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This book was AMAZING I would totally recomend it to people who like mysteries A few weeks until her birthday, Bethany s parents start acting strange Her mom won t stop crying and this goes on until her father hurries everyone into the car and drives from state to state They finally reach her Aunt Myrile s house, who she didn t know existed, and leave her there They don t come back Her only clue of what s going on is something she overheard her dad say She doesn t know anything about Elizabeth Aunt Myrile finally tells Bethany that Elizabeth is her sister, who died in a horrible car accident almost twenty years ago But when Bethany finds some old video tapes of Elizabeth, she looks almost exactly like her How much does Aunt Myrlie know about Elizabeth Double Identity, Aladdin Paperbacks, 2005, Magaret Peterson Haddix 218 pg., 5.99, ISBN 978 0 689 87379 9 Then one morning he hustles the entire family into the car, drives across several state lines and leaves Bethany with an aunt she never knew existed, Bethany has no idea what s going on Bethany, a modest and scared twelve year old girl, is not an ordinary person she has an identity she can t get from other people that look at her with sorrow, having crying and worried parents that don t explain anything about their moving and left somewhere where she doesn t feel safe Everyone assumes she s a ghost, especially people who live 20 years ago who stayed at the same place and stare at her as if they ve just seen a ghost but can t really tell if she s human But Bethany has learned to overcome and cooperate with where she is and how people view her As the book progresses she becomesfamiliar with why she was left where she is but you ll have to read to find out what happensImagine being an exact same twin as someone else This is Bethany s life flipped upside down like a pizza without flavor or like a ferris wheel This book is enough to coax you to believe something else then what your first impressions were It impresses reader with an enhancement of beauty and it s richness of continuous events and mysteries needed to be solved Magaret not only wants you to experience how you reveal yourself or how people view you but how important identity is to all of us I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy or wants to learn how dangerous identity can be I vigorously enjoyed reading this juicy book Before I started reading I thought wow a book about 2 different identities in a persongreat but it turns out that this book is impossible to put down with it s many mysteries Margaret is an adept and a wonderful author who can make you see the world differently It leaves readers with an identity of a character that is horrifying and haunting that s vital to not forget It also leaves readers with many questions such as Who am I really or What s my true identity Go to the nearest shop and pick up this book Bethany s parents have acted weird for as long as she can remember making sure she s never alone, not allowing her to attend sleepovers, and generally being overprotective What do they possibly think could happen to her These actions pale in comparison to the way her parents begin to act around Bethany s thirteenth birthday Her mother is constantly crying, for starters, and nothing Bethany says or does seems to help This comes to a head when her parents whisk her off on a car ride to stay with an aunt she never knew she had Her parents disappear, leaving behind unanswered questions and no number at which to contact them.Myrlie Walker, Bethany s aunt, finally tells her that Bethany is not an only child her parents had another daughter Elizabeth who died over twenty years ago Suddenly, Bethany realizes why people in town are staring at her as though they ve seen a ghost Bethany isn t just Elizabeth s sister she s her clone.Haddix whisks the reader away into this page turner, following Bethany as she struggles to come to terms with who she is, find her parents, and solve the mystery once and for all. this book had a lot to do with idenitity and who a individual was there were moments in the book where i felt creepyed out the protaganist is a girl who loves to swim and do another activties her parents decide to let her live with her aunt because someone is purpsuing them the protagainst slow finds out about who she is was a lie Her parents past is so fulled with corrupt and everyone don t want to tell her the truth in the middle of the book, she finds out that she had a sister whom died before she was born but the other side to this was that she is her sister s clone she has trouble with undertanding this and she tries to dig deeper into the past the irony thing is that the protaganist love to swim but her sister did not like to swim where as they like almost the same food her parents culd not bare loseing their only child, that is why they cloned her if that was me i would feel really hurt and upset but i feel if they love her just as much as their other child, that might make up for it. So My Only Protection Is A Kindergarten Teacher And A Ninety Eight Pound Female MinisterAnd They Don T Even Believe I M In Danger As Bethany Approaches Her Thirteenth Birthday, Her Parents Act Oddly Than Usual Her Mother Cries Constantly, And Her Father Barely Lets Bethany Out Of His Sight Then One Morning He Hustles The Entire Family Into The Car, Drives Across Several State Lines And Leaves Bethany With An Aunt She Never Knew Existed Bethany Has No Idea What S Going On She S Worried Her Mom And Dad Are Running From Some Kind Of Trouble, But She Can T Find Out Because They Won T Tell Her Where They Are Going Bethany S Only Clue Is A Few Words She Overheard Her Father Tell Her Aunt She Doesn T Know Anything About Elizabeth But Aunt Myrlie Won T Tell Bethany Who Elizabeth Is, And She Won T Explain Why People In Her Small Town React To Bethany As If They Ve Seen A Ghost The Mystery Intensifies When Bethany Gets A Package From Her Father Containing Four Different Birth Certificates From Four Different States, With Four Different Last Names And Thousands Of Dollars In Cash And When A Strange Man Shows Up Asking Questions, Bethany Realizes The S Not The Only One Who S Desperate To Unravel The Secrets Of Her Past Bethany thinks that she is an only child and normal like everyone else The only problem is she s not Weird things have happened before her big trip Her mother is crying all the time and her father is following her everywhere she goes She wonders, What is happening Suddenly, in one day that all changes Her parents drop her off at her Aunt Myrile s house She didn t even know she had an aunt Her parents say that she will be safer there and no one will be able to find her Bethany wonders who She feels like something bad is happening and she wants it all to stop Then her aunt Myrile tells her news that she had never heard before She has a twin sister and was born in four different places at the same time Her cousin Joss tells Bethany about what it was like having Elizabeth around Joss also tells her about what happened to Elizabeth Everything that happened to her twin sister Elizabeth has happened to Bethany.So is Bethany really human I really recommend this book It is like a thriller and mystery combined as one She writes so you don t feel like an observer, nor do you feel like Bethany You feel like someone on the street knowing everything that is going on You feel like a person on the street observing I couldn t really relate to Bethany, so it was nice that way It s nice sometimes to read books about other people s lives and see what going on If you like to relate to a character in this book, I do not recommend this book to you I recommend this book to people who love suspense and mysteries It isn t like Nancy Drew with detectives it s like a personal mystery with Bethany and herself I rated this book 5 stars because it was very suspenseful and different than most of the books I read I usually can relate to the character, but this one I couldn t I hope that I can readof her books during the year. I feel like if I had read this when I was like 10, I probably would have different feelings about it, but alas, that s not the case I was incredibly BORED throughout this whole book I had already figured everything out right after Bethany got to Sandersfield, so there really was no suspense for me, and at the end, I actually thought the explanations and everything was just kind of stupid Also, unrealistic If that was the bombshell dropped, there would be no peace for any of them and there would be lab testing out the wazzoo but nope it was like nothing ever happened to begin with I just felt like this could have been done WAY BETTER with a lotdevelopment in the story and characters Every time something happened, we d spend the next 10 20 pages going through Bethany s thoughts on the whole thing that was basically the whole book All of the exciting stuff if you want to call it that happened at the very end, and by then, I was so over it all, that I really didn t care.Again, I think if I was 10, this probably would have been different for me which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of one that extra star is my own guess that I probably really would have enjoyed this if I was a clueless kid with limited reading experience, but since I am not, I didn t really like it all that much. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comFor almost thirteen year old Bethany, life has suddenly and unexplicably taken a strange turn For a girl who has never spent a night away from her parents, she s suddenly hustled into the car by her sad looking father, subjected to listening to her sobbing mother, and unceremoniously dropped off in the middle of the night in a town she s never heard of, at the home of a woman claiming to be her Aunt Myrlie Her parents are a lot older than her friend s parents, and Bethany is sure that her parent s siblings are all dead So who is this woman claiming to be her Aunt, and why has she never heard of her before Why won t her mother stop crying Why does her dad seem so eager to get away from the house in Sanderfield And who the heck is Elizabeth, the name she overheard her father and Myrlie discussing All these questions andare only the tip of the iceberg in Margaret Peterson Haddix s newest novel, a wonderful young adult thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed The twists and turns are unpredictable and unexpected the conclusion one I never saw coming Overall, a great suspensful read for teens and adults alike The book, Double Identity , is told by a 12 year old girl named Bethany Bethany thinks she is an average girl with two parents, and gets anything she wants She loves to swim and come up with big words that no one will understand Not everything is as normal as it seems to the outside world Bethany s Mom, Hillary cries every single day and Bethany has no idea why Everything changes when one day her parents put her in the car and drive for hours They drop her off at her Aunt Myrlie s house, an aunt she didn t even know existed They leave her there and don t tell her where they re going, or why Bethany is not allowed to call and is to stay by her Aunt s side at all times Soon Bethany comes to find out why everyone in Saunderfield, Illinois looks at her so differently and that she is in fact, not an original like everyone else in the world is Bethany is 12 years old and definitely acts like she s 16 She thinks she needs to be apart of everything that is going on that no one should treat her like she s just a child There are a few times that she does act like one, like when she throws a tantrum that she wants her parents back Aunt Myrlie is just a normal older woman She s a kindergarten teacher with one daughter and a dead husband Elizabeth is Bethany s sister Although she may be dead, she is still a very important part of the story and as you read you will learn I don t need to share a lot about Elizabeth because anything I have told you about Bethany, sums up Elizabeth The setting of the story mostly takes place in Saunderfield, Illinois.This is very important because this is where Bethany s parents grew up and also raised Elizabeth The setting of this story is everything about the story because none of the pieces would have fell together if it did not take place here I think the theme in this story is to show that there are a lot of things in this world that are unknown Things from people s past that we would never guess happened I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery It will really make you think about the possibilities of the outcome This book is suitable for 7th graders and above. Double Identity is a very good book It has a twisty plot, but it s very interesting Bethany and her parents seem to be in a great deal of danger She is very curious Her parents take her to stay with an aunt that she has never heard of before Her life before this situation was perfect She was spoiled, home schooled, and got whatever she wanted Her parents were very protective, and know they just leave her with someone she has never met She wants to know what is going on, but there is no one for her to talk to, and she has no way of getting in touch with her father Throughout this book, I was curious as well I wanted to know why her parents were acting so strange, and who this Myrlie is I wanted to know who Elizabeth was, and why it was all such a secret This book is full of fear, trust, and life changing situations I loved the suspense as I read, and it made me actually want to read it It is interesting to think that this could be a real life situation This book really made me think, and kept me interested The lesson that I got from it, was the fact that you should be yourself no matter what Bethany did not know what was happening, but she stood strong and never gave up As many questions as she had for Myrlie, she did not ask and she was never rude She trusted her, and she had faith, that her parents would do everything that they could possibly do, to keep her safe At first the story was slow, but before too long I was hooked I usually don t read, but I really enjoyed this book It kept me wondering, and I really seemed to connect with Bethany I would recommend this book for any teen boy or girl I think adults would enjoy it, as well It is full of thrills, and a question is being answered non stop The end of the book was not what I expected but it was okay Elizabeth turned out to be someone that I never imagined The whole time I was reading, I was thinking of all the possibilities Nothing seemed to turn out like I thought it would, but it was good The idea of being yourself stuck throughout the whole book Anyone who reads this, will definitely be curious, and ask many questions If you like mysteries and suspenseful stories, this is the book for you In the end, I was just as surprised as Bethany was and throughout the book, and was just as confused as she was All of her questions were answered, and everything fell into place I can not wait to read another book by Haddix, and I hope that I will be just as satisfied.