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Over My Dead Body Is The Seventh Nero Wolfe Detective Novel The Story First Appeared In Abridged Form In The American Magazine By The Time It Was Published, The Wolfe Goodwin Books Had Become An Established Series But Wolfe S Background Had Never Been Explored Here Stout Starts To Do Clarify Wolfe S Youth By Bringing In In A Number Of Characters, Including Some From Montenegro Carla Lovchen And Neya Tormic, Two Young Women From Montenegro, Come To Wolfe S Office Asking For Help Miss Tormic Has Been Accused Of A Theft Of Diamonds From The Locker Room Where She Works She Claims The Accusation To Be False And Cannot Afford To Pay Wolfe S Fee, But She Has A Document That Shows Wolfe Adopted Her When She Was An Infant Although He Has Never Seen Her Since, Wolfe Agrees To Undertake The Investigation As Archie Is Dispatched To Investigate, Murder Is Discovered In The End Wolfe Gets The Main Characters Together In His Office And, In The Manner Typical Of The Series, He Will Expose The Murderer And The Motive

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    Nero Wolfe is lazy He only works when his bank account strongly demands it At the beginning of the book he has enough money not to bother with any cases or clients for a while When a young Yugoslavian woman shows up asking the detective to help her compatriot and friend with the trouble over accusations of a theft, Nero Wolfe refuses right away without bothering to listen to her pleas The woman drops a bomb literally speaking which left both him and Archie Goodwin speechless as well as yours truly when I read it the first time Nero Wolfe has to start the investigation which became personal for him and a little later for Archie Goodwin as well My standard disclaimer about practically any Nero Wolfe novel applies here The banter between characters as well as Archie Goodwin s witty remarks are priceless These by themselves would make up for a good book This one has a fairly complicated mystery as well which kept the great detective and his sidekick baffled until practically the very end Speaking of the latter, Archie Goodwin shows himself a good detective on his own right, not on Nero Wolfe level, but quite competent nonetheless For the additional bonus, there was an action scene involving Nero Wolfe whose lifestyle usually insures he does not have any The rating is four stars for a good book which is on the level with the quality for the whole series This review is a copy paste of my LeafMarks one

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    The seventh book in the Nero Wolfe series and we learn some interesting facts about the genius detective Even Archie Goodwin is shocked to learn that Wolfe has a daughter And there was a time when he didn t spend all of his time in his brownstone on W 35th Street tending his orchids and enjoying gourmet meals prepared by his personal chef, Fritz Brenner A time when he was active in Montenegro politics.It is 1938, the eve of World War II The United States is officially neutral but Americans have strong opinions on events in Europe A Balkan beauty shows up at Wolfe s door and wants to hire Wolfe to help her friend who has been accused of stealing some diamonds Both women are instructors at a fencing school and the missing diamonds belonged to one of the students Her ace card She claims to be his long lost daughter and has a document to prove it.Wolfe sends his confidential assistant and leg man, Archie Goodwin, to look into the matter and the situation is resolved almost immediately and without any real effort But, this being a Nero Wolfe story there is a murder at the fencing school while Archie is there He also finds something that makes his own situation look very bad.This is one of the most complex, convoluted, and political of the Nero Wolfe stories that I have read but it is still entertaining and enjoyable due in large part to the relationships and interplay among the various characters At one point Inspector Cramer shows up at Wolfe s brownstone and refuses to leave fearing he will not get back in the door He is convinced Wolfe knows something and tells him he will even follow him into the kitchen when he makes salad dressing Wolfe patiently explains you don t make salad dressing in the kitchen You make it in the dining room and use it right away And here I always thought you went to the supermarket and bought a bottle Nero Wolfe stories are always an enjoyable and nostalgic trip into a different time Roadsters, pay phones, bell boys, etc Open a Nero Wolfe book and step into different era There is some outdated slang and use of ethnic terms that may be hard to follow or tolerate but overall Nero Wolfe remains one of the genres most unique and enjoyable characters.

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    A woman arrives from the Balkans is she Nero Wolfe s daughter An enjoyable mystery.

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    I had no idea who did the murder, but I was in good company Wolfe seems often to know who and why very early, though he doesn t tell us In this, he admitted even quite late in the novel that he didn t know who did it Inspector Cramer spent time hanging around in this one, which was certainly different He said it was because he didn t have any idea who did it and he figured if he stayed near Wolfe, then things would certainly become clear Archie displayed brilliance than usual, but he just used his brains to make sure he was following Wolfe s instructions.Others have mentioned the frequent use of 1930s slang in this series I must admit I had not attributed it to the slang of the period so much as Archie s glib way of talking I m less sure, for instance, that alphabet piano was the slang of the times, than simply Archie s way of referring to a typewriter That sort of thing and that Archie and Wolfe had to use code because there were always others hanging around kept me on my reading toes.This series continues to be enjoyable I m not sure this will be a favorite, however.

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    wow who knew that Nero Wolfe had a DAUGHTER and was a freedom fighter in his youth WOW and learned even about the area of Serbia Croatia.

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    This is a serviceable Nero Wolfe mystery newly available for Kindle Just right for reading on a trip, I thought The mystery revolves around Wolfe s long lost adopted daughter and intrigue in the Balkans However this book didn t grab me like some Wolfe mysteries Perhaps because the reasons for my trip were not all happy ones, no book could have been 5 stars.

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    Well, that was enjoyable Not only do we have a double murder to solve, but there are SPIES I do love spies in fiction, anyway.A young woman visits the brownstone she is clearly a foreigner, and she gives a clearly fake name She hides a paper inside a book entitled United Yugoslavia the paper contains enough cryptic information that Wolfe realizes the woman is mixed up in some international intrigue Actually, the young woman is traveling with a friend and one of them has with her an adoption decree that is a real stunner she claims to be Nero Wolfe s adopted daughter What s is that Wolfe admits he did adopt an orphan when he was a young man Hidden depths So then a British agent is murdered Later, so is a German one Remember that this book was published in the late 1930s, and that will give you a clue as to what is in the works Which of the young women is Wolfe s daughter Which one is the murderer Is Wolfe s daughter the murderer Both Inspector Cramer and Sergeant Purley Stebbins make appearances Cramer is perhaps a bit nicer than usual, but that s because the international intrigue bit has shut him out of the case entirely, and he knows his only hope of catching the killer is staying on Wolfe s good side.One bit of information in this book contradicts a previous book In Too Many Cooks, Wolfe tells a group of waiters at a West Virginia resort that he is not a native born American that he immigrated here from Montenegro and became a citizen In this book, he says he was born in America, but went to the Balkans as a young man, and was an Austrian agent for a while Confusing 4.5 stars.

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    This story was a return to form after the previous adventure taking place all outside of Neros home The characterization changes I liked so much from the previous book all continue in this one Archie is still witty and suave, Nero is still brilliant and grumpy The most remarkable thing about this story is that Nero made no money at all I had forgotten than though I had remembered the secret twist of the story A brief note on another reoccurring character, the NYPD Homicide Inspector Cramer He has either been in or referenced in every story so far, but his character hadn t settled down much either He is still not at what he finally arrives at but here are hints of it as he dogs Neros steps looking to pick up the bread crumb clues that he knows Nero has already figured out.

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    Not as good as previous books, but ok.I love some of the things Archie does and the way he and Nero think If you re new to this series, I suggest reading Fer De Lance and Some Buried Caesar before reading this only because I think they are better They are all stand alones.Two female immigrants come to New York and teach fencing One is accused of stealing from a customer Two men end up dead.The audiobook narrator Michael Prichard was good.DATA Narrative mode 1st person Archie Unabridged audiobook length 7 hrs and 23 mins Swearing language mild Sexual content none Setting 1938 New York City Book copyright 1939 Genre PI mystery.

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    Rex Stout s Nero Wolfe books are always delightful reads, with his genius melding of Holmesian ratiocination and Marlovian tough guy bark This one is a little complicated than some, with a complex geopolitical background and a large array of characters Wolfe and his narrating leg man Archie Goodwin attempt to solve the murder of a fencing student, but the novel delves than any other in the series as I recall into Wolfe s own personal history as a young man Stout knows how to write with verve and style, and his plotting is first rate A very good entry in the series.