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In the small town of Dry Gulch Texas a good hearted busybody just can't keep herself from surreptitiously trying to match up women in dire straits with men of good character she hopes can help them How is she to know she's also giving each couple a little nudge toward love?A Cowboy UnmatchedNeill isn't sure who hired him to repair Clara's roof he only knows Clara desperately needs his help Can he convince this stubborn widow to let down her guard and take another chance on love?An Unforeseen MatchHoping to earn an honest wage on his way to the land rush Clayton ends up on Grace's doorstep lured by a classified ad He may have signed on for than he expected though and he may have found the one woman who can keep him from moving onNo Match for LoveAndrew can't fathom how refined Lucy ended up as the caretaker to his dotty aunt and somehow her arrival has prompted even bizarre occurrences around the ranch When they join forces to unearth the truth will the attraction between Andrew and Lucy develop into ?Meeting Her MatchWhen the tables are turned and a tenderhearted meddler becomes the beneficiary of a matchmaking scheme her world is turned upside down As her entire life changes will she finally be able to tell the banker's son how much she cares for him?

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    This was a great collection of stories My favorite was the first Clara and Neill's story and it frankly was not long enough My second favorite was Grace and Clayton's and I especially loved Andrew and Lucy The last story however lost the book a star by falling a bit flat The characters and plot had lots of potential but felt rushed and underdone For example we're told four times that Grace was a former teacher and is expecting but don't get to spend long enough with the characters to be told anything twice except that Mark's eyes are blue And normally I love Connealy stories

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    I've rated each story individually as I went because I'm a loser and made them all count for my 2014 book challenge very lame I know but overall I was immensely impressed with this wonderful novella collection and had tons of fun reading it It even made me rethink my statement about how I didn't like novellas Those ones were really awesomeIf you want to see my reviews for each story you enjoy romance set in the 19th century in the US you will surely find this collection delightful I strongly strongly recommend it

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    Four authors Four novellas One matchmakerI loved this book This was such a great idea – one common matchmaker in the first three stories with her identity finally revealed in the last novella Don’t read the novellas in this book out of order or you’ll spoil the surpriseA Cowboy Unmatched by Karen Witemeyer –Tenderness Action Adventure Karen Witemeyer knows how to pack in the punches when it comes to novellas Absolute page turner The story was perfect – I loved thisAn Unforeseen Match by Regina Jennings –Wow This was hands down my personal favorite in the collection It was heartbreaking and tender I absolutely loved how it all came together Clayton and Grace were amazing characters – ones I won’t soon forget I just loved thisNo Match for Love by Carol Cox –This novella was the most prayerful and had the most faith content of the four stories I loved the idea behind this story Loved the characters – Aunt Marta was awesome Loved the mystery Loved how this turned out This was my first time reading anything by Carol Cox and it won’t be my lastMeeting Her Match by Mary Connealy –The matchmaker is finally revealed and has the tables completely turned on her – and it is hilarious There’s a lot of heartbreak and shock in this story but our heroine – the matchmaker herself – pulls through it all with flying colors I simply loved how this story unfoldedIt’s sometimes difficult to write a review for a book you absolutely loved because you don’t want to give away the stories Rest assured – I highly recommend this book to fans of historical fiction fans of action and adventure and fans of well written fun booksOriginally posted on

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    What happens when four great authors meet and decide to work together to make a collection of short stories? There is only one answer They make a great book And this one is definitely a book I cannot help but recommendReading this book was a beautiful experience There were touching moments lovely scenes and funny parts everything a reader may want in a book I had only read some Karen Witemeyer’s novels before picking this one up and I am glad I did get to this book because now I have found new authors to follow I especially loved A Cowboy Unmatched and An Unforeseen Match but each story was cute and engaging If you would like to read my thoughts on each novella just click on the links belowA Cowboy Unmatched by Karen WitemeyerAn Unforeseen Match by Regina JenningsNo Match for Love by Carol CoxMeeting Her Match by Mary ConnealyA lovely collection of short stories that will entertain you and make you dream along with all the characters “A Match Made in Texas” is a book not to miss

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    I'm being generous here with 3 starsCan I just say that I normally love Karen Whittemeyer and Mary Conneally? I really do But this collaboration was disappointing There are four novellas so I will briefly review each in turnA Cowboy Unmatched by Karen Whittemeyer 2 StarsI think Karen must have whipped this one up on her lunch break Pregnant widow meets handsome handyman They fall in love and live happily ever after Seriously that's all you need to know I've just saved you two hours You're welcome If this is your first KW PLEASE read her others I don't feel like this is a good sampling of her work and Ive loved everything else she's doneAn Unforseen Match by Regina Jennings 5 StarsI loved this one Never read anything By Regina but this was good A school teacher has to start over when she loses her sight glaucoma? A scarred man hoping to earn enough money to continue on to the Land Rush accepts the offer to fix up the cabin barn that's been set aside for the blind woman especially since she can't see his face and judge him There's plenty of grit and determination in this story on the parts of both characters Theres longing and misunderstandings and its just very good My eyes pricked with tears a few times which is always a good signNo Match For Love by Carol Cox 2 StarsI'm sorry to say I skimmed this one Just did not hold my interest at all Young woman answers an advertisement to be 'companywatchdog' to someone's aunt who is starting to see things the cow jumping over the moon Is she getting dementia or is someone trying to scare her off her land? Don't know don't care NextMeeting Her Match by Mary Conneally 2 starsMary Mary what was this?I hardly know what to sayI'm blushing with embarassment Ok I'm being sarcasticYoung woman turned out of family home when father remarries Extreeeeeeemly shy bankers son is madly in love with said young woman but can never get up his courage to woo her Long story short the townspeople have to join forces to compromise them and force a wedding Seriously? Sorry o this one was too far fetched for wordsBottom Line Not worth 999CONTENTSEX NoneVIOLENCE NonePROFANITY NoneMY RATING GMany thanks to NetGalley and publisher for my free ecopy to review

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    This book was awesome The four novellas flowed together splendidly This is a special group of authors I hope they get together again for another book I love historical romance and this one did not disappoint The characters are all easy to relate to The romance is very sweet maybe even a little steamy The setting was perfect I wish I could go there to visit I highly recommend this book

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    WowWhat an amazing story about these four womenClaraGraceLucyAnd My favorite Hannah Not because that's my nameThese women go through trials and hardships But all have one thing In commonThere is a secret match maker in their midsts Totally recommend to anyone who loves a good Romance These are sweet and CLEAN

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    I was so excited to hear about this book's release Mary Connealy and Karen Witemeyer are two of my favorite authors and I know that Regina Jennings and Carol Cox are also wonderful novelist This book is a little gold mine that's what it is Who wouldn't want to read four novellas written by such amazing women? I went into this book with high expectations and I wasn't disappointed I haven't read anything by Carol Cox or Regina Jennings but I have read several books by both Mary Connealy and Karen Witemeyer and they both have one thing in common; they both write fantastic western romance novels I couldn't think of a better collage of authors Their writing styles are similar but each have their own personal uirks I was also impressed by the other authors I have two new favorite authors to follow Now I'm usually not huge on reading novellas Not because they lack uality but because they're so short that you have to sueeze everything in at a ridiculously uick speed and that usually makes things seem a little rushed when it comes to the romance part How many people do you know that knew each other three days before they got married? Not many This book wasn't like that Now it did have a couple of marriages that happened rather uickly but it didn't come across as hasty The way it was worded made it seem somewhat realistic I may be a dreamer but nothing makes me want to barf than a silly and fickle girl falling for a guy in a matter of days and calling it love Gag That being said I think that the rest of it was very nicely written I loved how all the books had some small connection or another to the novella before it it made the transition between books much cleaner than it would have been had the stories been completely unrelated Another thing that I loved was how all the books fit into the ChristianWestern genre I'm from Texas and I have a love for all things Southern so a gentlemanly cowboy makes me go weak kneed I would highly encourage any lover of historical fiction western fiction and Christian fiction to pick up this bad boy at your nearest book store You won't be sorry

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    I loved the first story by Karen Witemeyer I was anxious read about Neill Archer the youngest brother from her book Short Straw Bride which was wonderful A sweet relationship developed uickly between Neill and the strong Clara and the action from the plot was non stop There was a nice balance between moments of character development and romance and the excitement really moved the story forwardThe second story by Regina Jennings turned out to be my favorite The unusual premise was so interesting and the main characters so vivid Again several sweet moments between them as their relationship developed and the personality clashes kept things lively Great romantic tension and chemistryThe third story by Carol Cox was okay but the characters were not developed enough for me to feel an emotional connection to their story There didn't seem to be any reason for the main characters to fall in love other than that they were there and convenient The attraction was stated and then all the focus was on the mystery A three star rating for me on this one but the other stories were strong enough to carry the five star rating overall The last by Mary Connealy was a story of unreuited love full of emotion and tempered with a huge dose of humor as usual It was fun to read the story of the matchmaker and how the town conspired to make her match

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    Read Ms Witemeyers story and loved it Will come back later to read the rest