plot level, I don t have much to complain about Really, besides the naming of two prominent secondary characters Orma and Okra that creates a bit of an unneeded confusion, a couple of info dumpy conversations that should have been mixed into the narrative better, and the unclarity of why human dragon hybrids would be in a possession of extraordinary mental powers that are foreign to humans and dragons, my only major qualm is the romance, which is a but hasty and intense within the time frame of this novel It s kind of an odd experience when Seraphina, after just a couple of conversations with Kiggs, suddenly realizes that she is in love, and intensely and irrevocably at that The romance becomes a tadgrating when an unexpected jealousy subplot is introduced, but this jealousy is not just silly and mostly baseless, but misdirected as well You see, Lucian suspects that Seraphina s secret dragon uncle Orma is her lover for no discernible reason , while the fact that Lucian himself is engaged is forgotten for almost the entirety of the novel.However, all these issues can be overlooked with ease, if you are enjoying the writing and Seraphina s voice And here, unfortunately, where Seraphina and I are at an impasse It is a matter of personal taste to be sure, but I feet the novel lacked a little something to keep me engaged A special oomph, X factor if you will, something to carry me forward through the rather sluggish first 100 pages or so and uninteresting to me passages about music, philosophy, saints and Seraphina s mind garden I never connected with Seraphina, who didn t, IMO have a charisma, and that was what mainly prevented me from enjoying the novel I appreciate the quality of Seraphina, but it is not the book I would personally return to read again and again.