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Writing Without A Parachute The Art Of Freefall Shows Both Beginning And Experienced Writers How To Get The Thinking Mind To Step Aside, So That Writing Becomes Truly Creative A Vulnerable And Open Hearted Engagement With The Moment Here For The First Time, Writing Teacher Barbara Turner Vesselago Shares In Print The Method By Which, For Almost Years, She Has Helped Hundreds Of Writers To Publish Fiction, Memoir, Non Fiction And Poetry Worldwide By Means Of Five Simple Precepts, She Leads The Writer Step By Step Into Real Trust In Writing Through The Art Of Freefall Invoking The Courage To Fall Without A Parachute Into The Words As They Come This Book Can Be Used For Inspiration, As A Reference, Or As A Sustained, Twelve Month Course In Writing It Will Help All Writers To Connect With Their Deepest Intention In Writing, And To Write With Greater Authority And Grace A useful companion book for doing one of Barbara s workshops, or can be used as a self guided course over 12 months The first three and the last chapter were especially inspirational However, I found many of the central chapters did little but provide examples illustrative of the chapter theme from people who have written under Barbara s direction Many of these pieces are vivid and lovely, but they did not provide the writing guidance I was looking for in this book Overall, I found the Freefall approach to writing contains many useful elements but that I could not apply it wholesale to my ongoing project Barbara s upcoming book, however, directly concerns a Freefall approach to fiction It may well be just the thing for me This nicely produced publication is a very refreshing addition to an over saturated market of how to write books Turner Vesselago, author and teacher, now based in Ontario, attempts to reboot our approach to creative writing with her concept of Freefall Writing In essence, her approach is summed up by the five precepts 1 Write what comes up for you, 2 Don t change anything, 3 Give all the sensuous detail, 4 Go where the energy is, or go fearward, and 5 The Ten Year Rule about the critical distance essential when writing from life On the surface, these seem like nothing new under the sun, but Turner Vesselago is at pains to challenge the golden rules of writing, e.g by advocating not to change anything she qualifies this by saying not in the early stages, at least And she challenges the notion of freewriting, especially in the form of the Morning Pages, by the 3rd precept which seeks to transform the initial download into something grounded and readable At times it might seem she is just being iconoclastic but the voice of the heretic is often exactly what is needed And the author offers than just a reaction to the status quo There are chapters of no nonsense advice on How to Support Yourself as a Writer , through cultivating positive writing habits such as daily writing , self awareness , and writing on the computer The author s style is accessible but also detailed enough to be of use to the teacher as well as student here suggested activities and conclusions are clearly based upon years of workshop experience She offers what has been tested in the field, what works At the end of each chapter there are activities in freefall writing and timed writing useful additions to any teacher s repertoire There are chapters on writing poetry, dialogue, and autobiographical writing Her approach is a holistic one, bringing a psychological dimension which offers depth, without getting mired in New Ageism Although on the borders on the better Self Help Creativity books such as the works of Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg whose oeuvre this most closely resembles there is a sense of a fresh voice here, and a most welcome one it is I look forward to work from the author and from the pioneering publishing co operative, Vala 12.99 ISBN 978 1 908363 04 6 www.valapublishers.coop writingwithouKevan Manwaring is a writer author of over 20 books, including The Windsmith Elegy, The Bardic Handbook, Oxfordshire Folk Tales and others and teaches for The Open University and Skyros Writers Lab He is the founder of Awen Publications His latest initiative is the Cotswold Word Centre, based at Hawkwood College, near Stroud His next book is Desiring Dragons Fantasy and the Writer s Quest, from Compass Books www.kevanmanwaring.co.uk Every writer pantser plotters alike , should search high and low until they can get their hands on a copy of Barbara s fascinating page turner Far from being instructional and boring, you will find yourself taken along for the journey as Barbara demonstrates the exact moment she uncovered the art of writing in freefall how to push the ego aside and write straight from the heart There are plenty of real life events to keep the pace going and you may even find your writer s block disintegrating before your eyes from page 1 Never before have I felt so inspired to write in that free and all encompassing way that we only do in our most unguarded moments My only recommendation besides reading this book ASAP is to savour as slowly as possible the delightful advice Barbara has to share based on her many years of experience as a teacher and writer And when I mean slowly, I mean actually complete the tasks Barbara sets out I dip in and out of this wonderful book regularly Barbara s method works for me and her ability to make her guidance personal and inspiring is what keeps this book on my nightstand She has huge talent and a beautiful soul. As a beginning writer, this book has been key to getting me started on the writers path Her easy to follow techniques and exercises kept me and my writing partner focused on learning and surrendering to the stories that came up for us We have now completed the lessons but this book will stay as a reference as we continue It was indeed a gift to cherish. A very neat way to get in contact with your inner muse and a lot of food for thought Definitely some interesting ideas in here, but wasn t doing it for me. This book introduces the reader to the concept of Freefall writing, an approach to creative writing that has set precepts, exercises, many examples of writing to demonstrate the impact of sensing over telling, and common sense tips for aspiring and experienced writers It has made me much appreciative of writers and writing and will make me a attentive reader I may even give her approach a try since she is so encouraging. Really enjoyed this book I am still working on her precepts and will continue to do so I will be rereading sections Good resource.