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    Israel is threatened with destruction by an imminent Canaanite invasion Deborah the great Hebrew judge and prophetess rallies the nation from Mount Tabor in the heart of IsraelDeborah persuades the Israelite general Barak to launch a strike against the Canaanite forces commanded by their general Sisera who has terrorized Israel for yearsAgainst overwhelming odds the Israelites root and completely crush the Canaanite forces before taking control of King Jabin's castle at HazorSisera flees the sight of the battle and takes refuge in the tent of a Kenite woman Jael who slays him as retribution for his reign of terrorAfter taking Hazor Barak liberates the Israelite slaves and takes captive Jabin's daughters He forces Canaanite princess Asherah to marry him without realizing that it is Nogah who is the true prizeMuch of the book focuses on Barak's womanizing and his relations with the various female protagonistsI didn't much like Etzioni Halevi's version of Barak as he seems like a vain and shallow casanova ruled purely by his ego and own whimsI have always seen Barak in a totally different wayI far preferred who was interesting and admirable as both a forceful and compassionate women I would liked to have read about Deborah and JaelNonetheless the author vividly brings ancient Israel to life and provides and exciting and fleshy novel

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    I belive the title is misleading; it should have been Barak's Triumphs in Bed or Barak and Nogah's Lovelife The story's only remaining echo for me is that of a poorly disguised bodice ripper The Triumph of Deborah Really? I would have loved to have read something about her triumphs and not only in bed Barak and his sexual partners do overtake Dborah as the book's main focus however and this was confusing and aggravating to say the least

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    Eva Etzioni Halevy has taken the story of Deborah the prophetess put flesh on the bones and created a trashy romance novel

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    I was so excited about this book which I randomly picked up out of a sale bin at Borders The story of Deborah has always interested me and I was curious to see it from the perspective of a female Israeli professor But here the author has basically turned the story of the judge and prophetess Deborah and Barak a story with so much political and cultural promise into a bad soap opera Maybe I found the style of her prose weirdly impersonal off putting but I didn't enjoy this I also was disappointed in the characters It surprised me that a novel written by an educated woman with a predominantly female cast of characters could be so what's the opposite of empowering? For a novel with Deborah's name in the title not much of the novel is actually devoted to understanding her There are few redeeming ualities about Barak who is supposed to be the desire of all the women around him and the women seem strangely satisfied to marry and love men who mistreat or discount them I understand the culture and attitude towards marriage is different from ours today but seriously These women seem to possess neither intelligence nor a will of their own slaves to their desires and misguided passions One character when offered a life on her own terms utilizing her own skills and intelligence turns away from it to throw herself back at the feet of the man who mistreated and took advantage of her Another one marries and falls in love with a man simply because he looks like her dead husband something the man himself predicts with maddening smugness And the list goes onI rarely can find nothing redeeming in a novel which makes this all the baffling What a disappointment

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    The Triumph of Deborah is a historical Biblical fiction novel and yet so much I have always enjoyed Biblical stories and this one did not disappoint me Deborah a Prophetess the wife of Lapidoth was judging Israel at that time She would sit under the palm tree of Deborahin the hill country of Efraim and the Israelites came up to her for judgment Judges 44 5The story is about Deborah who was a very powerful woman in Israel people stood in awe of her As the above uote from the Bible tells us the people of her land looked to her for guidance and advice so she became a judge in the land She also felt herself a 'mother figure' from the time she was young she had taken on the role of telling others how to handle issues and they would abide by her Deborah was also a prophetess God spoke to her and she carried out his wishes among his people Deborah is a fascinating character not only because of the power she had but also the way she was willing to overlook being treated in not a respectful way by men who knew no better she was a better person than that When she was dealing with men who did not think a woman's place was that of a leader she would to some extent not flaunt her power I respected that about her she wasn't arrogant in her power she just knew it was there and I imagine so did these men and that's what scared them Deborah is the one who instigates the war between the Israelites and Caanaanites She had a prophecy from God that they would win so she goes with Barak to war and they do indeed prevailHowever I don't think that Deborah is the only powerful woman in this novel There is Nogah who is the King of the Caanaanite's illegitimate daughter who was powerful in her own uiet way She is another character I felt very drawn to She started out as a slave her mother Reumah watching over her very closely as she knew who Nogah was Eventually the King finds out who Nogah is and welcomes her into his heart although will not recognize her publicly She learns to read and she and her mother have a much better life for a while Then there is a war and Nogah's life is upset once again She goes to live in Barak's home being a maid once again However she falls in love with him and he with her although he is oblivious at the time and only after she leaves him does he realize his love Finally they come together again and in Nogah's uiet way she tells Barak that peace between the Israelites and Caanaanites is the best for both Deborah agrees and they meet together with the Caanaanites and an agreement of peace is established There is so much than I can ever possibly put in a review This book is very rich in detail of both the people and the land I felt as though I was a part of everything happening It also has a romantic element which is enjoyable I loved that we saw the power especially of Deborah in a time when this was really unheard of Women had no rights in that time and yet here was Deborah rising above that to be a judge and highly respected Eva Etzioni Halevy has a way of making us love these characters I felt so strongly for them and their welfare I was sad to see this novel end it is a story I could have kept reading for another 400 pages It is a testament to women that we can overcome almost anything to succeed We are strong and brilliant and beautifulThere are many uotes throughout this novel that are amazing but with my love of flowers I picked this out as one of my favorites just for the visual aspect and feeling of peace that it brings to me'A gentle breeze was moving the branches of the blooming pomegranate trees and mandrakes whose fragrances it bore into the distance A mulitude of colorful wildflowers had sprouted; they glistened like precious stones from the dew of the night that still clung to their petals'I think this book is well worth reading especially if you love Biblical fiction It's a great story with an even greater lesson For myself I will definitely be reading her other two novels The Song of Hannah and The Garden of Ruthhttppeekingbetweenthepagesblogspo

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    I had a sudden urge to read a historical novel this weekend Since I own only a couple the choice was easy I had read a lot of reviews of ‘Triumph of Deborah’ and knew it was generally liked So I didn’t hesitate to pick it upAnd yes I liked it In fact I loved it I had absolutely no knowledge about Deborah So before reading the book I googled a little and found out that she was a highly respected prophet a judge and a leader of Israel And the fact that she was a woman and yet respected so much during that era was inspiringOkay let’s jump to the book Inspire of all her efforts Deborah is unable to establish peace between the Canaanites and her people Seeing that she has no choice but to go to war she decides to appoint Barak as the chief Barak is very young and inexperienced but she decides to trust him based on his past victories Barak although resistant at first feels like he has no option He leads Israel to victory against CanaanitesIn the Canaan country the King gives the responsibility of war to Sisra who also marries his daughter Asherah renowned for her beauty The King has another daughter Nogah from an Israeli slave and whose knowledge is kept a secretWhen Barak captures the Canaan Castle he is smitten by Asherah’s beauty so he takes her as his captive Nogah accepts a job as a maid in Barak’s mansion Thus begins a love triangle between Barak Asherah and Nogah Barak is smitten by Asherah and Nogah is in love with Barak but Asherah hates Barak because she thinks he is responsible for her husband Sisra’s death She waits for an opportunity to kill Barak and make him pay for his deedsDeborah meanwhile through her prophecies and her visions helps avoid another was between Israel and Canaan In the end Deborah Barak Asherah and Nogah help in bringing peace to the landDeborah is very strong willed and admirable She is true to her people and is willing to sacrifice her personal life as well I was surprised that I had never read much about the love triangle in any of the reviews Considering it takes up than half of the book it’s a major part of ‘Triumph of Deborah’ I love romance books so I was in fact happy that there was this angle to it But I do think some people might be annoyed by the number of chapters dedicated to it So I just thought of mentioning it hereI learned a lot about Deborah as a biblical character The writing style is simple which makes it easier to get engrossed in the story Although I won’t call it a character driven novel I felt strongly about all of them; be it Deborah Nogah Asherah or Barak In fact I hated Barak He was a womanizer and he let his lust overpower all his senses Nogah I thought was a fool for loving a man like Barak But love has no logic right?Conclusion I highly recommend this book I am definitely going to be on a lookout for Eva Etzioni Havely’s other books The Song of Hannah and The Garden of Ruthoriginally reviewed at

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    The Triumph of Deborah by Eva Etzioni – Halevy is a riveting tale of a determined highly respected leader and prophetess DeborahThis novel is set in ancient Israel in the twelfth to the mid eleventh centuries BCE In this gripping tale Deborah is a very powerful woman who judged the people of Israel People from far and wide would come to Deborah to seek judgment and counsel Deborah was married to Lapidoth and could hear God’s voice too Her prophecies were highly revered and mostly came true too She than often set out to tell people the wishes of God and to tell them to mend their ways or else the wrath from Heaven would be unbearable On one such day Deborah has a vision and understands that she has to have a war against the neighboring Canannites who have been terrorizing the people of Israel and looting them and killing many as well She summons Barak the mightiest of all and asks him to launch a war against them Despite all the odds they succeed From the destroyed royal family of the Cannanites Barak brings back 2 princesses Asherah the most beautiful of the beauties and Nogah the illegitimate daughter of the King And thus starts a gripping tale of love disappointment and hatred The story weaves around Deborah but at no point in the novel do we feel that she is the only person She is extremely powerful but never uses her power for anything that’s against Torah rules She is very humble and generous all throughout but nevertheless not perfect and I really found that aspect of her drawing Barak on the other hand is one man who is powerful intelligent and a womanizer but extremely noble in his heart He never forces his way with women but women are drawn to him so much that they feel it a great reward to be with him I would love to say that I am in love with Barak’s character but Nogah is the one who got all my love and anticipation She is the uite powerhouse of knowledge and love and I identified with her so much too And for being her aide I really liked Uriel also Being totally clueless about this chapter in the Bible I was truly amazed at the in depth knowledge about this period of time that this book bestowed on me It was fast paced well written and Eva has done full justice to all her characters I would love to tell you all about each and every character and about them but I would like you all to read and ravish and understand I give it 5 on 5 And I am thankful that I read this amazing tale that has given me a taste for historical fiction I am all ready to pick up other titles by Eva herself

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    A accurate title for this book is The Sexual Triumphs of Deborah and other Ancient Hussies Unless you're really into ridiculously juvenile sexual euphemisms and authors taking wild liberties in describing what male female romantic relationships were like in Israel 2500 years ago based on today's stereotypical female insecurities don't waste your time on this embarrassing drivel of a book I started it because I do enjoy well researched and insightful historical fiction but soon felt I was forcing myself through it to the end Ultimately I finished because I really wanted to declare the following review at my book club meeting and here this book is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read At no point in the author's rambling incoherent storyline was she even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read this book I would award it zero stars if I could and may God have mercy on this author's soul

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    If anything I was really drawn into the story about the world its characters and treating each character as someone with their own thoughts downfalls and merits As well as managing to make them feel real without ever confining them to any specific role but rather suiting their characters personalities Detailing the Canaanite and Israelite wars About Deborah but also about two sisters one royal and the other who grew up a slave The latter of which I would really grow to sympathize like and also enjoy As well as Deborah her mistakes and showing her as a powerful woman despite all The ending is really good and this is a wholly satisfying tale

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    I found this a nice smooth read and it placed the Biblical story into a real setting I got annoyed with the amount of romance and sex and the fact that the main hero was a repeated rapist Deborah was barely a main character And the ending essentially had the females debasing their positions to placate the men