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Saddled with a man’s name the captivating Billy Jack Tate makes no apologies for pursuing a man’s profession As a lady doctor at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair she is one step closer to having her very own medical practice until she doctors an imposing man who threatens the fulfillment of her dreamHunter is one of the elite A Texas Ranger and World’s Fair guard specifically chosen for his height physiue character and skill Hailed as the toughest man west of any place east he has no patience for big cities and women who aspire to walk in a man's shoesBut the abandoned baby Hunter discovers at the Fair finds him teaming up with the good doctor to give the foundling a better future than the slums of Chicago where the children play on flea infested garbage strewn streets AS Billy and Hunter fight for the foundling's welfare their hearts warm to the precious child and to each other Soon their concern grows to encompass the Nineteenth Ward's burgeoning population of street children In the interest of fair play Billy and Hunter let nothing stand in their way as they labor to build a park for them birthing Chicago's first playground and a national movement that will sweep the nationBut the Fair is coming to an end posing impossible decisions for Billy and the man who has won her heart Will they become a footnote in the Fair's history books or will what they discovered in Chicago be longer lasting than the World's Exhibition

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    I have been an avid reader of Gist's books ever since her novel debut She has always been teetering on the edge of edgy This one topples over that edge I have to say as well that Gist usually does her homework when it comes to research This one not so muchI am by no means a prude I realized than two decades ago that steamy romance was erotica and just as much pornography as Playboy When I get uncomfortable reading a romance novel that raises all sorts of red flags for me I took a lot of hard work to remove the foul language from my mind so I would not spew it out of my mouth and it took a lot of hard work to shake myself of the steamy romance habit as wellI love well written Christian novels I know that they can be better than most classics if authors and editors work hard at their craft This one starts out definitely humorous with really good references to actual events It not only strikes true but rings true Then Gist falls apart Using the guise of the female being a doctor and the male being the patient with a bowel movement problem this novel goes downhill from thereI get enough garbage from TV commercials without having to read it in a Christian novel This was the worst of Gist's efforts Why go there? What was the purpose? The examination scene was written as nothing short of erotica I balk at that If Gist want's to write that kind of junk then she needs to move away from the Christian labelThe major problem most authors have is they think readers have no imagination Why are we reading if we do not exercise our imagination to the fullest? I do not need an author to spell out that a female hand is on the abdomen of the male character and then have the male think something erotic even while he is in severe pain and has fainted in the elevatorI read Christian books so that I can be assured of a clean imagination rideI give this book one star I may be selling this one short just a bit but going over the edge of edgy takes away that second star

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    Billy Jack is a modern city doctor Not to mention a woman a feminist and a guest speaker at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair That is if she can get into the building where she is supposed to speak An entrance which reuires breaking in through a cellar window scrambling—legs first—through the narrow space and suffering the mockery of a witnessing guardHunter is a Texas Ranger temporarily on assignment guarding the Women’s Building at the fair When he signed up for the position his goals involved advancement He didn’t anticipate falling for a woman with trousers for a petticoat and the ability to cure—well some illnesses should not be spoken of ever in the presence of a lady Even one with two men’s names Fair Play is a stand alone novel by Deeanne Gist It is her second book set at the Chicago World’s Fair and my favorite of the two The characters take the leading role The historical detail—much of it based around Jane Adams’s Hull House and the poverty in its surroundings—is integral to the plot And I loved how both Billy and Hunter are forced to face the conundrum of balancing love ambition and family

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    I expected to like this book than I did This novel elaborates on the story between Dr Billy Jack Tate and Columbian Guard Hunter Scott who we first met in the novella Tempest in the White City I really enjoyed the novella and was thrilled to discover we were getting a whole novel about Billy and Hunter Unfortunately it seems their story would have been better off left short and sweetMost of the reason I wasn't a fan of this book is because I really didn't connect with the characters at all Both of them seemed very juvenile especially for being in their 30s They were both rather arrogant and prideful in the extreme and for some reason not only thought their respective sex was superior to the other but thought themselves superior to most people or so it seemed That might be okay if they seemed to change in the end but I didn't see much of a change in their characters after all they went through They did compromise a bit however circumstances kind of didn't give them much choice in that regard Everything wrapped up rather too conveniently too in my opinionThe story was interesting for the most part however I did have to force myself through several slow parts I thought some of the events while interesting were rather random I felt like the author just threw things together because she wanted a particular scene or line in a particular place but the seuence of events or the thought process of the characters didn't always seem logical or realistic I enjoyed most of the historical information in the novel although some of it seemed rather forced into the storyline unnaturally just for shock value I was disappointed to read the historical note at the back of the book and find how much almost all information the author had altered or rearranged for her own purposes It made it all seem rather pointless Finally the sexual content in this book made me uncomfortable I use uotes because there isn't actually any real sexual content to speak of There are just some make out sessions and one fade to black scene Usually I would have no problem with that However the way that it was written and the way the characters thought about and talked about sex was what was uncomfortable and annoying I don't know how to explain why because it wasn't explicit there was just a certain ick factor about it It just seemed that obscure sexual thoughts or comments would be peppered in randomly They didn't flow with the narrative at all and were jarring There was also way WAY too much fixation on Billy's underwear Paragraphs going on and on about it throughout the whole book The same pair And they were pantalets for crying out loud They came down to her knees It made me feel like the main characters were about 13 years old It became uite ridiculous and annoying I also had a really hard time believing characters would be talking and acting the way these two did especially in public in the 1890s This book seemed like it was trying to push the limits of clean romance and dance around the edges of bodice ripper territory and the result was just awkward and uncomfortable I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewwwwwanderingthepagestumblrcom

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel it was very well writtenIt is no secret that Deeanne Gist is one of my favorite novelists and this novel was every example of why she is so The historic details that Ms Gist weaves into her novels is beautiful and often heart wrenching To know the past as it was and not the fairy tale enriched version that is often portrayed makes the history of this country eye opening In Fair Play the lady doctor because women just don't become doctors is an awe inspiring heroine The way she can handle herself with no fear is how we train our daughters to be in present day Even though there was a handsome Texas ranger who helped her in her causes Fair Play was written to show that women can handle themselves and change the world while they are at it

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    I have never cared much for this author's books I have read a few but someone recommended this one to me claiming that I was sure to love itThe only way I could think to explain it to my sister is that it's basically a trashy romance without the explicit sex scenes What is Christian fiction coming to when it makes a person so uncomfortable to even read it? I ended up mostly speed reading it to see if the entire book was that way Such a disappointmentI'm not going to say anything because I'm afraid I'll end up going into a bit of a rant about how and why this book bothered me so much However let me direct you to this wonderful review 2015

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    I amso glad I gave Fair Play a chance Historical fiction isn't one of my normal genres but let me tell you Gist about did me in with an incredible story of hope heartbreak and love set during the final days of the 1893 Chicago World Fair as a lady doctor and a Texas Ranger are drawn together by an abandoned infant that sets their lives on a new course they never would have expectedThe uick of it is that Billy and Hunter have both found themselves at the World Fair Billy the heroine as one of the doctors and Hunter as one of the guards Time and time again they find themselves pulled together and after finding an abandoned child they venture into Chicago to a home that will take him only to encounter poverty abuse the slums and all they bring with them which sparks a need for them to dosomething to change the lives of the children living thereI really enjoyed both Billy and Hunter Both are so incredibly honorable and always trying to do what's right They're good people and easy to get to know and are just likable They have a great back and forth even if they get exasperated with one another and don't see eye to eye on certain thingslike a woman's roleBilly is fiercely independent She's a medical doctor supports herself and refuses to rely on men for anything sometimes to her detriment And Hunter well he thinks women should be cherished protected and pretty much worshiped and can't see why they'd want to or need to be anywhere but in the home where they're safe It was fun seeing them both dealing with their attraction and knowing how differently they felt on the issue and both eventually compromising They've got great chemistry for sure but things are kept very clean with just a kiss here or there and one very closed door scene towards the end So heat lovers will miss out on this oneHe looked at Billy Did you have us walk the last leg on purpose knowing all the while that if we'd stayed on the cable car it would turn on Halstead and bring us right to the front door of Hull House?She tightened her mouth How was I supposed to know it was going to turn on Halstead? Are you trying to pick a fight?MaybeWhy?Because this are is full of dissipation and refuse and disease he said And like it or not you're a female and he's a babe The cable car provides protection and the both of you should stay on it for as long as possibleTightening her hold on the infant she stepped into the street and wove between traffic Ah but we have with us a big Texas Ranger and his ominous looking gunHe narrowed his eyes Are you baiting me?MaybeWhy?Because like it or not you're an overbearing male who thinks I'm made out of porcelain Reaching the boardwalk on the other side she suared up t him Well I'm not made of porcelain or crystal or any other fragile materialThe historical elements Lordy They were hard This one isn't a prettied up historical romance but a historical fiction mixed with romance So many of the elements of the story were based on true facts On actual events that happened people that existed cases that were documented And they weren't all pretty things My heart absolutely hurt from some of the things that Billy and Hunter witnessed as their lives were drawn into Chicago and it's issues Poverty slums child abuse addictions and sexual assaults Injustices in the court system and the filth of the jails The further I got into this one and it's a big one being trade paperback size and over 400 pages the it had me feeling raw and not battered but just achy for everyone and what life was like But at the same time there were so many amazing things included Invention and advances in technology fights for women's rights and an underlying hope to it all One very neat aspect was at the start of many of the chapters photos were included of actual people or locations being talked about in the chapter It really brought home how real everything was and was so interestingAll in all Fair Play was a phenomenal story that infused a wonderful romance and fascinating historical elements that just left me feeling emotionally raggedbut in a good way I loved the light romance happening and seeing these two bond and become friends as new life experiences were thrown their way My only complaint was that I wish had been done with the World Fair It provided a nice backdrop but I would have loved to see them actually exploring the Fair ButI'd not hesitate to read Gist again It was an amazing read and one that'll definitely be sticking with me for uite some timeReviewed for herding cats burning soup

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    I have slowly been losing interest in Deanne Gist books as they have derailed from what it was that initially drew in her readers The Bride in the Bargain Bride Most Begrudging and Maid to Match books captivated readers with fun clean light romantic reading Then Love on the Line and the Fair books took another direction I think Gist worked so hard to research the back story of her novels that she now spends way too much time regurgitating what she learned and less time on developing her characters and telling us their story I find myself skimming many pages because I don't care about birds the history if the phone lines or every microscopic detail about the Worlds Fair as much as I want to know about the story these characters Fair Play was a little bit better because all of her informative babble actually involved characters in the book I did really enjoy Hunter and Billey's story I wish there had been about them

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    I was torn with this First some formatting notes At the beginning of each chapter there is a picture and a blurb reprinted from within the chapter That's fine but I was listening to it and got confused a couple times before I figured it out I switched to reading it and after each picture and blurb there is a section of text which is smaller and in a harder to read type I was not a fanI have always been a fan of Deeanne Gist but this was my least favorite book by her It took edgy to the edge and then went over it Honestly the whole relationship seemed based on lust They barely knew each other and didn't share much other than arguing about each other's jobThe book starts out with such a hyper feminism that it immediately left a sour taste in my mouth Of course I believe women aren't less smart or important than men but this went to the point where it just felt like man hatingI liked the history and learning about playgrounds and Hull house I wish there had been even of that and the kinds of things Hull house accomplished

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    Dr Billy Jack Tate has overcome so many obstacles in her life in order to get to where she is now And she isn't about to let her emotions run away with her to get her into a position she doesn't want ie give up her profession stay home and raise kids And although she confesses to have fallen for Texas Ranger Hunter Scott she can't imagine love being strong enough to tie her to her home and give up her medical career in favor of that While she tries to sort out her whirlwind of emotions there is also the matter of the wild youth running about in Chicago They need help before or as some already have end up in the packed and filthy jailsI triedI really really really tried But I couldn't do it What the heck is she talking about now? I gave up At nearly 500 pages 466 to be precise I gave up on this book 100 pages away from making the end Believe me it was very difficult to get as far as I did Not only was it moving slow but I was almost sick with all the sappy sections It seemed like the same information was being reiterated throughout the story And wow did it dragBilly and Hunter's on again off again relationship was also very annoying Kids either give it up or get married You don't need to have the same discussion a thousand times over when you both know the answer; you're both bull headed to boot And the sappy parts? Don't even get me started It bordered on inappropriateThere was a little humor incorporated into the story and I recognized some of the techniues that were used in Love on the Line but there just wasn't enough good points for me to want to go any further with the story And so there you have my pitiful review folksDISCLAIMER In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we received an electronic copy of “Fair Play”  provided by the publishers Howard Books in exchange for our honest reviewreetchampionbookreviewswordpresscom

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    Time was I had a very small pool of authors I read Janette Oke MaryLu Tyndalland Deeanne Gist I'm glad I've branched out since then but I still read every last one of Dee's books Why? They're hilarious adorable and well writtenFirst though let's gush about that cover shall we? Who ever heard of a heroine swinging off the cover of her own book? Love it Especially since that swing is actually in the book and the hero swings on it tooI loved Billy and Hunter also Billy the feminist lady doctor with the man's name determined to make it in a man's world And Hunter the hard core Ranger who wants nothing than to build his career and protect Billy What's not to love? Well the way they meet is unconventional and hysterical But I've come to expect a bit of blushing from reading Dee's books so although I wouldn't recommend her books to younger readers necessarily they're tactfulWhat I Didn't Like As Much What isn't totally actful is how Billy must diagnose Hunter's ailment at the beginning of the book Oh my that was pretty funny and I felt bad for the poor guy Only Dee really could go there in fiction and make it work well One last note I ended up liking that the Chicago World's Fair didn't play as large a role in this book as in It Happened At The Fair I got to know Billy and Hunter betterI recommend Dee's books for those who love historical fiction rich in romance and laughter