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Josie Byrne S Life Is Spiraling Out Of Control Her Parents Are Divorcing, Her Boyfriend Nick Has Grown Distant, And Her Physics Teacher Has It In For Her When She S Betrayed By The Two People She Trusts Most, Josie Thinks Things Can T Get WorseUntil She Starts Having Dreams About A Girl Named Jo Every Night At The Same Time AmJo S Life Is Everything Josie Wants She S Popular, Her Parents Are Happily Married, And Nick Adores Her It All Seems Real, But They Re Just Dreams, Right Josie Thinks So, Until She Wakes One Night To A Shadowy Image Of Herself In The Bedroom Mirror Jo Josie And Jo Realize That They Are Doppelg Ngers Living In Parallel Universes That Overlap Every Twelve Hours At Exactly Fascinated By Jo S Perfect World, Josie Jumps At The Chance To Jump Through The Portal And Switch Places For A DayBut Jo S World Is Far From Perfect Not Only Is Nick Not Jo S Boyfriend, He Hates Her Jo S Mom Is Missing, Possibly Insane And At Night, Shadowy Creatures Feed On Human FleshBy The End Of The Day, Josie Is Desperate To Return To Her Own Life But There S A Problem Jo Has Sealed The Portal, Trapping Josie In This Dangerous World Can She Figure Out A Way Home Before It S Too Late From Master Of Suspense Gretchen McNeil Comes A Riveting And Deliciously Eerie Story About The Lives We Wish We Had And How They Just Might Kill You

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    Actual rating 1.5 starsOne of the biggest reasons for me wanting to read 3 59 was because it took place in a location very familiar to me Like many other readers, when I hear about a book that s set in my state or near my hometown, I feel this incessant need to read it by any means necessary Unfortunately, 3 59 proved to be one big fat disappointment.The book follows science wiz Josie Bryne who starts having dreams at 3 59 of a girl who looks just like her As her own life begins to fall apart around her she finds her boyfriend and best friend sleeping together, her parents divorce and she loses her job , she desperately wants the life she catches glimpses of when she sleeps The girl Jo seems to have everything Josie wants A perfect boyfriend, happily married parents and a perfect life But when she finally gets the opportunity to cross over to Jo s world, she learns things are far from perfect.This sounded like such an interesting concept with it being pitched as Parent Trap meets Event Horizon I don t even know what Event Horizon is Okay, so Kat says it s a really scary horror movie 3 59 is neither of those things , but Parent Trap the one with Lindsay Lohan before her life took a decided turn for the worse is one of my all time favorite movies Throw in some sci fi alternate universe action and I m totally there Sadly, 3 59 bares no resemblance to Parent Trap at all and I really need for Harper to stop this whole Awesome movie book concept meets Even Awesome movie book concept thing that they do Frankly, they are usually so far off and misleading It s like they re overcompensating for their novels And let me tell you, there was some serious overcompensating going on for 3 59.The Writing Style So I took 3 59 with me one afternoon while I journeyed on the metro to my favorite children s book store I read exactly 5 pages and had a sinking suspicion that this book was not going to be my thang The writing style immediately had a very choppy weird feeling that never felt natural or smooth even as the novel progressed There were inner monologues from the narrator found in between each section of dialogue, making the exchange seem very long Someone would say something to Josie and then there d be a paragraph monologue about what she was thinking or a bit of info dumping I couldn t help but to wonder what Josie would be doing in these time spans instead of answering the character s question Was she staring at them while her brain worked to keep up with her mouth Perhaps.Flat Characters I don t think there is a single character in this book that I liked or saw growth from Everyone remained exactly the same from beginning to end The narrator tells us that Josie had changed, that she was smarter and stronger, but I never got a sense of any of that Each character had one trait that they encompassed and that s basically what they were for the entire novel.The Plot 3 59 relies heavily on science to explain why things are the way they are It s supposed to be clearly logical Josie and her friend, Penelope, are supposed to appear smart And I do appreciate McNeil having intelligent female protagonists solving the mystery My problem was that since the science behind the book was so very complex, I had an extremely hard time seeing a high school student or several of them knowing that much at such a young age Is everyone a physics prodigy and able to keep up with all those formulas Josie just happens to know physics than her teachers But, okay Maybe I could get behind this idea if all the science jargon didn t create so many opportunities to info dump Let s be honest, hardly any readers will know what Josie knows So whenever Josie and Penelope went off of their science talk, there was conveniently another character in the room asking for the For Dummies version Look, I am not the kind of reader who is easily impressed with an author s ability to recite Big Science Words So I need to be able to see some type of explanation, and I never really got that Instead, I got questions Where did the mirror in Jo s room come from despite Josie never having one in her room until she moved it there Why did Josie only start having the dreams recently even though the connection to both worlds had been open for 6 months Then we move on to the actual logical fails 3 59 was filled with There s this part in the book where Josie and Nick go on a tour of Fort Meade a highly guarded military facility that houses different government divisions like NSA where they are given a tour by one of the Directors Somehow, Josie convinces the Director because he s attracted to her to give them a tour of a floor they have no business being on Somehow, conveniently the halls are deserted That is so inaccurate, I can t even Then she conveniently leaves her purse on that floor in the bathroom only to later bat her eyelashes at the Director for his access card so she can retrieve it alone I understand that this is fiction, but Josie was given way too many free passes in this novel I don t care if she batted her eyelashes so hard that her eyes got stuck in a permanent twitch, there is no way someone is handing over their security badge at the Fort And there is no way she would make it back up to that same off limits floor with no one stopping her You can t just walk around the Fort unescorted It doesn t happen for security reasons Where was the research done here But I get it Sometimes you just have to go with it when it comes to some books hard as that is for me most times This book was supposed to be built around scientific logic, so I expected basic common sense rules to be applied in other aspects as well Clearly, I was asking too much because later in the book, Josie just thinks to ask her father in the alternate universe to steal a government laser from Fort Meade The exchange went ridiculously something like this Hey, daddy Can you steal that government laser for the highly guarded military facility I need it I love you so much xoxoxo Anything for you, princess Shall I pick you up some Burger King on the way out the Fort Are you kidding For Josie to be so smart, I am actually surprised she thought this was legit a possibility even after her real mother specifically told her to trust no one.Then, right after a character is brutally eaten to death by the nox creatures that haunt the alternate universe and eat people right in front of Josie and Nick, these fools start making out right there Things get hot and heavy, Josie has a moment when she realizes she s in love and she reaches up and grabs the dude s severed ankle OMG, I freakin love this guy I m making out with This is so hot Oh, shit Is that a foot Gah How did this body get here Oh, right He just died Gag me, please.It was there 3 59 and I had a strange turn of events The book went from giving me a lot of these moments To where I could barely suppress a laugh Honestly, though, I was still being entertained just not in the way the author probably intended it.Insta Love So as if this couldn t get any worse, this happens She d never felt this way with her ex boyfriend This was something different Something deeper Even though they had only known each other a few days, Nick knew her better than anyone else, and loved her even because of it Quoted from 3 59 ARC, page 348.Sure, sure She s in love with this guy even though they ve had maybe a handful of conversations all of them related to the plot and had nothing to do with actually finding out things about each other , one of which was sparked by him pointing a gun at her Boyfriend of the year I never once felt the connection between the two They were these character stuck in this situation and randomly, romance was thrown in because, hey, every YA book has to have its romance Obviously, that was sarcasm But in the end, the romance didn t add anything extra to the reading experience and felt contrived and forced.Predictability However, I might have even forgiven all of that if only the entire mystery hadn t been so predictable I know 3 59 is being pitched as a sci fi thriller, but I never once felt the urgency because things were so painfully obvious I knew who the bad guy was, what happened to her parents, who was attacking the humans, etc Josie is depicted as a really smart protagonist, but again, spouting off science words is not enough if the reader is two steps ahead of your detective The really sad part is that the mystery wasn t bad at all, but really lacked better foreshadowing and a much tighter plot If I ve already figured out the mystery by 50%, there s really no reason for me to stick around.Not only was the plot predictable, but the character actions And this is where I feel good old fashion character growth would have helped Josie, as trusting and sweet as she was depicted, was, frankly, TSTL I don t think this was intentional, but when you keep telling the reader how smart your character is, but they continually do really dumb things, it rarely works for me.To Conclude In the end, 3 59 didn t live up to my expectations Had the plot and mystery been tighter, the characters better developed and the romance cleaned up, I would have probably really loved this one Would I recommend this My first reaction is, Eh, no But I do think if the above doesn t bother you much in novels, you may enjoy this one I would, instead, strongly recommend checking out a sample to see if the writing style works for you and then abandoning all sense of logic at page one.1 star because it s not the worst book I ve read.5 star for somehow keeping me entertained despite my frustrations ARC was received from the publisher via Young Adult Books Central.More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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    So when I was reading 3 59, this happened

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    For an entertaining thriller, 3 59 does a good job Some of it is overwhelming or far fetched, and specific parts made me cringe, but it s an action packed read that s great for a quick thrill With a title like 3 59 you already know that this specific time is important to the story So from the start, the time stamp shown on every page works to keep us on edge as we know that something is coming and soon Then 3 59 hits and something bizarre does happen, but we can t make sense of it quite yet All we know is it s ominous, and it s likely due to her mother s experiments meaning science, and alternate universes This is when Jo starts coming into the story First via dreams, then through the mirror Jo and Josie are the same person living completely different lives And what else can you do but want to live where the grass is greener As such, they decide to switch places It s an interesting concept, one that was obviously well researched with scientifically solid ideas ideas that stretch into sci fi, naturally On that note, while I appreciate complex detailing for a realistic world building especially in this genre, the science filled discussions were quite bewildering From profuse scientific jargon to age old multiverse theories with black holes and quantum mechanics I m a big fan of sci fi books that touch on space time continuum, but I stopped trying to wrap my head around the science encircling this one I m also wondering how this town bred all these teenage Einsteins These regular school kids could have put any scientist to shame So no matter how scientifically logical it may be though I couldn t tell you if it was , some parts of the book make it hard to suspend disbelief regardless Having given up on making sense of it all, I treated it as a mindless entertaining read and was satisfied on that front 3 59 has a protagonist with familiar issues that many will be able to relate to A distant mother, parental separation, a cheating boyfriend, a betraying best friend Josie s in a place in life where everyone and everything seems to be against her Loneliness has sunk in hard, hence why she jumps at the chance to switch lives and savor what she used to have if only temporarily Though why she would want to go back to a cheating boyfriend even if he s the doppelg nger is beyond me But she was heartbroken so I ll forgive her What I don t forgive is the part in the romance where they start making out next to a mutilated body The scene is meant to be romantic, I think But the reader and both characters in question are fully aware that not 5 minutes past a person was EATEN by a monstrous beast RIGHT THERE Then Josie acts all surprised and grossed out when, stretching from romantic enjoyment , she happens upon a dismembered foot So not sexy, guys shudders But whatever Teenage hormones or something Moving on from the gross. There is a strong romantic sub plot in this book where Josie and Nick team up against an unraveling conspiracy Her still being in love with the other him from her real life, and him falling in love with the new her gives a unique romance that I found interesting, even mind boggling I both loved and hated how it ended, too It s bittersweet Her last conversation with cheating Nick fist pump The pacing is non stop with a constant give of information and twists that keep our attention from straying There are also invisible flesh eating flying beasts added in to give a touch of horror to this new world Josie has walked into I personally found this exciting but I can see some may be less happy about it invading a predominantly scientific plot With that said, I feel like this book was trying to be larger than it could be, but it s an enjoyable read nonetheless An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Actual rating 2.5I ve read my share of books about parallel universes this year Most of the time, the basis is simple, but then eventually the idea turns into a mess beyond comprehension, both plot wise and conceptually This book executes the idea much better than most of the books with a similar premisebut considering those book were mostly utter crap, this book will be elevated by me beyond that, to the glorious category of unstinky poo The plot is also plagued with one gigantic, gaping, Grand Canyon sized plot hole crucial to the twist, that I am frankly shocked that it got passed through no spoilers.The idea of the parallel universes were well explained, but the plot and the characters leave much to be desired Here we have the sci fi version of The Parent Trap Josie Byrne is a brilliant student, she s got a wonderful boyfriend and a group of friends whom she largely ignores because her family life is a mess right now mom is acting like a mad scientist, dad is dating her school s former prom queen cum personal trainer, etc Also, there s been a lot of mysterious deaths in the woods near town All caused by animals, according to the authorities Like anyone s going to believe that.In one Very Bad Afternoon, Josie gets into a quasi car accident, gets fired from her job, and finds out that her wonderful awesome handsome loving boyfriend Nick has been cheating on her With her best friend, Madison Ouch All this started from that unfortunate car event at 3 59 PM.From then on, Josie has dreams of someone who looks like her, named Jo Jo looks like she has the perfect life, because you can absolutely glean all that from glimpses of someone s dreams Jo drives a sweet BMW Her boyfriend also Nick is loving and wonderful Jo s got a lovely bedroom.Josie and Jo come to realize that the mirror in their room is connecting them and their parallel worlds, which is separated by 12 hours Josie is desperately envious of Jo Specifically, she is envious of Jo s boyfriend, the cheating son of a bitch Nick, whom she still loves and with whom she still wants a second chance So Josie made the brilliant idea of switching places with Jo for one day, despite knowing nothing of her besides for one briefly exchanged letter, passed through the mirror, despite knowing nothing at all about her world, all for the sake of having ONE MORE PWECIOUS DAY WITH HER BELOVED NICK TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT.What Why It s a parallel universe It changes nothing in her original world She could be with Nick for one perfect day, he s still not going to have an idea of what transpired in her world Josie, you are a brilliant high school student, why are you acting like such a dumb chick It makes no sense to me that Josie made that decision Josie is not stupid She really, truly is brilliant From her demonstrated knowledge and discussions of advanced physical theories like the Penrose Interpretation, from her mother s reputation as a brilliant scientist she s working on some experiment involving deuterium , I really, truly expected from Josie than the behaviors of a lovesick girl.Once the two girls do their little switcheroo the normally frumpy Josie even gets her hair highlighted to match , Josie finds out that Jo s seemingly perfect life is not what it seems Sure, she gets a sweet car, and she s rich, and popularbut her newfound popularity doesn t feel quite right It was kind of like being the world s most popular leper the focus of everyone s attention and no one s affection and it made her incredibly uncomfortable Was that what it was like to be popular A kind of cold, fearful isolation The parallel world is like hers, but with different variations, a darker feel to it In house after house, blinds were being drawn, shutters latched, like every household was hunkering down for the night As Josie tramped along, she got a creeping feeling up the back of her spine The entire town had an air of hostility. The people are still the same, but they act differentlyor maybe it s because Jo is not who Josie thought she was Her best friend Madison hates her, the whole school is scared of her, the teachers react in shock when she answers a question in class Her other friend, Penelope, is absolutely terrified of her.And what s with this thing called The Grid What the hell is a Nox The plot is interesting, the executionnot so great The romance is so ridiculous, so utterly forced It is as if Josie falls into insta love with Nick, someone she already knew, excepthe s different And thinking about romance in this sort of situation is just plain stupid The plot is complicated Josie is trying to get back to her world, where the insidious bitchy Jo has taken over her life There s the mystery of her disappeared mother, there s strange, mysterious, bloodsucking creatures flying around in the dark There are government plots People dying Constant fear of the dark It is a shitty, shitty world, a hell of a parallel universe, and yet Josie can t help but want to stay in itALL FOR THE SAKE OF NICK Screw the Nox She could stay here, with Nick, forever No one would know She leaned her body closer to his, and closed her eyes.This wasn t her world This wasn t her life And yet for some reason the idea of leaving here of leaving him made Josie instantly sick to her stomach. Josie realizes the ridiculousness of her feelingsand she clings onto them still It was so utterly disappointing I wanted a strong heroine, instead, I got a strong heroine who was weakened personality and strength and rationality set aside for the sake of romance.The plot is heavily reliant upon deus ex machina People just happened to be there at the right time to save someone from a bitter fate Too many time, it happened Oh, and this little exchange between Josie and her doppelganger father is just lovely What do you need me to do Mr Byrne said at last We need to use the X FEL laser The one up at Fort Meade When Mr Byrne asked As soon as possible She heard Mr Byrne let out a slow breath All right, princess Whatever you need I can probably get them access for a few hours CAN YOU STEAL A HIGHLY DANGEROUS LASER FOR ME, DADDY OK BABY PRINCESS.All of the characters were justaverage They didn t have any depth to them, even Josie, who should have been developing in complexity throughout the book Nope Josie is pretty much the same lovesick character she was at the end of the book as when she started She s supposed to have developed strength somewhere along the way, but I really did not see that complexity built throughout the book The side characters are interesting than Josie, particularly the parallel universe version of Madison, but we never got to see of them than necessary, because Josie has to be the star of the show, and she stays that way to the detriment of the rest of the characters.I never felt like Nick was anything other than a generic nice guy, and I can see how Josie is attracted to him but I don t see how she s heads over heels in love with him in both worlds, with both versions One version of Nick supposed to be superior to the other, but considering the standard Nick was a cheating asshole, it doesn t take much to raise the bar.A promising book, built on solid scientific theories and a well executed premise of a parallel universe that was ultimately let down by an absurd plot and no character development.

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    3.5 Stars 3 59 was a fun action packed read from start to finish Throw in some romance, mystery and danger and I was a happy girl.Josie s life has been less than ideal lately With her parents separated, her mother consumed with work, and her boyfriend, Nick, distant lately, she feels a little off kilter Right off the bat, things go from off kilter to bad, especially in the romance department, and your heart goes out to poor Josie After an explosion in her mother s home workspace, Josie starts to see herself, a different version, in the mirror at the same time morning and night at exactly 3 59 The Josie in the mirror, Jo, appears to be the improved, happier version, with parents still together, and Nick still normal Josie longs for things to return to normal so she switches places with Jo temporarily Josie learns the hard way that things are not always as they appear I picked this up after my last read wasn t clicking, and was immediately hooked The pacing was great and fast and I felt for Josie right away after she s dealt a terrible blow There are two Nicks in this story, her boyfriend from her world and then the Nick in Jo s world Josie develops a relationship with Nick in Jo s world, but I felt it was a bit rushed and lacked depth I think this is somewhat inherent in a plot driven novel, and I love reading about a romance that feels real in its connection, so this was a little bit of a disappointment Still, I did enjoy this book and I was eagerly turning the pages to find out what would happen next I liked the concept of parallel existences, but to be honest, some of the plot felt farfetched I m no expert on parallel theories or quantum physics so this may be due to my ignorance probably, lol but a lot of it went over my head All in all it was a fun, fast read and I was surprised when I looked at the page count 368 because it seriously didn t seem that long at all I m wondering if there s a sequel planned because the ending didn t seem quite like and end I ve looked but I couldn t tell A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Come visit The Readers Den for a chance to win an ARC copy of 3 59.

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    Holy cow This book was awesome I have been on such a contemporary kick that I have been neglecting all of the other genres that I used to love Including fantasy and science fiction Oh, how foolish I have been 3 59 reminded me just how much I love these genres I need to go find other fantasy books to read right away I haven t experienced a Gretchen McNeil book yet, but I have no idea what I was waiting for This book is easily the best written, most exciting book I have read all year 3 59 is very science heavy, but I never felt lost or confused by the scientific jargon You could tell that Gretchen clearly did her research and she explained everything we needed to know really well through Josie and Penelope the two science y ones in the story I loved that even though there are two doppelgangers, Josie and Jo in this story it was only told through Josie s point of view It would have been easy to switch back and forth between her and Jo in the beginning of the book when they were first seeing each other through the mirror, but I was so excited that the point of view never switched I thought it really added to the story to have Josie put everything together for herself Josie is such a smart girl brilliant really, but she is also just a teenage girl that recently got dumped by her boyfriend So when she looked in the mirror and saw her boyfriend happy with her other self, she saw what she wanted to see That is what made her go from a good character to a great character in my mind That sounds silly, doesn t it but she was so realistic She isn t perfect, she made some mistakes, but she than made up for them in the rest of the book There are so many twists and turns in 3 59, I couldn t even predict half of them Which made for such an exciting read I couldn t put this book down I was on the edge of my seat for the whole thing When I had to stop reading to run errands or to do some work, I was actually annoyed that real life was interrupting my reading time Gretchen McNeil knows how to write creepy Man, the Nox was something I would have nightmares about I would hate to live in a world with them But they were fascinating Everything in her world was actually If you are a world building fan, you will LOVE 3 59 because the detail and description in this book is grade A I think 3 59 is a must read book of 2013 Whether you are a fan of fantasy and science fiction or not, you need to read this book.

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    The Parent Trap meets Event Horizon

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    I don t usually start reviews like this, butOh my fucking God I am dead I can not live Guys I just No My heart It fails me GUYS Oh my fuck I can not even But Just Everything hurts.So I absolutely have to start off with the sci fi aspect of this There is a ton of sci fi in there and Gretchen McNeil obviously did her research There were so many theories thrown around, not to mention a ton ofoh God, I don t even know what to call them, much less understand But the sci fi is hardcore in 3 59, and you just have to love the scientific explanations andother I can t guarantee you ll understand, but I can promise that it ll blow your mind away And you guys, the plot I can t even It was filled with suspense and anticipation read me hyperventilating and I just couldn t put it down It hooked me in straight away and then proceeded to kill me several times It was filled with so many twists I hadn t seen a mile away and smacked me in the face, leaving me astonished and shocked Not to mention, the ending Oh, it just breaks your heart I just loved our characters who were so brilliantly written much like the rest of the book and so wonderfully flawed, especially in the parallel world Josie is the kind of character you have to love She s been through a lot and she s easy to relate to I loved her voice and how she wasn t the perfect character She had her selfish moments and she had her brave ones She was smart and a bit nerdy, but wasn t the stereotypical loser nerd Nick was sweet in our world, but, of course, was a dick later on But in the parallel world Oh God, you have to love him MadisonI couldn t believe her, how she could change personalities so quickly It was disgusting and I sort of hated her But she was definitely kickass in the parallel world and I loved seeing the few, but definitely interesting, interactions Josie had with her The romance isn t a big part of the book, but you can t help but cheer Nick and Josie on I can t say much, but I need an epilogue That is all This was my first Gretchen McNeil book, but you can count on it not being my last With the amazingness that is 3 59, I m now scrambling to read her other works While I haven t read Ten despite having a copy , my friends have read and loved it, so I can only assume that McNeil is as much a genius with all her books.I absolutely was not expecting to love 3 59 this much I had high hopes for sure, butoh God, they were just completely blown away And that s saying a lot 3 59 is a gorgeously written sci fi thriller that literally had my heart pounding from chapter one and wanting to sob an ocean in the last.I have to recommend to absolutely everyone, sci fi fans or no, everyone has to read this so they can scream with me.

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    Nox, Nox who s there Book Title 3 59Author Gretchen McNeilNarration Tavia GilbertSeries Stand Alone I think Genre YA, Sci Fi, Love StuffSource Audiobook Library via Hoopla Disturbia by Rihanna I know, I just used this song a little bit ago but it fits this one too Ratings BreakdownPlot 3.5 5Characters 3.8 5The Feels 3.7 5Addictiveness 3.8 5Theme 4 5Flow 3.8 5Backdrop World Building 4 5Originality 4 5Book Cover 5 5Narration 4 5Ending 4.3 5 Cliffhanger Sort of but it s a stand alone, I thinkWill I read from this Author I could 3.8 5 STARS My ThoughtsFirst Impressions The title and the cover are super awesome and the synopsis is too I have a thing for parallel universes This didn t exactly live up to my first impressions While mostly entertaining, you just have to not think too deeply about it all, otherwise it s sort of unbelievable or just off kilter ish The science of it wasn t always easy to follow, but I comprehended well enough most of the time The Nox those monsters were freaky crazy, maybe too crazy The narration wasn t bad it s just narrated by the same girl as The Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray and it threw me off because they have similar plot lines.Sex Factor While mentioned, there is no actual explicit sex going on.

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    Special Note My KP, Stacee from the wonderfully fabulous Adventures of a Book Junkie, let me borrow her ARC of this title All quotes and opinions will be of this version and not from the published edition.My full review will have to wait until my closer to the publication date, but you should all know that this was AMAZING 3 59 was such a unique, well delivered book fantastic characters, engaging and perfectly crafted plot, and surprising twists OH THE TWISTS that made for a spectacular read.I d give it an actual rating of 4.75 stars, but only technically, and ONLY because I d love to have an epilogue in the published version Something concrete about a possible reunion This will make sense after you ve read it, which you absolutely should do.