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When Laura Gantt returns to Georgia to handle her late mother's estate she hears a startling rumor that her father staged his drowning years ago and has recently been spotted roaming the mountains With the help of her former high school sweetheart Laura searches for the truth But will what they find destroy their rekindled feelings?

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    I have to re post my review Not only did Goodreads remove my review but also my rating for the book the dates of the reading and that I've even read itTwelve year olds Laura Cassie and Sean have known each other all their livesTag a long kid sister Tigger is seven and she's been there tooThese three best friends and Tigger make a pact to always be there for each otherLater Laura and Sean start to date Everything is all peaches and rosesThe pact comes into play when Laura's father dies in a mysterious drowning incident at the local creekEverything falls after thatYears later Laura's mother dies of a cerebral aneurysmBy this time Laura lives in another stateShe goes back to her home town to settle her mother's estateSean informs Laura of the rumors circulating that her father has been spotted around townThe rumors also say he faked his deathCould it really be true?Laura is extremely lucky because she's not alone in this worldShe has her friends and possibly her father?Dare I say this is possibly the best book I've ever read in my whole existence?It does have a religious undertone but it wasn't enough to bother me I'm not religiousI think anyone could enjoy this bookThis book was such a pleasant surprise I can't recommend it enoughI received this book for free from Blogging for Books for a honest reviewWould I recommend this book? Absolutely 100% YesWould I read this author again? Most definitely

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    This book is so awesome I could not put it down You want to find out what happens so bad that you keep reading all night Loved it

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    Find of my reviews at you’re searching for a heart tugging story with demonstrative friendships you’ve found the right book If you’re searching for an author with an extraordinary gift of creating comprehensive varied characters and an atypical storyline you’ve found the right book A Stillness of Chimes by Meg Moseley is a rare treasure a beautifully woven tapestry of love lies loyalty betrayal mystery and revelation Laura Gantt returns to Prospect Georgia the close nit nostalgic town of her childhood to attend her mother’s funeral Her plans to settle her mother’s household and return to Denver are upset with rumors that her father Elliot who suffered from PTSD and drowned in the lake twelve years prior has been seen in various places around town Are the rumors true? Is he alive? Had he faked his death? The painful rumors imply he’d abandoned her and her mother Butif they’re true there’s a possibility of being reunited and righting past wrongsSean Halloran Laura’s childhood friend and former boyfriend is emotionally awakened by her return to North Georgia He’s loved her and her family for as long as he can remember Laura’s mother Jessamyn was a maternal caring neighbor and her father Elliot had rescued Sean from the hands of his abusive father and mentored him in crafting musical instruments Sean doubts the rumors of Elliot sneaking around his home place are true The only ghosts in Prospect are distant memories bruises from his drunkard father and a wounded heart from unanswered loveAlmost immediately I’m emotionally drawn into this story This is definitely one of those can’t put down books Initially the story is deliberate but unhurried then tensions build uestions arise love awakens and pages turn faster There isn’t a sluggish unneeded plot filler or character Every scene every item or conversation moves the story forward—even Mikey the ugly old rescue cat Laura inherits directionless creeping Kudzu and eccentric Granny Colfax who walks about town carrying a parasol and wearing shoes with the toes cut out There are many characters but I was never confused about who was who The author does a fabulous job of giving her main and secondary characters depth with well rounded personalities secrets and even vocations teacher luthier real estate etc that weave intricately and expertly throughout the story There isn’t anything that I don’t love about this story but what I’m most partial to is the southern setting and the continuity of childhood friendships promises and wounds into adulthood I’m invested in each individual I ache for their losses and failures as well as applaud their loyalty love and triumphs I’m familiar with the Blue Ridge Mountain area where this story takes place so I fell into the southern setting and lifestyle with clarity The South’s charm is evident with covered dishes gossiping neighbors eccentric old ladies church going townsfolk and nicknames like Tigger Eeyore Turbo and Slinky A Stillness of Chimes is a full satisfying story The only longing I’m left with after completing this book is a seuel revealing the complete resolution of Laura’s uncertainty of faith and fear of the futurePublisher Multnomah BooksPage count 354Disclosure of Material Connection in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 Blogging for Books has provided me a copy of this book in exchange for a review

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    This southern tale begins when Laura Gantt returns home to Georgia when her mother passes away Upon returning she hears rumors swirling that her father has been spotted Her father who’s been dead for 12 years Stressed by both the death of her mother and the rud sightings of her father she leans on Sean Halloran Laura’s old boyfriend who still manages to make her feel something A Stillness of Chimes is a story of forgiveness pain and love that never leavesWell I’ll start with the things I enjoyed about this book There was a certain southern charm about the characters Laura Sean and Cassie were all uite funny in a real down to earth way The mystery was entertaining even if it was a bit repetitive The love story was cute The main problem I had with A Stillness of Chimes was that there were 343 pages of a story that could have fit into 100 To be honest I got really bored I felt like I was reading the same thing at page 50 that I was reading at page 250 The mystery of Laura’s dad possibly being alive consumed the entire story instead of enforcing itI did enjoy a uote from this book Laura says “You could cover up the truth but you couldn’t change it That was one kind of covering There was another kind too Love that covered a multitude of sins”There were good elements to the story; like the characters setting and family history I’m sure a lot of people would like this book but for me personally I thought it was just OKI received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for this review All thoughts are entirely my own

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    The depth of character development in this novel is deep and subtle drawing deeply on the surrounding events that are happening to the characters with a beauty and an ease to the storytelling that made it easy to keep picking up this book Our heroine Laura has not had the easiest of lives and that has contributed everything to where she is right now In her hometown her childhood sweetheart back in her life and the potential that her once thought to be dead father could very well be alive If that is not enough emotional depth I don’t know what is There is much happening within the characters and I think it’s balanced well with the action of the story though it is slight and is focused on creating rich and deep characters I found sections of the story emotionally pulling at my heart strings and while the romance is subtle it drew me in ever so gently a hard thing to do with this hopeless romantic I did think parts of the story might have been a little bit slow but on the flip side of that the literary uality the character depth the symmetry woven throughout the story created a great character driven women’s fictionThis review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers for my copy to review

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    I love the cover and title of this novel The title does have a meaning love thatThe prelude which was set when Laura Sean Cassie and Tig were tweens fully pulled me into the novel I wasn't as engaged in the current day story initially About 200 pages into the novel I got pulled into Laura's world and really enjoyed the second half of the novel The ending was spectacularI recommend A Stillness of Chimes for fans of Katie GanshertThank you to the publisher Multnomah for a complimentary copy of the novel The opinions expressed are my own

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    A Stillness of Chimes is one of the most original and memorable books I've ever read It almost has a haunting uality to it and its characters are still in my thoughts Highly recommendedFull review at The Power of Words

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    The small town of Prospect Georgia has plenty of secrets in Meg Moseley’s A Stillness of Chimes Never having been to Georgia I really enjoyed the feel of entering a different place through the eyes of her characters Laura Gantt might avoid going back into church as she feels too many eyes on her having returned to close up her childhood home after the death of her mother But there’s always the possibility she might stay or even the chance that her father long mourned as dead might somehow returnLaura’s childhood friends are still around too Cassie’s back from California and wondering if her marriage is worth saving Sean copes with his abusive father and still makes music and instruments Tig Cassie’s once annoying little sister is happily making babies and seems the only really settled one Meanwhile parents and friends offer welcome plus the occasional tuna casserole Wind chimes play their tune The widow lives in a dream world and Cassie’s mother is turning her world into a dreamWith so many characters and so many needs this story could be confusing But the author does a good job with point of view keeping the novel progressing forward revealing detail at just the right time and gradually building suspense as the chimes fall silentIt’s not a scary tale; readers will easily guess much of what’s to come just as Laura does It is dark and oppressive sometimes with secrets untold but the story’s lightened by naturally humorous dialog and pleasing relationships In all A Stillness of Chimes is an enjoyable story with a pleasing lesson in the power and importance of love and trust and communication Just maybe those chimes might be hiding a still small voiceDisclosure I received a copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah blogging for books and I promised my honest review

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    Laura Grantt’s life has never been the same since her father mysteriously drowned weeks before she was due to start college This drastic incident was a turning point for Laura causing her to break up with her long term boyfriend and attend a university further away from home Although Laura has a successful career as a teacher in Colorado she’s forced to return to Georgia to deal with her mother’s estate following her death Laura is barely home for a couple of days before rumours begin circulating about a mysterious figure seen around town—a vagrant who some people believe bears a significant resemblance to Laura’s long dead father Sean Holloran Laura’s high school sweetheart is determined to shield Laura from these rumours but this only makes her wonder even about the truth of her father’s long ago drowning His body was never found so could he really be alive? As Laura contemplates the possibility she wonders what would drive a man like her father to commit such an act and convince his loved ones that he had died If he truly is alive does he want to be found? And does Laura really want to learn the reason why he tried to convince his family and friends that he was dead? As Laura’s search continues she digs up secrets long hidden that reveal truths about her family that she could never have imaginedI absolutely loved Meg Moseley’s debut novel When Sparrows Fall when I read it back in 2011 and I’m forced to admit that it’s nearly impossible not to compare any of her subseuent novels to the one that won me over I didn’t fall in love with A Stillness of Chimes but it does contain many of the characteristics that made When Sparrows Fall so memorable—a setting that comes to life on the pages secondary characters who weave in and out of the protagonists’ lives and story threads that somehow come together even though they don’t appear to be linked in the slightest While the synopsis for A Stillness of Chimes intrigued me for well over a year the book itself didn’t immediately grip me This novel has a slow start and while I appreciate the time Meg took introducing the secondary characters and inhabitants of Laura’s hometown it took some time for the mystery about Laura’s father to really grab my attention The intricacies of Laura’s father’s disappearance take a while to emerge but once Laura does start investigating the possibilities the book becomes a lot interestingFor a while some of the story threads in A Stillness of Chimes felt out of place given how little bearing they had on the main storyline Laura spends a lot of time reading her mother’s diaries and trying to learn what her mother may have knew or suspected about her father’s death but it takes a long time for anything she reads to actually bear any significance Likewise the storyline about Laura’s childhood friend and her mother’s bizarre behaviour—following the death of Laura’s own mother—is intriguing but it took me a while to realise that it was linked to the many storyline Ultimately everything does fall into place and I was surprised by some of the discoveries Laura made towards the end of the book And given the many many Nancy Drew novels I gobbled up as a preteen it takes a lot to really surprise meI feel conflicted about the ending of this novel Although I was pleased with how most of the storylines worked out a lot happened in the final few chapters It felt like there was a lot of build up to a couple of short scenes and a sort of happily ever after epilogue Maybe it’s just because the rest of the novel was relatively slow moving but the number of discoveries that were made towards the end of the novel and the ultimate “resolution of conflict” scene in which everything collided felt a little rushed You may well need to go back and reread the final chapters to make sure you didn’t miss anything importantRomance is probably one of my favourite genres—although it took me a long time to admit this even to myself—and I wasn’t entirely satisfied with Laura and Sean’s relationship Don’t get me wrong they were very sweet together and I was glad that they were able to put aside their fears and be positive about their future together even after all those lost years But most of Laura and Sean’s relationship development happens in the past They reminisce about special memories but most of the on screen romance in A Stillness of Chimes is pretty minimal mostly focusing on their reconciliation and dealing with the burdens that have kept them apart It’s hard to root for Sean and Laura to get together because it feels pretty inevitable given their past Definitely don’t go into this book looking for a traditional romance or even one that takes up most of the screen time Laura and Sean’s relationship was a nice addition to the book but even this romance reader found the mystery portions interesting than the reunion romanceA Stillness of Chimes may not have captured my heart in the same way that Meg Moseley’s debut novel did but the mystery and “What If?” possibilities definitely kept my attention Although this is only Meg’s third novel I have a feeling that small Southern towns and their inhabitants are going to become a trademark of her work as well as her ability to delve into family secrets and tie multiple storylines together Review title provided by Waterbrook Multnomah

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    The coyotes went silent all at once There was no sound but the wind in the trees and the chimes Then the wind stilled Everything was hushed as if the whole world waited for something to happenuote from A Stillness of Chimes I seldom award five hearts but A Stillness of Chimes deserves such a rating The twists and turns in this novel consumed me like the kudzu devouring the pines in Laura's hometown of Prospect GeorgiaThe loyalty between the main character Laura Gantt and her childhood friends Cassie and Sean are apparent from the first page to the last Compassion inner turmoil haunting sightings heartache and so much churn just below the surface of this story then it bursts out for the reader to embrace—or gasp at an unexpected plot twistThe relationship between Laura and Sean is an intriguing mix of angst and humor Their interactions made me laugh out loudDon't look at me that waySorry Can't help itYes you canEasy for you to say You're not the one looking at youThough there are lighthearted moments Laura's life is filled with underlying pain engraved deeper than the woodwork her father Elliot created when she was young Due to her fears Laura's love for Sean held at arm's length is undeniableand in her eyes impossibleComplicating things further the rumors and recent sightings of her long dead father invades every waking moment Laura's steadfast love for her father the man who sang her lullabies at one turn but struggled with PTSD from the Vietnam war tore at my heartMystery and unresolved issues abide throughout this novel however Laura's faith carries her through eventually leading her to answers—and none lead to an expected ending My jaw dropped my eyes filled with tears my heart broke and rejoiced at the same timeIf you're looking for a book you can't put down this is it