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Since its first publication in 1988 America's Neighborhood Bats has changed the way we look at bats by underscoring their harmless and beneficial nature In this second revised edition Merlin Tuttle offers bat aficionados the most up to date bat facts including a wealth of new information on bat house design and current threats to bat survival

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    Bananas avocados dates figs peaches mangoes cloves cashews carob agave the baobab tree of life All reliant on bats for survival And yet at the time this book was written 1988 bats were our most endangered land mammal This little book filled to the brim with bat facts was written by one of the United States' foremost bat scientists and was written expressly to combat people's misplaced unnecessary fear of bats I dig how no nonsense it is and how earnest Tuttle wants everyone to understand how beneficial bats are how essential to so many ecosystems from the water to the tallest canopies and how easily and peacefully humans and bats can coexist There's even a section on how to construct your own bat house to attract and safely house bats on your property a section at the end called A Beginner's Key to American Bats both of which greatly appealed to the bat nerd in meIt's a hopeful little book even as Tuttle has seen first hand how devastating humans can be to creatures they irrationally fear I'll never forget Tuttle's description of men throwing sticks of dynamite into caves where bats were roosting sleeping peacefully during winter months not a harm or a danger to anyone That we as humans have tried to valiantly to decimate so many wild species that this earth needs to survive continues to be testament to our inability to be good stewards of the land we often occupy as if it were ours and no one else's That's the story with bats just as it is with so many creatures on this planet They're in trouble because of us Because we won't leave them well enough alone Even important we need bats whether we like them or not; their loss poses serious potentially irreversible conseuences to the environment that we all must share pg 51The most recent data I could find on bats via the International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN lists 24 bat species as Critically Endangered facing imminent risk of extinction 53 others as Endangered and 104 bat species as Vulnerable to extinctionFive stars for the hope we won't ruin everything before it's too late and for humans like Tuttle who spend their lives fighting for species that aren't always so easy to loveFor the record I love bats They're beautiful and amazing and whenever I swim at night they skim and swoop and swim the surface of the water alongside me

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    You have got to love bats

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    Informative and a uick readBook was written presumably in the 70s or 80s and would make a great book for a young reader that has an interest in batsBeing my first book on bats it may be a great starter for me but I finished it In a couple hours and found it to focus on dispelling irrational feara great objective for the publishing time than on information concerning batsMore concisely put throughout the informative text there was an attempt to dispel irrational bat phobia in nearly every page I imagine the repetition would've been great for ME at say 10 years old but for ME I found it unessacarily repetitive overall decent book on bats imo

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    It wasn't a bad book but there were too many 'not much is known about' statements The book is a little dated but had interesting information about bat houses and good photos

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    A better book than I expected I especially like the field guide section at the end but then I'm always weak for field guides The beginning sections which talk a lot about how bats' habitats intersect with humans' felt dated though Partly in a good way I feel like a modern edition of this book would have to spend a lot less time reassuring people that no you don't have to flee in fear in your underwear just because you think there might be a bat somewhere possibly nearby Not that there aren't still people who are terrified of bats but I feel like it's a lot less mainstream than it was even fifteen years ago books like this are doing their job I guess Partly in a sad way though because this book predates the white nose syndrome that has been decimating bat populations all over the US for the past seven years the world this book describes of abundant bats everywhere is one we may not see again for a very long time

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    There are other field guides to bats what sets this one out is Tuttle's brilliant camera workBCI Bat Conservation International produces other guides to bats some of them in English It's useful to know the US bats but as is often pointed out in Bats Magazine many bats are migratory and national borders mean little to them Further many agricultural crops restoration of rainforests vital desert plants etc depend on bats worldwide so a limited field guide is useful mainly as one of a multivolume setI have an older edition and I'm not sure when this was revised so I don't know whether this edition includes discussion of such things as the danger from wind turbines and White Nose SyndromeGenerally I would recommend that if you buy the book you also join BCI so you'll get the uarterly journal as well

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    I think that this book had great information I definitely want to put up a bat box in my backyard But there was a lot of research information in it I wasn't really interested in I didn't really need to or wanted to read about all the species etc But it was a good read fast and it was informative

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    I really like this book my grandmother gave it to me last summer and I have been rereading it ever since I love bats and have read every single book that I can find on them This book was unlike the othersbesides the fact that it isn't meant for 8 year olds it gives very good details that really helped me understand bats than I already do

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    I used to be really afraid of bats I saw a show once where this man was just standing amongst swarming bats I couldn't believe it I sought out this book to find out all I could about bats This book was really good and gave me a new found appreciation for who bats really are

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    Great introduction to understanding appreciating and wooing bats Be aware this came out before the white nose epidemic