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In ancient Israel where women are property Princess Michal loves her father's worst enemy the future King David She sacrifices everything to save his life but will her heart survive war and separation?Michal's story comes to life in this powerful and emotional journey through love and heartache to self realization Her intense love for King David coupled with tragic circumstances causes her to do the unthinkable Too strong for her time Michal's story resonates with women today So once I let the modern feminist inside of me relax I realized how timely her story is because sadly many of the things she has to deal with are things that women still face todayAs a woman every emotion I've ever had was weaved in Michal causing me to cheer for this unsung heroine

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    ✫✫♥ƸӜƷ ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE ITƸӜƷ♥✫✫✫♥ƸӜƷ One of the most riveting tales of a biblical character brought to the forefront ✫♥ƸӜƷ Michal's Window tells an AMAZING story of the life of King David's first wife Michal Never has a story drew me in and took me to the past but in a present kind of way as this one has We get to walk run fear and most importantly love as Michal does From the moment she meets David a poor shepherd boy and harpist musician come to calm a raging King Saul Michal's father who's been plagued by demon spirits to the exciting moments when David and Michal fall in love and marry The times of trouble start as a jealous King Saul seeks to put David to death The heart wrenching story of the newlyweds separated when Michal helps David escape her father's wrath knowing she herself could be put to death by such an act From this point on the story only deepens and takes us through the painstaking uest with Michal to find her beloved David to a much later reunion when David becomes king and follows through with an earlier promise to send for Michal to live in his kingdom ✫♥ƸӜƷ From a long awaited moment through times of desperation and the yearning to be with the one you love Michal's trials are just beginning A reunion met with additional wives and a harem only pepper Michal's heart with bitterness jealousy and the need to feel wanted Her love for King David never ceases but when she feels she is no longer the one and only set aside competing with not one woman but many her desires and weakness of flesh bring her to do things unspeakable in that era BCE ✫♥ƸӜƷ We get to see and feel so many things in this novel Not only do we eat breath and live as Michal did but we get to see some of young David to the rise of his kingdom and his own heart We meet new characters along with some originals which only add to the brilliance of this story I can't say enough about this novel Other than it will be an all time favorite A classic tale told like no other And yes there are novel's about Michal but nothing that speaks to our hearts as this one does So come along and journey through the most fascinating and incredible story you'll never forget A novel you'll read over and over again Michal's Window will always hold a special place in my heart and one that I will never forget Thank you to the author Rachelle Ayala for writing such an incredible and inspiring story And for the beautiful way you brought closure in the end ✫✫♥ƸӜƷ WITHOUT A DOUBT BEST OF 2012 ƸӜƷ♥✫✫

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    I got up to 98% of the way and then just had to give upOk that sounds harsh but it's not really This book is a historical romance using characters of the Bible as the characters of the story It is well written and as just a historical romance it does the job uite nicely I actually read 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel along with this book to see the parallels and how the author followed the Biblical stories and how she inserted them into her work Also unlike other Kindle ebooks I've read the formatting in this was very good and there were no horrendous typos that I noticed The author had an editor and it showed That being said I was looking for a Biblically historical novel than a romance novel While reading the Bible along with this book I was getting upset that it seemed like the author just insert the Bible in rather than weave her story around the Bible I gave up secular books for Lent and when I did that last year I picked up Orson Scott Card's Women of Genesis novels and they were FANTASTIC So I had hopes that this would be similarNot so much This was a romance book pure and simple and it had a LOT of sex in it I do not like or enjoy romance books as the characters are so full of drama and themselves The basic romance plot of this book was I love you a character does something stupid causing a misunderstanding I hate you she runs away to another man he drags her back I still hate you wild crazy monkey jungle love I love you character does something stupid I hate you she runs away with another man he drags her back I still hate you wild crazy monkey jungle love I love youlather rinse repeat It seemed that the love was really just lust on both characters' part though maybe by not reading the end I didn't get the final love revelation Again historical romances aren't my thing in the slightest and I was looking for something specific that this book didn't have I couldn't finish it because I realized that if the characters had gone through all of the drama and heart ache and pain of 98% there was unlikely to be a happy ending or one that I would believe at any rate in the last 2%I'm giving this book two stars because while I would only give it one because I don't like historical novels it was well written It was however misleading I was expecting and hoping for a Biblical rendition of Michal's story What I got was what a friend of mine termed Biblical pornI would pick up something else this author wrote if it's not a romance book because she can write well Having never written a book and reading many truly bad ones I know it can't be an easy thing to do I give the author a lot of credit for being good at her craft

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    Sitting on my deck with a warm spring breeze chasing crinkly winter leaves across the yard and birds chirping from new nests I got time warped into an ancient world where a vivacious princess falls in love watching a shepherd boy strum his harp for her father a king plagued by demons In Michal’s Window Rachel Ayala delivers an eye widening you can’t pry my Kindle from my hands novel From my deck to stirring a pot over the kitchen stove to under the covers with a book light I got lost in Michal and David’s world And for those who snub Biblical fiction as “boring preachy stuff” I snicker even snort unabashedly You readers are missing out on something way cooler than vampires Vampire novels are your grandma’s reading material Sissy stuff Yeah yeah Vampires suck blood Big deal David slays two hundred Philistine warriors and collects the foreskin from their penises for Michal’s dowry What princess wouldn’t go gaga over a man willing to do that especially when her father King Saul only asked for one hundred foreskins? As fast as fluff from an angora sweater clings onto black wool pants I became attached to the historic and Biblical Michal and David and to the other captivating characters in Michal’s Window Michal the heroine marries David and becomes trapped in a family feud If born a boy Michal could have been heir to the throne but as a girl she’s a political pawn in a position of determining the future of Israel Before the young couple can settle into married life jealous King Saul wants his new son in law dead Michal risks her father’s wrath by helping David escape out a window to ensure his survival and God’s plan for him to become king 1 Samuel 1820 says that Michal loved David the only place in the Bible where a woman’s love for a man is recorded Ayala delves deeper into this love story in well written steamy scenes and nail biting situations where love is proved rejected taken back but never really lost King Saul attempts to block David’s claim to the throne by giving Michal to Phalti another man With a price on her head Michal escapes to search out David but is later forced to return to her kind caretaker With politics ambition and the throne involved beautiful Michal the target of than one man’s desire wonders if David still loves her through the long separations desperate times and his marriages to other women After Saul dies David reclaims Michal as his wife and ueen Happy ending? Hardly Ayala sprinkles her own heart wrenching details in the Biblical scene where a grief stricken Phalti weeps as Michal is taken away “Sister Wives meets The Kardashians” could not match the drama at the castle when Michal returns as ueen She must deal with jealous wives her worries about being used as a pawn to reunite Israel and her desire to be loved wholeheartedly So how does Michal cope? How does she deal with watching her husband the King dance half naked whirling in ecstasy in front of the Ark of The Covenant as the procession makes its way toward the palace? And what about the Biblical Bathsheba the sultry bather whom King David’s roaming eyes rest upon? Michal is brave strong intelligent persistent and in a most human way sometimes weak as she slips into doing the unthinkable yet we love her and charming David a man after the heart of God through it all The Bible gives us some information about these characters and their lives and Rachelle Ayala fills in the details with her imagination in a delightful engaging and totally thrilling read from the beginning through to a satisfying ending Move over vampires Using deep point of view beautiful prose and vivid ancient settings Ayala brings on the excitement and makes this Biblical tale come to life in a present day real life oh I can so relate way Great Book

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    Powerful and moving epic

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    Michal’s Window is not a Bible story that a reader should go into with preconceived notions even if they’re familiar with the story of David The story opens from the third person perspective depicting a scene of violence This techniue was effective because it notified readers that this Bible tale wasn’t just a “romance” for women regarding Michal It put the spotlight suarely on this manly figure David and opened up a big plot before shifting to Michal’s first person perspectiveReaders see that the trials and triumphs of being human were happening since ancient times and got an up close view of the lives of royalty In many ways Ayala depicts the emotions of the characters as being stronger intense than the emotions displayed in many ‘modern’ day stories These emotions lead to actions that create conflict throughout the story making for an interesting readWe see that others were suspicious of David’s interest in Michal being that she was King Saul’s daughter We witness the jealously between sisters Michal and Merab We see the bravery of David who won numerous battles and was loved by his countrymen It’s easy for readers to side with Michal in scenes such as Merab being promised to David and being glad for her when she gets David instead But sometimes her undying devotion came across as blind love Yet there was much to admire about David including his intelligence and the baffling by today’s standard respect that he showed toward King Saul Phalti’s gentleness made him winsome as well as Jonathan’s friendship to David Michal isn’t a heroine readers might always side with It was hard for me not to get angry with her after she’d told Phalti that she’d never go back with David and would always stay with him yet showed that this wasn’t true The story is entertaining and presents a number of uestions for the reader some of which the author answered as the story moved forward The details used allows readers to visualize keenly the author’s version of the story and we see that David’s confidence in himself was one reason Princess Michal loved him though he began a servant before ruling I was surprised by Michal’s boldness toward David so early in the story and her lust for him being that she didn’t know him too well Of course her feelings uickly became love But at least she admitted to readers David was the center of her life

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    I wanted to like this book I mean the synopsis sounds fantastic a biblical story retold for the modern woman filling in the blanks where the fable falls short? I'm always a fan of fairy tale retellings But I should have known I really should have This is genre fiction and it let me downDespite the thickness of this book very little time is spent developing the characters beyond the basics I found myself asking WHY all the time why does Michal think she's in love? why does her father hate David? I'm a fan of character driven stories and authors who show instead of telling which is why I like myth re tellings as they tend to add a layer of development to the lesson contained therein Taken as a whole this filled in a few gaps from Michal's side of the story regarding what happened to her and to David but it didn't give me a sense of Michal as a person And also the fact that the lord was spelled the LORD drove me nuts It's a title not an acronym so at best it should be the Lord I like the concept and premise but really wish she had given Michal of a voice or maybe even set the series of events in modern dayI recommend this for people who love all kinds of Christian fiction even the stuff based on pretty thin and unbelievable storiesassumptions

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    I truly enjoyed this story I'll be honest and admit that I wasn't sure I would I'm of a suspense reader but I thought I would broaden my horizons and give this one a try I'm really glad I did Ms Ayala did a remarkable job from the first page I loved her deep descriptions I was sucked in from the beginning as I was transported back in time I found myself loving Michal throughout the story; although I did develop a healthy dose of frustration at points when I felt she was better off without David She loved David far than he deserved but I had such a crush on Ittai I somehow wanted Michal to end up with Ittai David left my emotions all over the map I loved David at the beginning of the story disliked him for much of the rest I think he loved Michal very much but I was never able to get over him taking on other wives I found him to be a rather selfish man But that's when I had to remember the times this story took place Ms Ayala's portrayal of King Saul was simply fantastic He was truly crazy She did a remarkable job of capturing the depths of his insecurity and insanity well Michal's Window did everything a good book should It evoked strong emotions throughout and kept me entertained until the very end I look forward to reading her work again

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    Rachelle Ayala's Michal's Window is a wonderful mix of biblical fact and imagination It is easy to cheer for the tenacious Michal as she fights for the man she loves Michal's longing for David and her undying love even in the face of adversity pulls at your heart as you live her life through her eyesNot being a person who is 100% up to date on bible stories Michal's Window slipped me into the fantasy of 1000 BC Israel Ayala does a wonderful job at mixing fact with fiction and the story gripped me from beginning to end The familiar story of David and Goliath is fascinating to watch play out per Ayala's interpretation The seduction of Bathsheba is reenacted in an intriguing and intimate mannerAlthough the LORD does play a large part in the book for David I never felt preached at Instead I was wrapped up in the characters and their problems as if I were there walking in their sandalsAyala has wonderfully portrayed both the time and the people I would definitely recommend this book to any lovers of romance or historical fiction A very entertaining ride

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    I will admit it I am a book junkie I will read anything So when I was asked to read Michal's Window by Rachelle Ayala I was intrigued and excited Michal’s Window is a book I probably would not have wanted to read if I had seen it at the bookstore but so glad I was given the chance It is a biblical fiction novel that sucked me in from the first page; I could not put this story downThe book tells the story of King David but from a fresh viewpoint; that of his first wife Michal The novel is a great love story Just like modern day relationships all of the trial and tribulations that couples endure in the end all that matters is the love between one another Rachelle Ayala intertwines fact and fiction with nice detail This book was fast moving and her words formed vivid pictures The author has a way with words that will instantly turn you into a fan of hers

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    I'm amazed at how I could pick up a book about a biblical topic and not be able to put it down Normally I'm reading and re reading the same paragraph multiple times This couldn't be farther from the truth with this amazing work of art I couldn't stop reading itMichal's Window is full of passion that takes you back to biblical times The way that the author Rachelle Ayala's descriptions are woven within this book creates a movie in your mind Who doesn't like the idea of forbidden love betrayal and redemption?As you travel on this amazing journey with Princess Michal you can't help but get swept away by the romanceYou will find yourself applauding her intellect bravery and sheer persistenceI can't wait to read books from Rachelle