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Arthur now eighteen is missing and Merlin must find him before a shadowy pursuer catches him firstWith the High King and his kingdom caught in a trap of sinister deceit Merlin has to find a way out before all is lost Having everything to fight for and almost nothing to fight with Merlin and Arthur must rally Britain’s warriors against three overwhelming enemies Saxen hordes in the south Picti raiders in the north and a chilling new enemy that has arisen in the west At the same time Morgana brings Merlin’s deepest fear to life and sets a horde of werewolves loose to destroy Britain But when the secret purpose of this nightmare is finally revealed will Merlin and Arthur find a way to survive—without unleashing an even greater evil?

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    The first book will always be my favorite but I really liked this one I’m really liking Arthur and I can’t wait until his books come out 😁😁😁

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    Merlin's Nightmare by Robert TreskillardArthur now eighteen is missing and Merlin must find him before a shadowy pursuer catches him firstWith the High King and his kingdom caught in a trap of sinister deceit Merlin has to find a way out before all is lost Having everything to fight for and almost nothing to fight with Merlin and Arthur must rally Britain’s warriors against three overwhelming enemies Saxen hordes in the south Picti raiders in the north and a chilling new enemy that has arisen in the west At the same time Morgana brings Merlin’s deepest fear to life and sets a horde of werewolves loose to destroy Britain But when the secret purpose of this nightmare is finally revealed will Merlin and Arthur find a way to survive—without unleashing an even greater evil? Leona's Review This is the third book of the Merlin series by Robert Treskillard The others are Merlin's Blade and Merlin's Shadow In this book Merlin now has two children by his wife Natalenya The years have passed from the first books Any of the books can be read on their own The author has The Story of Book 1 Merlin's Blade and The Story of Book 2 Merlin's Shadow at the beginning of Merlin's Nightmare so the reader has an idea of what has happened in the previous books Robert Treskillard has such full descriptions of what is happening especially in the battles This book had war then the other two but necessary to accomplish the mission A werewolf is also part of this book which is interesting and unusual in the Arthurian books but the Voice is also different The reader finds many of the same characters in the first books of the Merlin Series Arthur Merlin Natalenya Dwin The Voice and Morgana I liked the addition of the children in this third book; it helped make the book personal Part One Fear's Glance page 21Ash smoke and flame the young one loomingSin spite and hate the sly shade luringHand soul and heart the black choice makingSnare lash and trap the death power wakingOrb and fang there at the dark demise Part Two Terror's Grasp page 159 Battle noise and dust the young one fighting;Holy pure and strong the good God calling;Spirit hand and heart the white path choosing;Gauntlet shield and torc the kingship taking;Skinned in death there the moon will rise Part Three Nightmare's Gallows page 283Faster than crow the bleak night coming;Blacker than coal the dread oath binding;Stronger than steel the great claws gripping;Sharper than flint the long teeth gnashing;Sword and stone there the prophet outcries Dedicated to For Samantha Adele Leighton and Ness Psalm 51 12 God is also a big part of the book as the characters pray often One similar chant I remember when we spoke Latin in ChurchSanctus Sanctus Sanctus Dominus Deus SabaothPleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tuaHosanna in excelsisBenedictus ui venit in nomine DominiHosanna in excelsis A response in BritishHoly holy holy is the Lord the God of mighty warriorsHeaven and earth are filled with Thy gloryHosanna in the highestBlessed is He who cometh in the name of the LordHosanna in the highest There are maps in the beginning of the book and a glossary in the back page 408 I used the glossary many times because of so many names There is also a pronunciation guide page 407 This was a harder book for me to read than the other two books in the series It was good but so many names and activities It still will get a 5 star rating This is not the end of the series; it continues with the Pendragon Series I received a complimentary copy from booksneezecom to read and review The opinions are my own Robert Treskillard may be reached at wwwKingArthurorgukand Many characters and happenings are based on legends and history but Merlin's Nightmare is fictional It is good reading for young people as well as adultsLeona Olsonwwwmnleonablogspotcom

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    If there was ever a journey that forcibly hurtled you toward the fragile edges of the breaking point of the human spirit while coming up just shy of the fringes of madness then look no further than the dangerous and reckless pages of this book You will find yourself facing your worst fears and yet discovering a courage and hope that you never thought possible The unimaginable and impossible await you but are you ready to answer the call of this terrifying and magnificent adventure?By the grace of God Merlin has finally found some peace in his life He has been granted sixteen years of happiness and bliss with his loving wife Natalenya and their two children and he has thanked God for every moment of this heaven on earth They have raised Arthur as their own and he knows nothing of his heritage or of his future He has lived the life of a carefree happy boy who has only known unconditional love and endless joy However the evil that controls Morgana has not been idle during this time Intricate plans have been set in motion that only the Creator can foil Merlin will face his greatest nightmare and Arthur will find out what kind of man he will become More sacrifices will have to be made and the greatest evil of that time will once again try to overtake and destroy them Will Merlin find the strength he needs to follow the deadly and painful path that is set before him and will Arthur prove to be the kind of King that Britain is in desperate need of?This is not an easy story and it is not a happy one Nevertheless it is a battle that has to be fought and won in order to defeat those that would enslave them all Victory was not promised but help would be given if asked for it These beautifully flawed characters of Merlin and Arthur show us that the human spirit cannot be defeated so easily as long as the source of our hope and strength come from the Creator of the Universe In and of ourselves we are fearful by nature and our hearts are fickle but if we lean on the One who controls all we can overcome even the most fearsome and malevolent foe My curiosity and fascination in the Arthurian legends have been broadened and challenged by the twists and turns presented in this series I have been immensely entertained and enthralled by the level of imagination and creativity laid out before me The meticulous level of detail is captivating and wonderful and made the story so genuine that I felt like I was back in that time watching as all of these events unfolded I have felt and experienced the pain horror and joy of each of the characters and because of that they really came alive in my mind and in my heart Robert Treskillard has laid down the gauntlet for authors of pure and true epic fantasy No stone was left unturned and no emotion was hidden from the reader as they walked alongside Merlin and endured the dangerous and fearful path that has been set before him The only other fantasy author in my mind that rivals Treskillard is Patrick W Carr with his the Staff and the Sword trilogy Both of these outstanding authors have set such a high standard for fantasy that few can stand up to I anxiously await the next book in The Merlin Spiral series as I know there are even bigger and better things to come May the fortunate readers who come across this series open their heart and their mind to the endless possibilities that our loving Creator can do for and through them We are merely the instruments of His Glory and He loves each and every one of us with an incomprehensible and boundless love

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    The whole of Britain is blighted with a drought In the south there is war against the Saxenow In the north there is war against the Picts From within the men of Kernow turn and attack the king’s city Morgana a woman with evil powers drives them on and has other plots in storeIt would be hard even for King Arthur to save a Britain like this It’s harder yet for Artorius – young reckless and ignorant still of his heritage But many things are emerging from their hiding places and not all as welcome as the true kingWith Merlin’s Nightmare Robert Treskillard completes the Merlin Spiral trilogy The Merlin Spiral is very much a fantasy series; the magical element is strong though put into a Christian context But it is also firmly anchored in the historical reality of the fifth century – so than many people may realize given how obscure the fifth century is Vortigern may have a firmer place in history than ArthurThere’s a sixteen year jump between the second book and the last but it works well I enjoyed seeing Arthur really enter the story I liked the father son dynamic between Arthur and Merlin naturally arising from the earlier books and I thought they shifted toward their ultimate roles as king and counselor in a subtle convincing way And though I did not initially notice it Merlin’s fear contrasted with Arthur’s recklessness and eventually both found their way toward the wise middle groundGuinevere was introduced in this novel providing some lighthearted moments I was also intrigued to see that Robert Treskillard made the beginning of her relationship with Arthur suitably contradicted And I wonder – was Lancelot also introduced though by another name?Curiously the book ends without any great triumph The heroes enjoyed smaller victories but a new disaster seemed to come on the heels of every one and it’s not clear Britain is on balance better off when the fighting ended than when it began Doubtless this is partly due to the fact that the story is not over and undefeated enemies are held over for the upcoming Pendragon Spiral series Still I missed the moment of triumph I missed the satisfaction of thinking “It’s over and they won” Merlin’s Nightmare is an intriguing well written novel that blends history and myth into a fascinating innovative re telling of the Arthurian Legends I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Pendragon Spiral In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

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    The last installment in the Merlin Spiral Merlin's Nightmare is every bit as good as the first two Everything I loved about the first two books the well developed characters the world building the action packed plot was present in this book The only minor beef I had with Merlin's Nightmare is that a lot of the persistent adventurous spirit that we had come to know and love in Merlin seemed to be missing now There is an approximately 16 year gap between this book and the previous one and Merlin is older now and has settled down with Natalenya and their family He gets reluctantly dragged into another adventure this time with Arthur calling the shots and spends what I felt was an inordinate amount of time pining to return to Natalenya and their uncomplicated life While this is certainly a sentiment that makes sense it wouldn't be very believable either to have Merlin jump at the chance to leave his comfortable home and family it was seemed so pervasive in the story that Merlin no longer seemed to have the same spirit we had come to know and love That said everything else about the story was perfect high fantasy Now I'm eagerly awaiting the continuation of the saga in the Pendragon Spiral

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    This trilogy finished with a bang

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    As Merlin returns from convincing the king of Rheged to finally deal with the threat of the Prithager from the north he meets with Fodor envoy of High King Vortigern who is summoning men to a muster in the far south to deal with the Saxenow invasion When Arthur now around eighteen years old hears of the muster he sets off with his two friends; but little does he know that the man he is going to aid is the one who murdered his father Merlin has to reach him before he gets to Vortigern But hiding in the shadows of the land is an evil even greater than Vortigern Morgana Merlin’s half sister is plotting her revenge a revenge that will have all of Britain crushed beneath her heel and that of her wicked master Will Merlin realize where the true trouble is coming from before it is too late? Merlin’s Nightmare takes place around sixteen years after the events of Merlin’s Shadow This raises somewhat of an issue because there is little time gap between the first two books of the series making the third installment feel a little distant from them Part of that may be due to the fact that the author wrote some from Arthur’s point of view something that would have been difficult to do if he were only two years old Perhaps however it would have been better then to have this book be the first in the Pendragon Spiral seeing as it is setting the reader up to begin following Arthur as a main character Other than that concern however the time jump is fairly tolerable The Merlin Spiral is probably best categorized as historical fantasy The first book set the tone but the next two have jumped headlong into the fantasy part of the genre Even so it should be noted that perhaps some of the things one might assume to be pure fantasy may not be uite so far from reality as at first seems POSSIBLE SPOILERS Merlin’s Nightmare certainly keeps a person turning pages especially toward the end The last chapter is a whirlwind of danger and excitement made especially effective because just before this chapter begins the reader feels like the enemy has been foiled when in fact the very plan of Morgana has been carried out by Arthur and Merlin That being said the very last part of the book the epilogue tends to drag just a bit; but it also sets the reader up for the Pendragon Spiral When I was reading this book I was uite literally furious at the Prithager as they invaded Rheged The ability to evoke strong emotion in a reader is something many authors wish to do and that certainly was the case in Merlin’s Nightmare But beyond this the book also points the reader unerringly toward Jesus and the hope that us Christians have for this life and beyond The religion of this series is not tacked on; it is an integral part of the story flowing smoothly along with the narrative That than anything else is what makes this series work SPOILERS There is a very powerful moment toward the end of the book where Merlin is paddling madly toward a werewolf that has taken Natalenya hostage and God speaks to him In that moment “the world stopped Nothing moved A flaming arrow shot from behind hung in the air to Merlin’s left its flame frozen The drool from the werewolf hung floating idly from his teeth” It is not hard to picture this scene time stopped all around and yet Merlin hears God’s voice reminding him of what his duty is and where his true allegiance lies There are similar moments scattered throughout the series powerful reminders of what truly matters in this world And that is one of the things that makes a story worth reading problems and all

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    A very nice return to form by Robert Treskillard in the last book of the Merlin Spiral Gone are the freuent confusing visions and dreams and while dreams and visions are still found they are well placed make absolute sense and progress the plotWhich is good because extremely dire times are upon Britain a withering drought has stricken the land The Picti are raiding to the north the Saxons are gobbling up chunks of Britain and what little of the country that is still in British lands are held by the man who murdered the rightful king UtherOf course Arthur has no idea of his royal legacy and in fact believes that Merlin is his father Oh how things are going to change especially since Morgana's plan is finally coming into effectMerlin's Nightmare is a tense journey from beginning to end and Merlin is constantly dealing with fear and the many forms it takes to attack himI loved the use of characters from old to new especially one raven feather wearing prophetess that I hope to see of and the use of the landscapeIf I had any critiues the ending felt a little out of place with the rest of the book and I didn't get a definitive ending the ending just felt like set up for the next book All in all however a very fine book that I am glad I read and I can't wait to read the first book in the Pendragon Spiral

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    I've never had such a case of review writer's block before because I couldn't figure out how to express how much I enjoyed this book The StoryMerlin's Nightmare book 3 of the Merlin Spiral takes place about 16 years after the first two books It follows an older 30 something year old Merlin and a now grown Arthur who at 18 is full of liveliness and is ready to take on the whole world seemingly Together with various other characters both new ones and re imagined figures of legend they must face overwhelming odds and perils from all sides in a desperate fight to save Britain from destruction Here is the Arthurian legend reborn I'm not sure how Treskillard managed to make it so original and fresh while simultaneously drawing so many parts of the old King Arthur stories into it so well but he didGeneral ReviewI enjoyed this book SO MUCH From the very beginning I was completely spellbound – I couldn't stop reading and finished it in a few days It was basically everything a book should be gripping epic and just a lot of fun I kept coming across bits of hilarity and general awesomeness that I would excitedly uote aloud to whatever family member happened to be around I found myself laughing several times and the action adventure journeying and battles were all awesomeA lot of things near the end had me nearly suealing with excitement and it's killing me I can't talk about them due to spoilers Let's just say it does NOT disappoint in the realm of epic Arthurian ness SUEALI feel like Merlin's Nightmare forms the core of Treskillard's retelling of the Arthurian story Everything comes together and explodes into this sweeping epic tale with the first two books providing excellent background so that everything makes sense and you know where it all came from while also anticipating the continuation of the saga It was the perfect third book to a trilogy Anything that bothered me about the first two was swept away because it all makes sense now I can see the whole The story arc of Merlin is complete in a way while at the same time beginning a new one that will focus on Arthur himselfMerlinI loved Merlin in this book seeing his journey through the first two books into this one and with a hint toward becoming the Merlin of legend I can see his faith from the first one his fighting spirit from the second and a measure of caution and wisdom brought on by both and the years since as he continues to struggle toward who he needs to be before his earthly lord and his King on high Merlin is in his 30s and has a family of his own by the start of the book can I just say how much I love his whole adorable family? I was worried about this because I normally don't like stories where the young hero grows up but Treskillard pulled it off impressively If anything I liked the grown up Merlin even better and could only think “Here indeed is the great Bard of Britain”ArthurArthur is without a doubt the number one thing I loved about the book He was perfect – both original and also measuring up to the Arthur of traditional Arthurian legend All King Arthur figures have a lot to be compared to and I wasn't sure if he would be able to compete I need not have worried Treskillard's Arthur was absolutely AWESOME I loved his boundless energy his dashing recklessness his courage and natural leadership ualities and all around epicness He was strong and kingly and downright fun and overall just stupendous and KING ARTHUR 3 I really REALLY liked him and can't wait to see of him in later booksConsIn the interests of being balanced I'm trying to think of any downsides to the book which is actually difficult I will say that some of it is a bit scary andor violent for younger readers though it didn't bother me for the most part It also ended suddenly than I would have liked but that's mainly because I wanted to savor it all and didn't want it to endOverviewBook 1 Merlin's Blade was great Book 2 Merlin's Shadow threw me for a loop because it was so unexpected and different so I was startled into not enjoying it uite as much though it was still good Book 3 Merlin's Nightmare simply knocked me over with its awesomeness – as a re imagining of the Arthurian legend as its own story and drawing all the threads from the first two into it to complete the epic tapestry of this story I say complete but there are some threads left over to lead into the next three books the Pendragon Spiral which I'm absolutely dying to read Treskillard had better get those books out pronto before I expire of anticipation ;Bottom LineRead this book people If you like Arthurian stories actionadventure fantasy YA Christian fiction or just a really good well crafted story or all of that rolled in one Just read itDisclaimerI received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review It was in no way reuired to be positive These opinions are entirely my own

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    A fitting end to The Merlin Spiral I nevertheless missed seeing our protagonists as young adults The transition to Merlin being a fully fledged father was a bit jarring for me even though I largely enjoyed the novel I definitely look forward to reading the companion series when it comes outLike Christian sci fi and fantasy? Check out thebookhoundchristianspecficblogspotcom for full length reviews author interviews and