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My Opinion I started the book very intrigued,wondering if it ll rate a eh,okay or an OMG, this is amazing I am happy to tell you guys it rated the later It was a wonderfully inspiring read, something that is unusual for a romance novel Many times I was moved to tears in a good way The Forgotten Child is an inspiration to all parents struggling with children whom are autistic There are to messages of this novel Don t give up the first, and Don t give in The Good The novel started out in a way that draws readers in I know, I talk about this a lot, but I feel it is very important for a work of fiction to start in a way that is attractive to the reader, so they ll want to read it all the way through Story line is an instant attraction From the first chapter, I was instantly in love with book, hoping, waiting for the happily ever after after all, it s a romance The protagonists make mistakes We all want a read that is easy to get into, but also effortless when it comes to imagining the characters as real people We want it too be easy to imagine ourselves as them, so of course they can t seem too perfect, too unreal The Bad The characters can be awkward In some parts, I felt the characters dialogue was not as smooth as it should be I don t if it was purposely that way, that s just my opinion Feelings moved a little quickly At one point, Brad is in lust, ready to have sex, but not make love, then all the sudden, is falling in love, feelings running high Maybe I m wrong, but I don t think it s realistic, but anyways.The book was fantastic It was a pleasure to read, and I m sure I ll be reading it over again when I have some free time.Recommendations Anyone who likes a good contemporary romance, with an inspirational feel would love it Actually, I would say any women s fiction reader would enjoy The Forgotten Child. What an amazingly in depth look at a terrifying disorder weaved into a love story that at times wrenched my heart and at others had me shouting aloud my joy When hesitant Emily finally decides that she has had enough of her crumbling marriage to Bob, she takes matters into her own hands and finds the strength to move on With her two year old daughter, Katy, Emily moves in to become caregiver to three year old Trevor in the sprawling ranch owned by the ultra sexy and brooding Brad Brad, a man haunted by a terrible betrayal, finds it difficult to trust, and his bitterness is made even harder to face for Emily, who fast realizes that all is not what it seems with Trevor But Emily persists, and she is just beginning to make headway with both Trevor and Brad when Crystal, Brad s estranged wife, suddenly appears on the scene again Torn between her love for her child and her love for the family she has cared for, Emily chooses to back down As Brad battles his demons, Emily continues to move forward, and both discover just how powerful love can be in this heartwarming and dramatic tale This is a great story of strength and healing Ms Eckhart did a fantastic job in weaving in the emotions all parents feel when they find their child is not like everyone else s Her characters were human, with their faults and fears, and yet they find the strength and courage to overcome it all and learn to trust and hope I highly recommend this story. I rarely review what I read but in this case it must be said My first issue is the constant grammar mistakes and awkward sentence structure I repeatedly had to go back and re read to try and understand what author meant My high school English teacher wouldn t have let me turn in a paper with half of the mistakes in this book.I also found the characters flat and unrelateable The relationships weren t well cultivated and I often found the actions and motivations unbelievable The author could have done or better research on autism She didn t do a good job accurately portraying a child on the autism spectrum I am appalled at the number of people who now think they know about autism after reading this book.Overall, this is just not a good book, not even as a light summer read. Yet another eh read Boy Im sure picking them lately This one was pretty light on the romance to be honest with you, although I did find out a lot of stuff about autism symptoms that was very enlightening not sarcasm But there were so many typos also that really took away from the read and SO MANY loose ends that werent tied up by the end of the book either.. Eigentlich ganz sch ne Geschichte Es liest sich schnell und ist sch n f r zwischendurch Die frisch getrennte Emily ist total sympathisch, wirkt aber sehr unsicher und fast eingesch chtert Sie zieht bei Brad ein, hilft im Haushalt und k mmert sich um den kleinen Trevor w hrend er arbeitet Brad ist ein seltsamer Typ und sehr arrogant Aber er entwickelt sich und beginnt mit Emilys Hilfe seinen autistischen Sohn zu verstehen Als aber seine boshafte Ex auftaucht ndert sich EinigesAber die Figuren reagieren oft nicht nachvollziehbar und der kleine Trevor kommt mir ein wenig zu kurz Alles entwickelt sich sehr schnell und man fliegt durch das Buch Und es ist gar nicht schlecht, wenn sich nicht alles einfach kl rt, wenn es eine b sartige Person gibt, die einem das Leben schwer machen will und einen frustrierenden Weg verfolgt Frustrierend war aber auch der Schreibstil teilweise Mal liest es sich fl ssig, die n chternen aber sehr detaillierten Beschreibungen geben Atmosph re und manchmal stockt es einfach und hat keinen Fluss Die Gespr che zwischen Emily und Brad sind immer seltsam, die Anziehung zwischen aber glaubhaft. 2.5 Sterne Die Geschichte f ngt toll an und gerade Emily ist sehr sympatisch und ich fieberte mit ihr mit Da scheint noch ein Mysterium hinter ihrem neuen Arbeitgeber Brad, seinem Sohn und der Farm, auf der sie leben, zu stecken Der Kleinkrieg auf den das Ganze jedoch hinausl uft, ist einfach nur sehr absehbar und unrealistisch Die Charaktere werden immer naiver und unglaubhafter Die Anziehung, Liebe und vorallem auch Leidenschaft zwischen den zweien ist jedoch sehr gut gelungen und beschrieben Ich werde diese Serie jedoch nicht weiterverfolgen Dennoch muss ich zugeben, dass es eine angenehme Abwechslung war, mal etwas komplett anderes als mein blicher Lesestoff zu lesen und ich sowas vielleicht fters machen werde. Full review main issue was the characters For a woman who had the balls to leave her husband with no job lined up, Emily allowed herself to be treated poorly and fall back into a new relationship mighty fast The ink wasn t even dry on the paper and had a man treated my girlfriend the way he did Emily, I d be busting his head and hers for staying with him I understood what the author was trying to convey, but I have to say she handled Brad s response to his son s problems with a heavy hand As a Mother of two, I found it really hard to swallow a parent not seeking Help for a child for an obvious disability Not talking by the age of three, kicking and screaming when your toy is moved and peeing on the floor in the grocery store are signs you can t ignore For this reason me and hero Brad started out on the wrong foot from the start and it never really changed Brad had a lot of cowardly behavior and a temper that concerned me. I was distracted quite often by all the punctuation issues and such I own many, many books and this is the first that was so poorly edited Even the blurb at the end about the author was pathetically written and had several sentence fragments I liked the book well enough it was a very quick read It brings up autism it does not explore it as some have said And it seems like all these parents do is use TV to babysit the kids He Wasn T Looking To Love Again But What He Got Was A Woman Who Shook His Lonely Bitter World Upside Down, And Touched Him In A Way No Other Woman CouldEmily Nelson, A Courageous Young Mother, Ends A Loveless Bitter Marriage And Strikes Out On Her Own She Answers An Ad As A Cook And Live In Caregiver To A Three Year Old Boy On A Local Ranch Ranch Owner Brad Friessen Hires And Moves In Emily And Her Daughter But Emily Soon Discovers Something S Seriously Wrong With His Boy And The Reclusive Difficult Man That Hired Her, Can T See The Behavior And How Delayed His Son Is So Emily Researches, Until She Stumbles Across What She Suspects Is The Soft Signs Of Autism Now She Must Tell Him Give Him Hope, And Help Him Come To Terms With This Neurological Disorder To Take The Necessary Steps To Get His Child The Help He Needs As Their Lives Become Intertwined, It S Unavoidable The Attraction The Connection That Sparks Between Them And Just As They Re Getting Close, Brad S Estranged Wife Crystal Returns After Abandoning Them Two Years Earlier In Amongst The Shock And Confusion There S One Disturbing Fact Brad Can T Shake How Does She Know So Much Of His Personal Business, The Inner Working Of The Ranch And Emily S Relationship With His Son Crystal Must Ve Had A Plan As She Somehow Gains The Upper Hand, Driving A Wedge In The Emotional Bond Forged Between Brad, Emily And The Children The Primary Focus For Care And Therapy Of Three Year Old Trevor Is Diverted The Lengths Crystal Will Go The Lies The Greed, Just To Keep What S Hers Are Nothing Short Of Cold And Calculating Emily S Forced Out Of The House Brad Fights To Save His Boy To Protect What S His And Struggles Over His Greatest Sacrifice Emily, And The Haunting Question Has He Ultimately Lost Her Forever A pretty good read I would recommend for light reading Also, the novella at the end suits as en epilogue.