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I liked it, but I feel like I could have used a book club or discussion group there were a lot of things going on and a lot of socially and morally complicated characters to think about and keep track of, and I m not quite sure if I was supposed to read it at face value or if there was symbolism that I missed I felt sympathetic towards the nameless protagonist, as well as Idrissa and Gabriel I could have read things from either of their perspectives. I tried to describe what was happening at the end to some straights and realized the hero was riding a white horse into the city to save the heroine Luckily it s a cliffhanger, the heroine is a homeless terrorist who thinks she s a tiger, and the hero is an intersex Malian activist, and the horse was bred by NazisBasically this book is amazing. Emerging Author Chavisa Woods Has Been Noted For Capturing A Strange, Troubling Vision Of Domestic Life In The Rural US Go Magazine Here She Presents A Technicolored Vision Of Rural Adolescence, The Story Of A Girl With An Unpronounceable Name A Fiery, Unhinged, Growling, Big Hearted Queer Country Girl In A Dirty Black Tutu And Combat Boots Who Travels Along All The Bizarre Yet Familiar Byways Of Human Desire From The Cornfields Of Louisiana And The Big Brass Sound Of Mardi Gras To The Heights Of The Empire State Building Turning The Tradition Of The Southern Gothic Novel On Its Head, Woods Presents A New Land Of Contemporary Misfits Including Fire Dancers, Pseudo Nazis Who Breed Albino Animals, Catholic Workers, Horse Thieves, And The Archangel GabrielleA Bold Exploration Of The Intersections Of Race, Class, And Sexuality, The Albino Album Contemplates The Relationships Between Political Action, Art And Romance, As Our Heroine Tries On A Series Of Bewitchingly Fantastical Families Looking For The Place To Call Home I m hesitant to use labels like Southern, Poverty, Punk, Lesbian, or Anarchist, because while this book is all of these, they are not treated as gimmick or novelty Chavisa has lived in these worlds with the keen observation of a cultural anthropologist and has the writing skill to bring it to life for a reader I put this book on the same list with Tom Robbins, Chuck Palahniuk, and Irvine Welsh Right now I am reading it for the second time, slowly, to savor every phrase. Or maybe 3 1 2 starsThrough much of this book, I was awestruck It really is a queer epic one of the ways it is described on the back cover , with one of the most interesting main characters ever Woods imagines the most marginal of marginal people and gives her breath and words and sounds and smells.While much of the book rang true, other parts struck a false chord It was brilliant, but in places it fell a little flat Woods tried to cover too much territory. OMG this book is so freaking amazing I took a lot of notes and still don t even know where to begin It is incredibly intense, its very stream of conciousness I haven t been this excited about a new book since I discovered Haruki Murakami.This book is so hard to describe But basically its about a young girl who becomes a domestic terrorist At first you think the book is about China and Panama characters, not the countries but they are really just background characters Then you find out the book is about a girl with an impronounceable name though eventually she has a nickname of Mya and she is actually the daughter of Panama Mya at some point somehow feeds her mom to an albino tiger and becomes horribly traumatized by it The book has so many twists and turns, just when you think you think you know where it s going, it changes Side One Or part one as the book is set up like an album is much hectic and confused By the time side two or part two comes around, things are a bit settled,There are some intense girl girl sex scenes, but if you aren t into that it might bother you but I loved it I don t think I m going to say much because I don t want to ruin the book for anyone In anycase, read it, its fantastic. This book was mesmerizing It swallowed me up every time I picked it up It definitely going on my never forgetting shelf I m going to recommend it to everyone I know and reread it often The only problem I have with it is that I m unsatisfied with the ending the last time I picked it up and realized there was barely any pages left I was anxious as heck as I read, and the ending really didn t help with that What happened next Did Mya go through with her plans, did her uncles and Idrissa get to her on time, what happens with Gabriel And all of the characters are just so realistic and fully fleshed and interesting I would read side stories and side novels about all of them, even the creepy fire church guy whose name I can t remember.And most of all, I really really really want to know what Mya s actual name is. Oh my lord This is the anti Hillbilly Elegy I needed in my life a queer epic winding its way from the rural Midwest to New Orleans to New York City, skewering Monsanto, unflinchingly confronting middle American racism, and having some badass and moving lesbian, queer, and intersex intimacies Okay, that s the concept Execution wise, the language is gorgeous, but the novel suffers from some meandering and a dissatisfying ending I could live with that It s vital and chimerical and explosive like the world it depicts. This astonishing novel is pretty darn close to being the Great American Lesbian Novel I ve been awaiting for 35 years The central theme is racial in justice, and other types of oppression are explored the largest part of it is set among working class people in the heartland, and an immigrant is one of the main characters lesbians are central to the story, and other queer people are featured.The book jacket says Woods works in the tradition of the southern gothic But there s not too much South here, aside from a long interlude in New Orleans Think southern gothic as in Carson McCullers all the characters are eccentric most are downright freaks the comedy is tragic and the tragedy is comic politics bubbles under the surface I hadn t grasped how evil the Monsanto Company is until I read this book What makes the novel a notch less than Great is that it doesn t completely hang together After I finished it, I read in an interview with Woods that she wrote the first and last chapters as short stories she wrote the intervening material to connect them That showed.If you want to understand how brilliant Woods is, the political connections she can help you make, and what we have to look forward to in her future books, you can read an interview with her at m going to have to talk fast to my lesbian book group to convince them to discuss this with me At 20 and 550 pages, the book is a stretch for us Later The group did agree and thought the book well worth the time and money But I tell you, if this novel doesn t win the Lammy in its category, I will wash my hands of those awards for good Later It didn t and I did. Despite the fact that this book confused me fairly often and occasionally annoyed me, in the end I think I love it I m pretty certain it s a work of genius, somewhere in between Moby Dick and I ve Got A Time Bomb by Sybil Lamb It s a truly epic, truly bizarre queer coming of age story for the 21st century It tackles sexuality, race, class, leftist lesbian punk politics, and other issues in a way I ve never seen before, like an anthropologist with the keen eye of an observer but the familiar feeling of an insider Woods s insight into the general human condition When you have nothing, the sunlight, carrying with it the promise of a new day, makes a mockery of light and into the specificities of all sorts of populations the aforementioned political groups but also working class rural white folks and middle class artsy non profit workers is incredibly nuanced and startlingly accurate A must read, and the kind of book you could read three or four times and get out of it every time.